Modular Daycares


If you are running a daycare, choosing modular (aka prefabricated) construction for your building is a smart choice. A modular building supplier can help your daycare put up a brand new permanent building more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional construction. Alternatively, they can help you expand by adding additional space (permanent or temporary) quickly. Modular daycares can also accommodate endless customization, floor plan, and design options to create the perfect space for your needs.


Choosing a modular daycare is likely the smartest decision in terms of building and construction options, especially if you want to work with a smaller budget. Modular buildings provide a seamless, cost-efficient, and quick solution for childcare and educational facilities. Here are just some of the benefits that contribute to modular construction’s popularity with daycares:

  • Temporary or permanent: Daycares can choose whether they want a permanent/long-term building or a portable/temporary building for short-term childcare needs.
  • Lease or buy: There are various payment plans with modular buildings. You can buy the building upfront or lease it over time, which allows you to make smaller monthly payments.
  • Fast construction and delivery: Your daycare can be put up in half the time compared to traditional construction.
  • Affordable: Modular daycares cost about 20-50% less than traditionally-built daycares.
  • Eco-friendly: Modular construction is the most environmentally friendly building option for daycares.

Take a look at our Modular Building Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the benefits for your daycare.


Modular construction for a daycare will be more affordable than traditional construction. When choosing modular, you can cut the cost of your building by at least 20%. Then, you can repurpose that money for daycare essentials like furniture, supplies, safety items, food and beverages for children, and more.

The exact cost of your modular daycare will depend on the total square footage you need. Modular buildings often run from around $35-$200 per square foot.

Square Footage

Modular daycares can be built in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs. Daycares can be designed anywhere from 500 square feet to over 15,000 square feet for larger facilities. Additionally, within the square footage of your choosing, you can include common areas, bathrooms, smaller classrooms, and more.  You can discuss with your supplier the square footage you need as well as layout and floor plan options.

Design and Floor Plan Considerations

When designing the floor plan and features for your modular daycare, there’s several things to consider. First, how many classrooms and/or common areas do you need? How many bathrooms? Some common rooms to consider adding to your floor plan include:

  • Smaller classrooms
  • Multi-purpose or common rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen or snack area
  • Locker room or changing room
  • Staff offices
  • Maintenance rooms
  • Storage areas (for toys, equipment, etc.)

The number and type of rooms you will need wil depend on how large your daycare is, as well as what age group you’re planning to have at your daycare. Keep in mind you can also use a “multi-purpose” room for several needs, such as a play area, snack area, and more. 

In addition to types of rooms, you will want to consider features to add to your daycare floor plan. Planning this will help you create the safest and most efficient daycare environment. Consider the following features as you design:

  • ADA accessibility
  • Electricity
  • Kitchen appliances, such as sink and fridge
  • Shelving or cubbies
  • Child-friendly flooring, such as carpet
  • Safe entry areas, including ramps
  • Child-friendly safety features, such as outlet coverings

Permanent Modular Daycare vs. Mobile/Portable Daycare

Modular daycares can either be permanent or temporary building solutions. Daycares that need to build a brand new facility and plan to use it for many years to come should choose a permanent modular daycare. 

On the other hand, daycares that need to expand due to more children requiring care or construction on the main building may find relocatable or portable modular solutions to be a better fit. Portable modular buildings provide temporary space, such as a portable classroom or mobile office. You can lease this space through a supplier, who delivers it and picks it up when your lease term ends.

Learn more about the differences between permanent and relocatable modular buildings for your daycare.

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