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Nextiva vs. RingCentral Business Phone System

If your business is looking for the best business phone system, it’s likely you have considered a VoIP phone system. VoIP is beneficial because it gives companies the flexibility, advanced features, and cost savings they need to scale up and grow their business. Since VoIP is one of the most popular phone systems for businesses today, it can be tricky to figure out who is the best provider for your team. Many businesses want to compare Nextiva vs. RingCentral to get started.

Nextiva and RingCentral are two of the top VoIP providers in the industry. They both offer the best-in-class communication solutions, such as mobile VoIP, hosted PBX systems, unified communication, and more. To make your search easier, we’ve broken down the difference between the two providers to help you decide which is the better option for you.

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Nextiva vs. RingCentral Overview

Both Nextiva and RingCentral are leading providers in the VoIP industry. Nextiva is “rated best business phone system by U.S. News” according to their site. They are designed to help both small and enterprise level companies with their communication system. Nextiva solutions focus on making collaboration easier, and include unified communication platforms to boost productivity.

RingCentral is also a leading VoIP provider offering flexible solutions to many different business needs. They are focused on providing a remote communication solution, allowing teams to “work together from anywhere”. Their plans can be customized to your business needs, and they have many different options for on-the-go and remote employees.

Nextiva vs. RingCentral Features

Like most VoIP providers, both Nextiva and RingCentral plans offer competitive features:

Nextiva RingCentral
– Your choice between hosted or cloud PBX
– Voice calling
– Call transferring, forwarding, and more
– Unlimited calls
– Free local and toll-free numbers
– Video conferencing
– Web collaboration tools
– Conference calling 
– Unlimited virtual faxing
– Instant and live messaging
– Status setting
– Mobile apps
– Integrations
– HIPAA Compliance
– Hosted and cloud solutions
– Voice calling
– Video calling
– Team messaging
– Faxing
– Free local and toll-free numbers
– Power video chat
– Remote file sharing
Auto attendant
– Unlimited SMS messaging
– International calling
– Collaboration tools
– Call forwarding
– Call transcription
– Mobile apps 
– HIPAA Compliance

On top of the features listed above, Nextiva is known for its easy-to-use, attractive interface that makes toggling between communication tasks easy as ever. RingCentral is well known for its many features included in their various plans. For instance, their many on-the-go features make it easy for teams to do work from anywhere. 

It’s worth noting that both Nextiva and RingCentral are HIPAA compliant VoIP providers, which makes them good choices for the healthcare industry. Also note that RingCentral does not offer built-in call analytics in its basic plans, which can cost more money for teams who rely on their CRM.

Nextiva vs. RingCentral Pricing

Both Nextiva and RingCentral offer competitive industry pricing. Nextiva has three different plans that are meant to suit different business budgets, team sizes, team needs, and more. RingCentral offers a variety of plans, flexible to fit many different business budgets. This makes them a tad more flexible than other VoIP providers, as they include 4 basic plans and options to customize based on your needs.


Take a look at Nextiva’s pricing for each of its 3 plans:

Essential$19.95 – $34.95
per user per month
– Unlimited calls
– Free local & toll free number
– 1,000 toll free minutes
– Unlimited fax
– Unlimited conference calls (up to 4 people)
– Email integrations
– Voicemail to text or email
Professional$20.95 – $37.95
per user per month
All features included in Essential plan plus:

– 2,500 toll free minutes
– Unlimited SMS and video calls
– Unlimited conference calls (up to 40 people)
– Screen sharing
– Team messaging
– CRM integrations
– Voice analytics
– Call recording
Enterprise$27.95 – $44.95
per user per month
All features included in Professional plan plus:

– 10,000 toll free minutes
– Unlimited conference calls (unlimited people)
– Voicemail transcription
– Amazon Chime

Additionally, Nextiva often offers discounts when adding more users or signing up for longer contracts. For instance, if you sign up for a 36-month contract, you can often receive the lowest cost per user.


As mentioned, compared to Nextiva, RingCentral has a 4 pricing tiers. This helps businesses match their exact budget when looking for a VoIP plan. Take a look at RingCentral’s 4 tiers here:

Essentials$19.99 - $29.99
per user per month
- 100 toll free minutes
- 4 people per meeting
- mobile apps included integration with many back-end systems
Standard$22.99 - $49.99
per user per month
- 1,000 toll free minutes
Premium$32.99 - $54.99
per user per month
- 2,500 toll free minutes
- 25 people per meeting
- HD Voice
- Call attendant 
Ultimate$42.99 - $69.99
per user per month
- 10,000 toll free minutes
- 50 people per meeting

Note that these are priced a bit higher than Nextiva’s options. However, RingCentral has flexibility within its plans to help you find the best solution. 

Nextiva vs. RingCentral Customer Service

Nextiva and RingCentral both have robust customer support teams. They offer multiple methods of communication with their team members to help you as you use their VoIP solutions. Compare Nextiva and RingCentral’s customer support side by side:

24/7 Phone Support24/7 Phone Support
Live ChatLive Chat
Online Ticket SubmissionOnline Ticket Submission
In-person supportNo in-person support
Online FAQsOnline FAQs
30 day free trial15 day free trial
4-star + customer reviewsLess than 4 star customer reviews

While Nextiva and RingCentral’s customer support is very similar in their offerings, Nexiva seems to go the extra mile on a few features.

Nextiva vs. RingCentral Integrations

Wondering if Nextiva and RingCentral can integrate with your existing applications and back-end systems? This can be extremely important to keeping your team productive! Take a look at how Nextiva and RingCentral compare in terms of their integration options:

- Zendesk
- Rippling
- SalesExec
- Quickbooks
- Outlook suite
- Google suite
- Salesforce
- Hubspot
- Microsoft Teams
- Service Now
- DropBox
- G SuiteBox
- Hubspot CRM
- Hubspot Marketing
- Microsoft Outlook
- Office 365
- Salesforce Sales Cloud
- Zendesk
- Zoho CRM
- Glip
- Freshdesk
- Constant Contact
- Rippling
- And many more

Overall, RingCentral has more integration options for businesses compared to Nextiva. Also keep in mind that Nextiva only allows integrations with certain softwares at their higher priced tiers. Make sure to ask Nextiva and RingCentral representatives if your preferred applications and software is compatible with their plans.

Best For

Different VoIP providers are better choices for different companies. While Nextiva is the best choice for some companies, RingCentral will be better for others. It depends on how your company operates on a day-to-day basis. 

With that being said, know that Nextiva has plans that can be catered to small, medium, large, and enterprise level businesses. But they tend to be best for large or enterprise level companies. On the other hand, RingCentral is best known for their mobile and non-fixed flexibility, so they are best suited to small businesses and teams that need remote flexibility. 

- Value per plan. Nextiva has a good value when signing up for longer plans. This makes sense for established companies who want to stick with the same VoIP provider over a longer period of time.

- Collaboration tools. Nextiva systems are focused around team collaboration, which helps larger teams communicate easily. It also helps businesses host large virtual team meetings easily without paying tons of extra money.

- Multi-location flexibility. Businesses with multiple locations can easily connect using Nextiva’s communication tools. Nextiva has many different servers set up throughout the U.S., increasing the chances of 247 up-time.
- Best for cloud-based systems. RingCentral does not offer on-site hosted options for your business’s server. They have off-site hosted options, but they are best known for cloud-based solutions.

- On-the-go features. In terms of getting the best value per plan, you will get your best “bang for your buck” with RingCentral when taking advantage of their on-the-go features in higher level plans.

- International calling. RingCentral is one of the biggest supporters of making frequent international calls affordable.

- Flexible plans. RingCentral will work with you to come up with a subscription plan that best suits your needs.

Nextiva vs. RingCentral Overall

Now, let’s look at Nextiva and RingCentral side by side. This will help you compare their various options and assets, so you can make the best decision for your business.

Plan pricingLess expensiveMore expensive
Call recordingIncludedNot included
247 customer supportYesYes
Team messagingYes Yes
Call analyticsYesNo
Business intelligence (AI)YesNo
Mobile appYesYes
Toll-free minutes1,000+100+
Free trial30 days15 days
Unlimited video participantsYesNo
Learning curveEasierHarder
Unlimited faxYes No 
Voicemail to textYes Yes
Voicemail to emailYes Yes 
Phone rental optionsYes Yes
CRM integrations Higher tier plans onlyHigher tier plans only

Next steps

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