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An Interview with: Guy Sextro

Vice President of Products and Services

Who is Pac-Van?

Pac-Van is a national, award-winning leader providing storage and office space solutions. Every day we work hard to take care of our customers’ storage and space needs. Our commitment to service and design make us an expert in the temporary building field. We are a proud member of the Modular Building Institute (MBI). Since 2001, MBI has awarded Pac-Van modular buildings 5 Best of Show and numerous Awards of Distinction. In March 2015, we received a 1st place Award of Distinction in the Greatest Renovation category for our work on the University of Cincinnati Wilson Auditorium project. Most recently, Pac-Van received the 2016 Award of Distinction in the Relocatable Retail or Hospitality category for our Phoenix team’s work on the Hidden Rock project. We also received Honorable Mention distinction in the Greatest Renovation category for the St. Sharbel Mission Chapel project in Las Vegas.

What is your mission statement?

When we first started our business 23 years ago, Pac-Van set out to become the kind of company with which we’d want to do business. Our founding goals were to supply excellent product, competitive value, and the highest possible levels of local and personalized service. Pac-Van wants to be your preferred provider. Whether you’re interested in the sale or rental of our units, we’ll work hard to provide the highest level of service that includes timely deliveries and prompt pickups. Quality mobile offices at a good price and delivery at the time when the units are needed—that’s our commitment to our customers.

“What makes us different, where we shine, is through our high level of service, quick response time and our passionate desire to perform.”

Guy Sextro, Vice President of Products and Services

What type of products does Pac-Van supply ?

Pac-Van offers our customers a variety of options when it comes to storage and office space solutions. We offer 5 categories of products to meet the needs of our clients: 1) storage containers, 2) office containers, 3) mobile offices, 4) modular buildings, 5) and portable liquid storage tanks.

Storage Containers

Our storage containers offer flexibility, mobility, and efficiency at a cost-effective price. These 14-gauge steel containers are weatherproof, vandal resistant and come equipped with cam lock rods and hard wood floors. They are safe, secure and affordable. As a member of the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA), we make sure all of our units are held to the highest standards for wind and water tightness. While our standard sizes for these containers are 20 feet and 40 feet, we do offer a variety of custom sizes in our fleet. A storage container is more than a hard-shelled space. They can be customized to include the amenities that your team needs, by adding features like partitions, vents, windows, extra doors, shelving, wind turbines, insulation, electric, lighting, heat and air conditioning and even plumbing. Pac-Van’s units are fully cleaned and refurbished inside and out and are ready for delivery in as quickly as 24-72 hours (unless custom modifications are being done).

Office Containers

Pac-Van also offers customized office containers called Ground Level Offices (GLOs). Learn more about ground level offices versus mobile offices. They are similar to our mobile offices but provide ground level entry without the need of steps, skirting, and tie-downs. A Pac-Van GLO is a tough, secure, affordable and relocatable on-site space solution. We don’t charge a set-up fee, and our experienced drivers deliver units into tight spaces and make sure a unit is placed exactly where you need it. If a standard container office just won’t meet your needs, let us know. Pac-Van will work with you to incorporate any modifications you need.

Mobile Offices

Pac-Van’s mobile offices will save you time, money and administrative hassles with single-source supply and service. As a one-stop-shop, we can provide furniture, fixtures, steps, ramps, railings, decks, building services. Our standard mobile office trailers range from 8 x 24 feet to 12 x 60 feet. Our mobile office units are thoroughly cleaned, reconditioned, weatherproof tested, and guaranteed

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings, whether they are permanent or temporary, are attractive, relocatable, extendable and customizable. Since they are built off-site at the same time your construction site is being prepped, a modular building can save you money by reducing project costs due to weather or site prep delays. Using high quality, modern materials, and techniques, it is hard to imagine that our modular buildings are prefabricated. Pac-Van has a portfolio of standard floor plans, but we can create a custom building for you by providing almost any interior or exterior finish that you desire.

Liquid Storage Tanks

Available for short- or long-term rentals, Pac-Van’s bulk liquid storage tanksare tough. We provide reliable bulk liquid storage solutions to accommodate on-site water, chemical, oil and other liquid storage needs. Pac-Van has an inventory of 2,000 tanks and are the newest in the industry. Most tanks are 21,000 gallon, 500 barrel (bbl) tanks, but we do offer ‘mini’ tanks that hold 9,000 gallons. Our standard frac tank is the v-bottom or flat bottom tank since liquid can be easily siphoned off at the ends due to a channel in the middle. We also offer round bottom, acid, and weir separator tanks. It is important to note that a liquid storage tank cannot move with liquid in them. They are portable but only when empty.

What is trending in your industry?

Things are constantly changing in the market AND with our products. That keeps business exciting. Right now it’s all about customization. Not only does Pac-Van offer a variety of units, but when we are able to customize them to meet our client’s needs, the possibilities become endless! For example, storage containers are no longer just a standard 20 ft. or 40 ft. hard-shelled space anymore. Now they come with open sides, accordion-fold doors, wall partitions and more to suit the needs of pretty much anyone who needs temporary storage space. We have yet to meet a portable building space challenge that we couldn’t meet.

Tell us about a notable Pac-Van project.

University of Cincinnati – Wilson Auditorium project.

Pac-Van took first place at the Modular Building Institute award ceremony in the Greatest Renovation category for the University of Cincinnati – Wilson Auditorium project.

The University of Cincinnati approached us with a need to expand their current temporary buildings because their class sizes had become considerably larger.

Not only did we add more modules to the originally designed complex, but we also made dramatic changes to the interior layout of the two buildings.

The University was able to purchase the used modular facilities from a local public school district for a fraction of original cost. By reusing an existing set of buildings, they were able to have their entire space plan completed prior to the start of the fall trimester. With the swing space in place in such a quick span of time, the University was able to move to the next phase of a large expansion/renovation project. The Wilson Auditorium Swing Space project is just one example of many among the reuse projects Pac-Van has completed.

” We strive to provide the highest quality products and the best customer service in the industry.”

Guy Sextro, Vice President of Products and Services

What differentiates Pac-Van from its competitors?

At Pac-Van, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. We hear 2 common complaints from customers about our competitors: 1) they have low-quality units, and 2) they have poor customer service.

At Pac-Van, we receive very few complaints. We are more than happy to help win over a customer with a great purchasing experience! As a member of the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA), we make sure all of our units are tested for wind and water tightness and are fully cleaned and refurbished inside and out. Our units can be ready for delivery in as quickly as 24-72 hours, unless you need custom modifications.

We strive to provide the highest quality products and the best customer service in the industry. We work with each customer to find an individual solution that meets their specific needs.

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