Modular Healthcare and Medical Buildings


What is a modular medical building?

A modular medical building is a healthcare facility built via modular construction. They are a winning choice for all types of medical practices because they are highly flexible to solve many different challenges healthcare professionals face. They can be either temporary or permanent structures, are highly cost-efficient, quick to assemble, provide a new and innovative design, and much more.

Why do medical practices need modular buildings?

Medical professionals are constantly under pressure to keep seeing patients, improve performance, and face community challenges head-on. On top of that, medical practices’ needs are always changing – sometimes very quickly. Healthcare business owners often have to make split-second decisions to make sure their patients are getting the best care possible. 

When it comes to space and storage, modular buildings are a quick, convenient, and helpful solution. They can be life savers for medical practices that need to quickly address challenges such as patient overcrowding, natural disaster, and more.

Here are some of the ways in which modular medical buildings help medical practices:

Cost savings

Modular buildings allow medical practices to cut costs significantly without sacrificing quality. Whereas traditional construction can cost from $150-$250 per square foot for a medical facility, modular construction will cost closer to $90-$150 per square foot.

Fast construction

Medical practices often have to solve problems – like overcrowding or lack of storage space – very quickly. Modular buildings help practices meet those challenges on the fly, since they take about half the time of traditional construction to be ready to use. Some modular medical buildings can even be up and running in as few as several days. 

Disaster or crisis relief

In the unfortunate scenario of a natural disaster or crisis, modular buildings can help your business by providing temporary space. Modular medical buildings are affordable and quickly constructed, so you can quickly mobilize and provide care for your community. Whether your permanent space is damaged, you run out of room and need overflow space, or you need to set up additional buildings or mobile offices in more areas in your community, modular buildings will be a great solution.

Temporary space

Healthcare practices can use modular medical buildings as either temporary or permanent structures. You can purchase them outright, as stand-alone healthcare facilities. But you can also use them as temporary spaces. This will allow you to keep your practice running as you undergo construction, such as an addition.

Overflow space

Sometimes, medical practices have to confront situations where they have to treat many more patients than normal. When you are experiencing a very high demand from patients, you may need extra rooms where patients can be seen. Additionally, when experiencing high patient volume, you may need extra storage space to keep healthcare equipment, test kits, etc. Modular buildings can be the perfect solution during these times.

What can a modular medical building be used for?

Modular buildings are used for a huge variety of healthcare facilities. In fact, modular construction is one of the most popular options for healthcare buildings. They are constructed very quickly, cost-effective, temporary or permanent, and come in a variety of sizes. Whether you're looking for space for a small temporary clinic or longstanding hospital, a modular building will be a good choice. Here are a few types of medical practices that use modular buildings:

  • Hospitals
  • Primary care offices
  • Medical clinics
  • Blood donation facilities
  • Urgent care clinics
  • Dentist offices
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Wellness clinics
  • And more

Even if you already have a primary building for your healthcare practice, down the road you may find the need for additional space. Here are some common add-on spaces that modular buildings can offer:

  • Administrative offices
  • Lab rooms
  • Cafeterias or meeting rooms
  • Security offices
  • Private offices for doctors
  • Testing facilities

How much do they cost?

Of course, the overall price of your medical modular building will vary. It depends on factors such as:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Delivery costs
  • Labor needed

However, modular construction will be more inexpensive than traditional construction across the board. This is partially because it requires less time and labor from construction companies. In terms of facility size and pricing, a key piece of information to note here is that compared to traditional construction, each square foot will cost about half the price in a modular building compared to a traditional building.

What sizes are available?

Modular medical buildings are constructed using “modules,” or building parts, that come in a few standard sizes. Then, those modules are used to construct a building of virtually any size you need. Therefore, the sizes to choose from when deciding on a medical module building are vast.

When it comes to individual modules, they come in several "standard" widths such as:

  • 12’
  • 13’
  • 13’9”
  • 14’9”
  • 15’9”

What you will want to tell your supplier is approximately how many square feet you need for your modular medical building. To determine this, you might ask questions like: How many patient rooms do I need? How many administrative offices do I need? 

For advisory information on the size of your modular building, take a look at our modular building buyer’s guide as well as information about modular office buildings.

Which features and customizations can be added?

For medical decision-makers, it’s important to build a facility that’s customized to fit the practice’s everyday needs. You may need to add features to your building that supports your area of specialty and patient needs. Additionally, you likely want to create a comfortable environment and a positive patient experience. You can achieve all of these goals by adding on features to your modular medical building, such as:

If you are looking into a medical modular building to house your practice, 360Connect can help you get started. Our free service offers up to 5 competitive price quotes from the top suppliers in your area. You can compare prices and save up to 30%, with no obligation to buy!

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