Call Center Software


Is your business trying to manage customer communication flowing from multiple channels and sources? The right call center software can help. In terms of call center software, there are two main types: on-premise and cloud-based. These systems differ in how they perform, host, and support. Which is right for your business?

1. On-premise call center systems.

This system often comes with an on-time utilization license where the business has to take care of the upgrade and maintenance of the call center. The call center typically requires the installation of private branch hardware and equipment. In addition, it is the most professional type of call center, although these systems are also the most expensive.

2. Cloud-based call center systems.

This system is hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. The system is cheaper than On-premise and is very affordable.

Call center software comes in many forms and functions, including:

• Autodialer
• Call center monitors
• Call accounting solutions
• Call analytics
• Predictive dialer
• Computer telephony integration (CTI)
• Interactive voice response (IVR)
• Automatic call distributor (ACD).

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