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VoIP Analytics: Uses and Benefits

One of the reasons why VoIP is the best phone system today for businesses is that it can provide valuable analytics and data about phone calls. Nowadays, it’s very important for business leaders to keep tabs on call data so they can continue to set and meet goals, as well as improve their customer experience overall. Using VoIP’s call analytics and data regularly can help your company boost call quality, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and determine ways for your business to improve over time.

What are VoIP analytics?

VoIP call analytics is a built-in data reporting system that comes along with many VoIP phone systems today. It is extremely beneficial for businesses who manage many outbound/inbound customer calls on a daily basis. Call analytics can be pulled easily from your VoIP dashboard on your desktop or mobile application. It can provide your company with actionable data, such as quality assurance, that can help you succeed moving forward.

Monitoring call analytics can help companies better understand patterns behind customer and client calls so they can improve moving forward. In fact, companies who utilize call analytics in their VoIP phone system often achieve higher customer satisfaction, customer retention, and call quality. They also better understand how employees are engaging on the phone, as well as their customers’ trends in buying behavior.

What data do VoIP analytics provide?

Most top VoIP providers today offer call analytics as part of their list of features. Luckily, oftentimes you can customize call analytics to best fit the needs of your organization. In other words, you can set up specific reports within your call analytics tool so that your team can gain actionable insight about call quality, customer experience, and more on a regular basis. Some of the data that your VoIP reports can provide for you are:

  • Call logs
  • Call tracking
  • Talk time
  • Call recordings
  • Custom KPI measurement 
  • Lead management
  • Lead scoring
  • Real-time intelligence
  • Answered vs. missed calls
  • International vs. domestic calls
  • Call queue reporting 
  • Virtual receptionist data 

Remember, there are lots of different options when it comes reports you can pull using the call analytics tool. The user interface will allow you to choose your most beneficial reports and view them easily on an ongoing basis. Most VoIP call analytic features can also predict future patterns and behavior – such as peak call times, monthly call volume. This can allow your team to set goals, make educated predictions, and continue to improve.

Which industries can benefit the most from VoIP Analytics?

Lots of different industries and businesses that use VoIP can likely benefit in some way from VoIP call analytics. Of course, there are some industries that may depend on VoIP analytics and use them more than others. Virtually, any business who is goal-oriented, works with clients or customers, and wants to better understand call behaviors and patterns can make good use of call analytics. Here are a few examples of industries that can benefit the most from VoIP call analytics:

How can VoIP analytics help businesses improve?

VoIP call analytics can help businesses achieve their goals, as well as set practical goals moving forward. By making the habit of monitoring call analytics and reports, businesses can learn about potential problem areas during phone calls that are holding them back from achieving greater success. Additionally, it can help them develop methods of providing better customer service, understand customers better, and improve company’s performance overall. Here are a few ways in which VoIP analytics can help businesses improve.

1. Quality assurance

Every company wants to provide great quality calls to customers when they call for assistance. Using call analytics for quality assurance purposes can give business leaders actionable insight such as voice clarity, latency, call time, wait times, and more. Then, managers can determine patterns over time and work towards achieving a higher quality customer phone call.

2. Improve employee performance

It’s important to make sure employees and customer service representatives are showing good performance when representing your company over the phone. VoIP call analytics help you keep track of employee performance without sitting in and listening to every call. Call recordings, call time, and call count data can inform managers and other data analysts about an employee conversations with customers on the phone, including whether they are following call scripts and other company protocols. Then, this call data can be used to improve employee performance over time.

3. Boost customer service

Call analytics can provide actionable insight and data about customer calls. This way, your organization can better understand customer experience with your business. For instance, call analytics can tell you about average customer wait and hold times, call duration, customer satisfaction and much more. Using a virtual receptionist, companies can even add customer surveys to calls to see if their customers are happy. As managers pay more attention to these insights, they can work towards better customer service moving forward.

4. Detect customer behavior

Another useful data point that VoIP call analytics can report is trends in customer behavior. Call recordings can reveal insights about customer issues, concerns and questions. Then, your team can work to resolve them and keep customers happier. Call analytics can also show data such as what customers are buying, good vs. poor sales times, conversion rates, and more.

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Get free quotes from up to 5 business phone systems & service suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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