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Modular Buildings


Top Commercial Modular Building Companies

Are you looking for a new commercial building for your business? You might not know that there are several different construction methods to choose from. Modular construction is the quickest and most cost-effective, as it can save you 25-50% on your building project costs. Nowadays, modular companies provide tons of designs and floor plan options, …

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What is Modular Construction?

What is modular construction? Modular construction is also known as prefabricated construction, off-site construction, or volumetric construction. According to industry experts, it is a new, innovative construction technique using individual, prefabricated building parts called “modules”. The modules are manufactured off-site in a controlled factory setting. Then, they are delivered to the construction location and assembled …

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Prefabricated vs. Traditional Construction

There is a debate today between traditional vs. prefabricated construction (aka modular construction) for both commercial and residential building needs. When people need to put up a new building, they often ask: “Which is better, traditional construction or modular construction?” This is a valid question, since nowadays, traditional and modular buildings are parallel in terms …

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What is a Prefabricated Building?

What is a prefabricated building? A prefabricated building (also known as a “prefab” or “modular building”) is a building that is constructed off-site at a climate-controlled facility. They are manufactured using factory-made units or “modules”. Then, the parts are delivered to the building site and assembled, using cranes and other construction machinery.  Prefabrication allows companies …

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