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Top Commercial Modular Building Companies

Are you looking for a new commercial building for your business? You might not know that there are several different construction methods to choose from. Modular construction is the quickest and most cost-effective, as it can save you 25-50% on your building project costs. Nowadays, modular companies provide tons of designs and floor plan options, as well as add-on features, so you can build the exact commercial building you are looking for. When looking to start a commercial building project, make sure you consider these top commercial building companies who offer both relocatable and permanent building solutions.

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1. Vanguard

Vanguard Modular Building Systems provides affordable commercial buildings for a variety of business needs. They are well-suited for both large and small businesses on a variety of budgets, and offer both permanent or temporary building solutions. If you are on a smaller budget and/or need a building temporarily, you can rent a portable mobile office or lease/buy a used commercial building from Vanguard. Alternatively, if you are looking for a longer term permanent building solution and have a larger budget, you can explore Vanguard’s permanent commercial modular buildings. 

Vanguard services much of the eastern part of the U.S. – check to see if they offer services in your area. Take a look at this interview with Vanguard Modular or explore their project gallery with recently completed building projects. 

Modular building typesTop benefitsIndustries serviced
Permanent commercial buildings 

Used buildings (lease or buy)

Temporary mobile offices
Customizable design and floor plan options

Professional finishings

Durable and sustainable
Emergency and disaster response
Waste management
Retail and Sales
Sports and recreation

2. Satellite Shelters

Satellite Shelters is a modular industry leader who offers two types of commercial modular buildings – permanent and relocatable. In terms of permanent modular buildings, they offer solutions such as modular schools and classrooms, government and military buildings, medical buildings, office buildings, and convenient swing spaces for businesses who are building. They also offer temporary, relocatable modular spaces, such as portable classrooms, temporary site offices, relocatable medical clinics, and much more.

Satellite Shelters is well-known for their high quality modular construction and speedy solutions, which helps businesses occupy their new space more quickly. Take a look at some of Satellite’s case studies that show examples of their buildings in action. You can also take a look at our interview with Satellite to learn more.

Modular building typesTop benefitsIndustries serviced
Permanent commercial buildings 

Relocatable buildings (lease or buy)
High-quality construction

Various building materials and methods available

Customized floor plans available

3. Pac-Van

Pac-Van is another leader in the modular building space. In addition to offering permanent commercial buildings, Pac-Van also offers storage containers and vans, ground-level offices, mobile offices, liquid storage tanks, and more. Additionally, Pac-Van offers their services nationally, so you can utilize their modular solutions anywhere in the U.S. other add-ons you can include with your modular building with Pac-Van are: sprinkler systems, extended ceiling heights, concrete floors, non-combustible materials, noise-reduction insulation, and more. Take a look at Pac-Van’s commercial modular building project gallery as well as their interview with 360Connect

Modular building typesTop benefitsIndustries serviced
Permanent commercial buildings 

Relocatable buildings (lease or buy)
Fast, turnkey solutions

Customizable designs and floor plans

20-40% cost savings
Residential sales
Auto dealerships
Sports and recreation

4. Vesta Modular

Vesta Modular a modular building company offering both temporary and permanent turn-key modular solutions. They have experience helping businesses all across North America and recently won various awards from the Modular Building Institute. Vesta provides both simple modular office space and large multi-story commercial buildings, and they can customize their solutions to your specific needs. Some projects recently completed by Vesta include modular classrooms and dormitories, permanent schools, temporary construction site offices, government and military buildings, hospitality buildings, medical offices, and much more. Take a look at Vesta’s impressive portfolio!

Modular building typesTop benefitsIndustries serviced
Permanent commercial buildings 

Mobile/temporary offices

Portable classrooms

Housing complexes
Leasing options

Customizable designs and floor plans

Real estate
Religious facilities
Workforce housing

5. Modular Genius 

Modular Genius is an eco-friendly modular building company that offers fast, turnkey commercial building solutions. Their relocatable modular building offerings include buildings such as transportation terminals, visitor’s centers, security offices, portable classrooms, temporary healthcare facilities, and a variety of other types of buildings. Modular Genius also offers permanent modular buildings such as churches, government offices, schools, healthcare buildings, and much more.

Take a look at some of Modular Genius’s common floor plan options. Conveniently, you can also browse Modular Genius’s available buildings online as well as view some of their latest completed projects. 

Modular building typesTop benefitsIndustries serviced
Permanent commercial buildings
Mobile offices

Portable classrooms
Eco-friendly construction methods

Customizable floor plans

Security offices
Commercial offices
Fitness centers
Libraries and bookstores
Research facilities
Parks and recreation

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