About Our Company

Who We Are

By day, we’re a company that helps connect business buyers and sellers. By night, we are a team that has a multitude of diverse hobbies and interests. Among us you can find a piano player, a stage-shy singer, basketball players, the world’s biggest University of Texas fan, a coin collector, several moms and dads, a Hula Hoop Queen, a poetry writer and several world travelers. Our obsessions range from movie references from the 80’s, to Tiff’s Treats to the occasional prank (wrap your office in tinfoil anyone?).

What brings us together is a passion for helping others. We strive to help business buyers to find the right supplier for them for big, complex purchases. For suppliers, we help them grow their business by connecting them to prospective customers who are looking to buy what they sell. If we are doing our job well, we are making things simpler for everyone.

We are located in beautiful Austin, TX and love living here. While we are an “internet business” nothing can replace talking to a person. Want to learn more about us and what we do? Give us a call. We’d be glad to talk to you. Want to join our team? Check out our current job openings.

Our Values

At 360Connect, we embrace six core values that are intended to help us make decisions and to serve as a guide for our actions when dealing with our clients, coworkers, service providers, and the company.

These are the values we practice as individual contributors and as a team:

  • Do what it takes to deliver excellent results
  • Bring a proactive, solution-oriented attitude to everything you do
  • Act with integrity and respect
  • Communicate directly and honestly
  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Always learn and try new things

Our Team

Jeff Hoogendam


My job is to ask questions and make sure the team has the resources they need.

Jim McKinley

Business Development

I am not really in charge of anything. I just help out where I can.

Chris Cottam

Controller & HR Manager

Oversee the accounting and HR functions for the company.

Megan Olinger

Lead Operations Manager

I hire the right people that follow our core values and make good decisions.

Dan Warden

VP Sales

Responsible for new revenue and executing our annual sales plan.

Daniel Guzick

Senior Affiliate Manager

I recruit strategic business partners in the B2B space to generate leads.

Jessica Moreno

Senior Account Manager

Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.

Paul Garcia

Director of Account Management

Responsible for the success of our clients.

Brian Milton

Technical Project Manager

Coordinating the web related.

Kimberly Curtis

Leads Operations Sup.

I encourage our team to grow into efficient processors.

Patricia Ramos

Leads Operations Assistant

Responsible for communications and helping everything run smoothly.

Jeanne Fortney

Staff Accountant

I am responsible for payroll, payables, receivables, expense reports and bank reconciliations.

Rachel Cuttill

Office Manager

I manage relationships, share ideas, and ensure operational efficiency.

Michelle Thomassen

Content Marketing Manager

I manage content! Organic leads are my mission.

Andy Dietz

Data Analyst

SQL Ninja, Excel Wizard and Integrations Guru.

Pratyusha Dommata

Web Developer

I create beautiful and functional websites for 360Connect.

Robert Langer

Integration Support Technician

Helping to make sure everything gets to the right place.

Zachary Gover

Web Developer

I make all things live on the internet.

Anthony Oswald

Account Manager

I’m an Account Manager overseeing several platforms to help companies reach their goals.

Kristin Heinze

Account Manager

I Rock Mobile Office!

Olivia Peña

Account Manager

Office equipment is my thing.

Stacey Bailiff

Billing Manager

Breakin’ necks and cashin’ checks.

Trey Crosby

Account Manager

I focus on sales strategy, lead nurturing, email marketing, and helping my clients scale up.

Andrew Klett

Sales Executive

Consult with potential clients on how we can help their business grow.

Blake Moody

Sales Executive

I help the U.S. economy.

Brett Hopkins

Sales Executive

I work with companies that are looking to expand.

Corey Friend

Sales Executive

Enter your text here...

Mechelany Campos

Sales Executive

I close new business.

Alex Velasco

Request Processor

I do what it takes to deliver great quality leads.

Bo Braidfoot

Request Processor

Fastest processor in the South.

Brittany Radcliffe

Request Processor

I bring quality, results and maybe a laugh or two.

Lauren Newton

Request Processor

I do what it takes to deliver great quality leads.

Robert Todd

Request Processor

Charlie work.

Sierra Henderson

Request Processor

I work through quote requests connecting customers with suppliers.

Yvonne Limuel

Request Processor

To process leads efficiently and produce quality leads to suppliers.