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CureMD Medical Billing Service


Based in New York, CureMD is a leader in the medical billing space, working with 30,000 clinical practices in 32 specialties and has over 120,000 users nationwide. They offer both medical billing software (in-house medical billing) and end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) medical billing services (for outsourced medical billing) options to medical practices of various types and sizes. All in all, CureMD offers a reliable and customizable solution when it comes to medical billing management – including basic EHR or Practice Management Software, or an all-in-1, full-fledged medical billing service that they handle entirely.

CureMD Medical Billing Options

As mentioned, CureMD offers both medical billing software and full-fledged services to medical practices. In this way, they cater to both medical practices who want to handle medical billing on their own in-house as well as practices that would rather have a professional company manage their revenue remotely. Here, we will give you an overview of your options with CureMD for both software and service needs.

Medical Billing Software

If you are looking to handle your medical billing in-house and just need a reliable software to help, CureMD has a few options for you. You can utilize CureMD’s Practice Management Software, which is HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, and provides easy to use ICD-10 coding. This software can be accessed using any Internet-friendly device and allows you to:

Medical practices can also take advantage of CureMD’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to instantly connect with patients and other healthcare facilities using the Internet (compatible with iPhones and iPads). Keep in mind that if you choose to go with CureMD’s medical billing software options, you will need a qualified, credentialed back-end billing and coding staff working at your practice. Learn more about the cost of medical billing software to see if it fits within your practice’s budget.

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Medical Billing Service

CureMD also offers an all-in-one, full-fledged medical billing service. With this solution, CureMD’s team of professionals will manage your practice’s entire medical billing and revenue cycle remotely. Meaning, you won’t have to hire a back-end team of billers to handle billing operations on your own. CureMD’s medical billing service includes:

  • Claim creation and submission
  • Persistent follow-up on claim status
  • Quick denial management and appeals
  • Payment posting
  • Analytics and reporting
  • KPI dashboards

CureMD also reports that they will help your practice get paid more quickly and in-full – paying out 6% more and 35% faster, to be clear. Another benefit of the full-fledged medical billing service is that you’ll likely save money by outsourcing, as you save money on hardware and software purchases, biller salaries, and other overhead costs.

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CureMD offers an impressive list of features that come along with both their medical billing software and services. Included features will vary slightly based on whether or not you choose a practice management software vs. medical billing services.

CureMD Practice Management SoftwareCureMD Medical Billing Service
Patient portal
Online appointment setting and check-in
Appointment reminders via text
EHR database
Insurance eligibility check
Electronic document management
KPI dashboards
CoPay and outstanding balance collection
Reporting and analytics
Denial management
Access control 
And more
Fee schedule review and analysis
Eligibility verification
EDI, ERA, Provider Enrollment
Electronic/Paper claims submission
Account receivables management
Payment posting Insurance follow-up
Denial review and management
Management reports
Customizable KPI dashboards
And more 


According to Capterra, CureMD’s software starts at $195 per user per month. However, CureMD’s site does not list specific pricing for their software and services. Of course, pricing will vary based on several factors including:

  • Practice size
  • How many users/practitioners
  • Full service vs. software
  • And more

To get a better idea about how much medical billing costs, take a look at our Medical Billing for Physicians Guide or our Medical Billing Software Cost Guide. You can also request a custom quote directly through CureMD or you can use our free comparison tool to get free quotes immediately!


CureMD is an efficient medical billing service, as they work hard to get each claim submitted and accepted on the first attempt. In fact, CureMD reports that 96% of their submitted claims are accepted and paid out upon the first attempt. This is an impressive clean claims rate. Compare this to Kareo, another medical billing industry leader, who boasts a 95% rate. Additionally, CureMD reports quick and in-full payments to medical professionals, promising to pay out 6% more and 35% faster compared to alternative medical billing services.

CureMD reports that they carefully scrub every claim and apply around 4 million rules to each applied claim. If a claim is not accepted upon the first submission, they will resubmit promptly, figure out the reason why the claim was denied, and then update their system with that “rule” so that it doesn't happen again. CureMD is well-known for handling even the most complicated medical claims efficiently and report happy clients.

Customer Support

Obviously with any medical billing service and/or software, it’s very important to know that you can get in touch with the company for customer support. CureMD has several different customer support options available to customers. 

  • Online claim “ticket”
  • Call-in support 
  • Email support
  • Live chat

Note that CureMD’s phone and live chat support is only available between the hours of 8:30am - 8:30pm EST Monday-Friday. This can be inconvenient for medical practices that are open on weekends or later than 8:30pm Eastern Time. CureMD does offer self-help type resources on their website for troubleshooting, but their limited hours is definitely something to be aware of before choosing to sign up.

CureMD Pros and Cons

As with any medical billing provider, there are pros and cons to analyze before making the decision to sign up with CureMD. We’ve researched customer opinions as well as professional opinions about CureMD, and found the following top 3 pros and cons of using CureMD:

CureMD is one of the most reliable and accurate medical billing services with a 96% clean claims rate.
Web browser limitations:
Some customers report that CureMD’s software can not be run efficiently using every web browser, and frequent updates are necessary to prevent lagging.
CureMD’s software can be used on any Internet based device. Plus, the patient portal adds an additional advantage for patient management.
Sales process transparency:
Other customers have complained about CureMD’s sales process, saying there was little transparency with sales reps in terms of what they were buying.
No upfront costs:
CureMD doesn’t charge a “start up” fee and there are little to no “hidden fees” when signing up/
Slow customer support department:
Some customers say that the customer support team is not prompt in responses. Others report problems getting in touch with CureMD’s billing department.

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There are many other reliable medical billing companies who offer medical billing services, in addition to CureMD. Before buying, make sure to consider all your opinions to ensure the company you choose is the best fit for your practice. Use our free online comparison tool to get free quotes from up to 5 top medical billers that fit your practice’s needs.

Get free quotes from up to 5 medical billing suppliers!
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