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Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone System – Features, Pricing, and Plans

When it comes to business phone providers, Grasshopper is one of the leading brands. Their VoIP services offer companies a variety of business phone system options, communication tools, and more so teams can stay connected at all times.

Grasshopper tends to be a favorite among “small consumers,” such as small to medium sized businesses, remote workers, freelancers, and contractors. Learn about the top highlights of Grasshopper VoIP systems to decide if it is the right provider for your business needs.

Which phone system options does Grasshopper offer?

Grasshopper is a “virtual phone system” that has both hosted and cloud-based phone options for its users. No matter which option you choose, Grasshopper will conveniently assign you a virtual business phone number and host the system on their site. Then, you can choose how you will access your phone system. You can use:

  • Mobile VoIP, using their mobile app via smartphone
  • Desktop phone
  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • And more

Grasshopper also has an excellent unified communication system, called Grasshopper Connect. Users can access a single mobile dashboard that lists all their business communications in one place. This allows them to easy toggle between forms of communication, such as SMS messaging, audio calls, video calls, and more. Grasshopper is constantly updating and improving this technology for the best possible customer experience. 

Essentially, Grasshopper makes it easy for users to customize their phone system to fit their business needs. If you typically work on-the-go, you can connect your virtual business phone number to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. If you are at your desk, you can install a desk phone if you prefer. Grasshopper is a flexible system that offers lots of communication options, without compromising your professionalism!

Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone System Pricing

Grasshopper offers affordable pricing so that just about any business can fit it into their budget. Like most VoIP providers, Grasshopper has different “tiers” or plans at different prices, with different features and offerings at each tier. Take a look at Grasshopper’s different plans and pricing:

SolopreneurIncludes 1 line plus 3 extensions
Additional cost for 2nd line
$20 per month 
When billed annually

$22 per month 
When billed month-to-month
PartnershipIncludes 3 lines plus 6 extensions
Additional cost per line after 3
$46 per month
When billed annually
$51 per month
When billed month-to-month
Small TeamIncludes 6 lines plus unlimited extensions
Additional cost per line after 6
$70 per month
When billed annually

$78 per month
When billed month-to-month

As you can see, Grasshopper’s plans are catered towards small businesses who need few lines. They allow add-ons for additional lines at a cost, but this makes the phone system more pricey. If you are part of a larger company who needs more than 6 lines (not including extensions), it’s best to choose a VoIP provider who caters to larger companies who need more lines.

Also keep in mind that Grasshopper is most cost-efficient when setting up annual billing. If you prefer to pay month-to-month, you will pay a few extra dollars per user per month.

Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone System Features

Grasshopper VoIP systems come with many robust features. The features included in YOUR plan depends on the tier you choose when signing up. However, there are several features that Grasshopper includes in all plans:

  • Virtual business phone number
  • Wifi calling
  • SMS texting
  • Conference calling (up to at least 10 participants)
  • “Instant response” text messaging
  • Call forwarding to any device
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Virtual faxing
  • Custom greetings
  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Incoming call control
  • Mobile and desktop apps/dashboard
  • Voicemail
  • Business extensions
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call reporting

Virtual Phone Numbers

Grasshopper has some custom options for you when it comes to setting up your virtual business phone number. Rather than just giving you a phone number at random, they allow you to customize your phone number to make sure your business phone system is the most effective for your business. Take a look at some of their custom options:

  • Vanity phone numbers. This allows companies to choose a phone number based on the spelling of a keyword they want their customer base to remember. Whether it’s the brand name or a brand keyword that is associated with the company, you can choose your digits based on letters after the zip code.
  • Toll-free numbers. You have the option of choosing a toll-free business phone number, which is effective in boosting your company’s credibility.
  • Local phone numbers. Looking to set up a local presence in a particular area? Grasshopper allows you to choose a local area code so that you can appeal to locals in your customer base.

Grasshopper Connect Features

There are also additional features included when signing up for Grasshopper Connect:

  • Email integration
  • Timeline view
  • Unified communications
  • Call holding and blocking

To find out about additional features included in Partnership and Small Team plans, be sure to ask a Grasshopper representative about the specifics. This will help you decide which plan is right for your team.

Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone System Customer Support

Grasshopper offers a robust customer support system. Rather than just offering phone assistance to their customers, they offer multiple forms of customer support.

  • 24/7 phone support. Their representatives are reachable at any time of any day.
  • Email. Grasshopper’s support team is accessible via email in addition to phone calls.
  • Online user guides. Grasshopper offers resources online to help you with their VoIP systems. This includes a “Getting Started” guide, a “How To” Guide, “Frequently Asked Questions,” and a “Troubleshooting” Guide.

Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone System Ease of Use

According to real user reviews, Grasshopper is highly rated in terms of “ease of use.”  Grasshopper makes it easy for users to sign up, get a virtual phone number, and start using the system almost immediately. When it comes to ease of use, Grasshopper customers say these are the following are the top highlights of the VoIP system.

All-in-1 Dashboard

Grasshopper has a mobile app that features an easy-to-use dashboard. Users can access all their communication in one place. For instance, all your business texts, emails, phone calls, voicemails, video calls, and more are listed on the dashboard for your convenience. This also allows you to toggle between different communication forms to boost productivity and stay on task at all times.

Customized Equipment

When using a virtual phone number under a Grasshopper plan, you can choose where you want to receive calls as well as which equipment you want to use. This means you do not need access to a desk phone to use all Grasshopper’s communication features. You can use the smartphone you already have, as well as a laptop or tablet. If you DO want to use a desk phone, Grasshopper is compatible with that too! 

Auto-attendant and Call Forwarding

Grasshopper systems include an auto-attendant that routes calls depending on your settings. When setting up your phone system, all you have to do is select where and how you want your business calls routed. Your auto attendant will direct the client, co-worker, or customer to the correct place. 

Grasshopper VoIP Business Phone System Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s always good to weigh the pros and cons before choosing a VoIP phone provider! While Grasshopper might seem like the perfect phone system right off the bat, you still want to consider some of their potential weaknesses before signing up. According to research and real customer reviews, here are the most commonly reported strengths and weaknesses of Grasshopper phone systems:

- Easy set-up and ongoing ease of use.
- Competitive features included in all plans, without paying more.
- Cost-effective plans.
- Not built to support large or enterprise level companies.
- Limited integrations with back-end applications and software.

Overall, Grasshopper is a convenient, easy to use mobile VoIP system that improves communications for small teams and on-the-go workers. It helps them stay connected to their business contacts at all times so they never have to compromise their professionalism! On the other hand, larger companies who need more phone lines or do most of their work in the office may benefit more from a different phone provider, such as Nextiva, RingCentral, or Vonage.

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