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Ooma vs. Vonage Business Phone System

VoIP phone services have been benefiting businesses of all types and sizes for several years now. They are saving companies hundreds on phone bills every year as well as unifying communications and boosting productivity. Today, there’s many reliable VoIP providers that offer high-quality services. It can be difficult to decide which is the best fit for your business.  Many decision-makers find themselves wondering which is the better choice: Ooma vs. Vonage?

Ooma and Vonage are well-known industry leaders in the business communication space. Overall, Ooma is best known for helping small businesses get as many communication features as possible on a small budget. Vonage is also known for helping small to medium sized businesses (SMB) on a budget. But they also have plans for larger/enterprise businesses and customization options.

360Connect is here to help you compare Ooma vs. Vonage. Take a look at the top highlights and features of each provider.

Ooma vs. Vonage Features

Both Ooma and Vonage pride themselves on offering tons of robust features for businesses on a small budget. However, the features they offer are slightly different. Comparing Ooma vs. Vonage’s features will help you decide whether or not each provider will be a good fit for your communication needs.

– Unlimited calling
– Low international rates
– 9-11 service
– 10+ call control features
Number porting
– 1 free toll-free number
– 500 minutes of inbound calls per month
Mobile App
Virtual Receptionist
– Ring Groups
– Hold & transfer music
– Extension dialing
– Virtual Extensions
– Voicemail
– Company Directory
– Call Logs
– One conference bridge per user
– Forward calls during outages
– Fax Online
– 7-Digit Dialing
– Intercom
– Simultaneous Ring
– Voicemail audio
– Email attachments
– Extension dialing to app
– SMS Messaging
– Call flip
– Unlimited calling
– Low international rates
– 9-11 service
– 10+ call control features
– Voicemail to email transcription
– Custom call tagging
– Hold music
Auto attendant 
– Directory assistance (411)
– “Find me, Follow me”
– Multiple device connectivity
– Unified inbox
Mobile app (included)
– SMS messaging
– Presence (status) setting
– Caller ID
– Caller ID Blocking
– Amazon Chime integration

Ooma vs. Vonage Integrations

As you can see, Ooma and Vonage offer very similar features. The main difference between the two providers’ features may be in the integrations they offer. Take a look at the difference in integrations offered from Ooma vs. Vonage.

– Salesforce
– Microsoft Dynamics 
– Zendesk
– Office 365
– G Suite
– Service Now
– Microsoft Dynamics CRM
– Microsoft Outlook
– Amazon Chime
– Salesforce
– Bullhorn
– Clio
– ConnectWise
– JobDiva
– Sugar CRM 
– Zoho
– Tenfold
– Google Contacts
– Quickbooks 
– Netsuite 

At a glance, it looks like Vonage offers more options in terms of integrations compared to Ooma. However, when contacting representatives from Ooma and Vonage, make sure to ask about your preferred applications and software to see if they can support them.

Note: Although Ooma offers more features, Vonage offers more integrations. Which will be a better fit for your business?

Ooma vs. Vonage Pricing & Plans

Both Ooma and Vonage offer competitive pricing and plans. However, Vonage offers a few more options for pricing tiers compared to Ooma. 

Ooma Office: 
$19.95 per user per month
Mobile only:
$19.99 per month
Ooma Office Pro:
$24.95 per user per month
$29.99 per month
Ooma Telo:
$100-$130 per device 
then no monthly charges after
$39.99 per month

Ooma’s pricing and plans are more like an “all-inclusive” deal. They have one “standard” plan that offers most business features you will need. There’s also a “pro” plan that has a few more advanced features. Compare this to Vonage, which has different features offered at each pricing tier. If you are looking to get the most amount of features for the lowest price, Ooma will be your best bet. If you are looking for a more customized plan, Vonage will be a better fit.

Also keep in mind that Ooma also offers a “Telo” device. This involves a one-time purchase followed by no monthly costs. If this seems like a better fit for your business needs, learn more about Ooma Telo here..

Call Quality

According to user reviews, both Ooma and Vonage have reliable audio quality. Although some users report dropped calls or latency issues, these issues are more attributable to low bandwidth than the providers’ reliability and quality. To learn more about the recommended bandwidth for your VoIP services, take a look at our bandwidth guide.

When speaking with Ooma and Vonage representatives, make sure to ask about their bandwidth recommendations. If your Internet bandwidth is lower than the recommended amount, your best bet is to upgrade your bandwidth before getting started.

Ooma vs. Vonage Customer Service & Tech Support

Both Ooma and Vonage offer comprehensive customer support systems. With each provider, customers have the option to seek service and/or technical support either online or over the phone.

Phone Support24/7M-F 8am-11pm EST
Live Chat FeatureYesNo
Online FAQ, Manuals, and other resourcesYesYes

Both providers have high customer service and satisfaction ratings. However, Vonage offers fewer support options and resources compared to Ooma. Additionally, according to research, Vonage has customer service call centers that are U.S. based while Ooma’s centers tend to be overseas.

Ooma vs. Vonage: Overall

When it comes down to it, Ooma and Vonage offer very similar subscriptions. They are neck-and-neck when it comes to features, pricing, customer service, and quality. However, their slight differences might make one a better option for you compared to the other. Overall, here is what we recommend to consider in terms of Ooma vs. Vonage:

Ooma is best for:

  • International calling: since they have lower rates
  • “All inclusive,” low-cost plans: since their lowest tiered plan has the most features and lowest cost compared to Vonage.
  • Mobile, on-the-go needs: since their mobile app is known for its ease-of-use.

Vonage is best for:

  • Integrations: since Vonage offers the most CRM, email, and other software integrations.
  • Customizable plans: Vonage offers more plan options with different features offered at each tier. 
  • In-person office needs: Since Vonage offers more features, communication and task management, and integrations with back-end systems.

Continue your Research

Want to do more research before getting in touch with VoIP suppliers? 360Connect is here to help! Take a look at our list of the top 5 business VoIP providers. Also consider comparing other reputable VoIP providers, such as Nextiva vs. RingCentral and Vonage vs. RingCentral. You also might consider Grasshopper’s VoIP system.

360Connect is also here to help! To get free competitive quotes from top VoIP providers that match your business needs, get in touch with us online.

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