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Shipping Containers for Firefighter Training

Why are Shipping Containers used for Firefighter Training? Portable storage containers are ideal structures for fire departments to conduct firefighter training. Shipping containers are highly versatile and customizable, allowing fire departments to stack storage units on top of one another to create any number of unique building designs. By doing this, fire departments can simulate …

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Shipping Container Bathrooms

Shipping containers are used to build tons of commercial structures today, including bathrooms. Since they are built with high-grade, weather-resistant, extremely versatile steel, shipping containers are perfect to repurpose as a bathroom building for outdoor needs. You can customize your shipping container bathroom with your supplier and have it conveniently delivered to your location in …

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Shipping Container Classrooms

You may already know that shipping containers are recycled and repurposed for a wide variety of commercial and residential needs today. Since they’re made of high-grade, durable steel, they’re commonly used for storage and building needs. In fact, the steel that shipping containers are made out of is so versatile that shipping containers are used …

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Types of Shipping Containers

When you’re in the market to buy or rent a shipping container, it can be tricky to get started finding the right type for your needs. Even though most shipping containers used today are re-used versions of standard conex boxes (aka intermodal freight containers), once the container is re-purposed, it is available to buyers in …

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Portable Storage Container Manufacturers & Dealers

Tons of people today are finding a need for portable storage containers. Some need storage containers for moving, residential storage, business storage solutions, or starting their own storage container supplies business. Whether you plan to buy or rent a storage container, you will want to consider the top portable storage container manufacturers in the industry. …

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