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RingCentral Business Phone System: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

RingCentral Overview

RingCentral is a popular VoIP provider offering both cloud-based and hosted solutions for businesses of various sizes. They position themselves as a leading digital phone system solution that eliminates the need for on-premise PBX hardware. RingCentral offers in-demand unified communication features for companies, such as mobile communication, video conferencing, team messaging, VoIP analytics, and much more.

Features, Pricing, and Plans

One of the most important things to look at when considering RingCentral as a business VoIP provider is their offered features, pricing, and plans. Make sure their offerings fit with your business budget as well as everyday telecommunication needs.


RingCentral offers several different packages with robust features that can be catered towards both small businesses with simple needs or enterprise businesses with demanding communication needs. One of the most convenient and appealing parts of partnering with RingCentral is that you can pick and choose which features and which pricing plan works for your team. Their VoIP solution is designed to be flexible so that a variety of different companies can find what they’re looking for, in terms of features. Some of RingCentral’s most popular features among its users are video conferencing, mobile app, team messaging, voicemail to text transcription, and CRM integration.

Pricing and Plans 

RingCentral offers four different plans at different prices – essentially, the higher the plan you choose, the more features you’ll be able to use. However, note that the higher plan you choose, the more you will also pay on a monthly basis. Take a look at some examples of RingCentral’s features under each of their four business plans and how much each plan costs monthly.

Essentials Plan$19.99 per user/month (if paying annually)

$29.99 per user/month (if paying monthly)
Up to 20 users
100 toll free minutes
Free U.S. business number 
Unlimited domestic calls
Unlimited SMS messaging
Voicemail to text transcription
Team messaging
Document sharing
Standard Plan$24.99 per user/month (if paying annually)

$34.99 per user/month (if paying monthly)
All Essentials features plus:

Unlimited users
1,000 toll free minutes
Free business number in 100+ countries
Unlimited internet fax
100-person video meetings
24-hour meeting duration
Quality of service reports
CRM integrations
247 customer support
Premium Plan$34.99 per user/month (if paying annually)

$44.99 per user/month (if paying monthly)
All Standard features plus:

2,500 toll free minutes
Automatic call recording
Single sign-on
Multi-site admin management
Up to 8-digit extensions
Hot desking
Advanced call handling
200-user video meetings
Real-time analytics
Industry-specific integrations
Developer platform
Ultimate Plan$49.99 per user/month (if paying annually)

$59.99 per user/month (if paying monthly)
All Premium features plus:

10,000 toll free minutes
Device status reports/alerts
Unlimited storage

Note: at RingCentral, you will save around 30% if you pay annually rather than month-to-month. RingCentral also has single add-on options for a small monthly fee. Take a look at additional details about RingCentral’s pricing and plans here. You can also see how this features and plans list compares to competitors like Jive (GoToConnect), Nextiva, and Vonage.

Customer Support

RingCentral’s customer support system compares well with other VoIP competitors on the market. When it comes to the need for assistance, they make themselves available to their customers in a variety of forms:

One important thing to note about RingCentral’s customer support system is that they only offer 247 call-in support to business plans of 2+ users. Smaller plans can only utilize assistance from 5am-6pm PST from Mon-Fri. This may be a caveat to your business needs if you work outside workday business hours and may need additional hands-on assistance.

Pros and Cons 

Overall, there are several different pros and cons to RingCentral’s business VoIP phone  system. Keep in mind that they are currently one of the top business VoIP providers on the market and are widely used by many businesses. Therefore, there’s lots of compelling reasons to use RingCentral as your business phone system, but it’s always smart to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you before buying. Consider some of the pros and cons of RingCentral according to customer reviews and our expert analysis.


  • Great voice quality. One thing to love about RingCentral is that they provide great voice quality compared to competitors on the market. Users complain very little about latency during voice calls and report high satisfaction with call quality. 
  • Flexible, easy call management features. RingCentral offers many call management features, even with lower tiered plans. The phone system allows you to transfer or reroute calls to any device. They also offer call forwarding, screening, and virtual receptionist options.
  • Hassle-free management. Since RingCentral is predominantly a cloud-based provider, there is little to no management on your end. They are a great “plug-and-play” option with an easy-to-use interface, and you won’t need technical skills to use it everyday!


  • There are cheaper alternatives. RingCentral’s pricing and plans are competitive, but there are cheaper alternatives on the market. This is especially the case once you require higher tiered features, such as multi-user video calls. Look into Grasshopper and Ooma if you’re in search of a more affordable plan.
  • Limited customer support for smaller plans. As noted, businesses who are on lower tiered plans may not have full access to RingCentral’s call-in customer support. This can be an issue for businesses who may need assistance on nights and weekends.
  • Inconsistency across desktop and mobile apps. Some customers report that there is a difference in terms of user interface with RingCentral’s mobile app vs. desktop app. In some cases, there have been some reports of confusion due to the inconsistency between the two platforms.

Compare Additional Options

Alternatives to RingCentral

If you are in the market for a new VoIP business phone system, know that you have more options beyond RingCentral. Today, there are tons of reliable VoIP providers that can help with your business communication needs on your budget. We recommend looking into the following providers next:

Side-by-Side Provider Comparisons 

You can also take a look at your different options in terms of business communication systems. Additionally, 360Connect can help you find the best provider for your needs! Our free online comparison tool matches you with the best providers based on your business so you can make the smartest choice on your budget. Our service saves you time as well as up to 30% on a business VoIP system!

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