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It’s no secret many people cannot start their day without coffee. A regular office coffee service helps employees stay happy and productive, not to mention saves the company time and money. Suppliers provide, as well as service, the equipment and coffee for either a single-cup, glass or thermal pot unit. If your employees have particular tastes, a wide range of flavors, including teas and gourmet coffee are also available.

Choosing a Office Coffee Supplier

The office coffee supplier you choose to do business with can make or break your coffee service experience! Our  office coffee supplier checklist will help you think through important things like:

  1. The supplier’s variety of options
  2. Quality of coffee
  3. Ongoing delivery and coffee supply costs

Selecting a Office Coffee Machine

Overwhelmed by the amount of office coffee machines there are to choose from? Selecting the right machine goes hand-in-hand with your

  1. Company size
  2. Employee preferences
  3. Coffee service budget
  4. How long you can afford to spend on routine maintenance. 

We’ve got the perfect guide to help you find the best machine for your workplace.

Buyer's Guide

Shopping for office coffee service can be confusing. Our comprehensive Buyer's Guide will help you buy smart and save money. 

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