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Jive vs. RingCentral Business Phone System

Jive (now known as GoToConnect) and RingCentral are two leading providers in the business phone system industry. Both brands offer award-winning VolP products, which are the leading unified communication systems helping businesses all over the world stay connected from anywhere.

Jive powers “GoToConnect,” which includes VoIP and unified communication software that can be powered from any smart device. RingCentral offers a similar product, including all-in-1 unified communication software, messaging services, a mobile VoIP options and more. So what’s the difference between the two brands and their VoIP systems? Find out by comparing key features of Jive vs. RingCentral.

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Jive VS RingCentral Features

Both Jive and RingCentral offer competitive, staple VoIP features. However, Jive offers a standard set of features for all their business plans while RingCentral offers additional robust features as you choose higher tiered plans. Additionally, RingCentral’s list of features is a bit more extensive than Jive’s.

Cloud PBX
– Custom hold music
– Dial Plan Editor
– International calling
– Call routing/transferring
– Caller ID
– Do Not Disturb
– Find me/Follow me
– Advanced Ring Strategy
– Pre-Call Announcement
– Unlimited call queue
– Wait time announcements
– Video conferencing up to 25 people
– One-click screen share
– Personal meeting rooms
Hosted and cloud solutions
– Voice calling
– Video calling
– Team messaging
– Internet Faxing
– Free local and toll-free numbers
– Power video chat
– Remote file sharing
– Auto attendant and IVR
– Unlimited SMS messaging
– International calling
– Collaboration tools
– Call forwarding
– Call transcription
– Call analytics and reporting
– Predictive dialing
– Campaign management
– Channel analytics
– Mobile apps 
HIPAA Compliance

Jive VS RingCentral Pricing & Plans

Both Jive and RingCentral’s plans are based on a monthly billing cycle. For both brands, they charge per month based on the number of users (ie. extensions) using the business plan.

However, the plans for Jive vs. RingCentral work a bit differently. Jive’s pricing plans are based on the number of users alone. You will get standard Jive features with each plan, including auto attendant, voicemail, call queues, and more, and save money as the number of users goes up.

On the other hand, RingCentral’s pricing plans are based on features. Businesses can access any of RingCentral’s plans (which include a different set of features) no matter how many users they have. However, pricing will be slightly different for each plan depending on how many users you have.


Tier 1 (1-4 users)

$29.95 per month per user

1 user: $49.99 per month per user
2-19 users: $29.99 per month per user
20-99 users: $26.99 per month per user
100+ users: $24.99 per month per user
Tier 2 (5-9 users)

$25.95 per month per user

1 user: $59.99 per month per user
2-19 users: $39.99 per month per user
20-99 users: $36.99 per month per user
100+ users: $34.99 per month per user
Tier 3 (10-24 users)

$23.95 per month per user

1 user: $69.99 per month per user
2-19 users: $39.99 per month per user
20-99 users: $36.99 per month per user
00+ users: $34.99 per month per user
Tier 4 (25-49 users)

$22.95 per month per user
Tier 5 (50+ users)

$19.95 per month per user

As you can see, both Jive and RingCentral’s plans offer discounted prices as the number of users on the plan increases. Jive also has 5 pricing plan options compared to RingCentral’s 3 options. However, RingCentral offers discounted plans if you are pre-paying for the entire year ahead of time.

All in all, Jive has cheaper rates for businesses, while RingCentral has more flexibility in what you can choose from in terms of features. For more information about pricing and plans, take a look at Jive and RingCentral’s pricing pages.

Jive VS RingCentral Integrations

Many businesses need their VoIP phone system to integrate with their CRM or other back-end systems to streamline processes efficiently. Whether or not Jive and RingCentral support your needed integrations can make or break them as a good fit for you. Here is a list of integrations for each brand.

– Hubspot
– Salesforce
– G Suite
– Microsoft Suite
– Zendesk
– Docebo
– CirQLive
– Prezi
– Slack
– Oracle Eloqua
– Marketo
– Zoho
– Clio
– Acuity
– Unbounce
– And more 
– G Suite
– Microsoft Suite
– Amazon
– Okta
– Box
– Salesforce
– Oracle
– Zoho
– ServiceNow
– Zendesk
– Glip
– Constant Contact
– Rippling
– Freshdesk
– And more 

Jive VS RingCentral Customer Service and Uptime

Most VoIP customers want to be sure they will be getting good call quality and “uptime” when using their system, as well as great customer service. Consider customer service departments and uptime guarantees from Jive vs. RingCentral.

Jive guarantees 99.99% uptime or you will get part of your monthly bill refunded. This is a competitive and reassuring promise compared to similar brands in the industry. RingCentral does not make a similar promise, even though customer reviews report satisfaction with their uptime. 

Also note that both Jive and RingCentral offer 24/7 customer support. Here are some other customer service features offered by Jive and RingCentral.

- Bilingual support
- Online tutorials
- 24/7 phone support
- Online ticketing system
- Email support
- Online tutorials
- Support ticketing system
- Live chat feature
- 24/7 phone support

Take a look at Jive and RingCentral’s support pages to learn more.

When to Use Jive vs. RingCentral

Jive and RingCentral are both reliable brands with great products. But when should you use Jive vs. RingCentral? All in all, each brand has a different target audience and makes sense for different types of businesses.

Take a look at Jive vs. RingCentral overall to see what types of teams and businesses can benefit the most from them.


Jive is best for small businesses, remote teams, or freelancers. They offer competitive prices for small businesses at an affordable cost, while still including staple VoIP features such as unlimited calling and call analytics. 


You should choose RingCentral if you need to support a larger team such as a call center. This is because RingCentral allows you to choose the pricing tier and features best suited to your team’s needs. They also have more options for features compared to Jive. Teams that choose RingCentral usually have many customer-facing calls throughout the day and also need robust collaboration tools.

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