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What is Mobile VoIP?

In today’s world, the way we communicate with one another is changing. We no longer need to rely on basic landline phones to make phone calls, since VoIP technology has allowed us to communicate in more flexible ways. More and more people are using mobile VoIP on their Internet-based devices to make phone calls, send video and text messages, and more.

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What is Mobile VoIP?

Mobile VoIP is a type of cloud-based VoIP system and usually a non-fixed solution. Just like a hosted VoIP system, it allows users to communicate conveniently using their Internet network. However, it also adds extra flexibility by allowing users to access their phone system using an Internet-based device (such as a smartphone) from anywhere that has an Internet signal. This is extremely convenient, as business leaders nowadays carry their smartphones, tablets, or similar devices almost everywhere they go! Mobile VoIP allows people to stay connected while on-the-go at all times. It also streamlines all communications under one platform, acting as an efficient unified communication system.

How does Mobile VoIP work?

Mobile VoIP is very easy to set up and use. All you need to install mobile VoIP is a device that has WiFi, a 3G or 4G network, hotspot connectivity, or similar type of Internet connection. For instance, you can use your iPhone, Android, or Windows device. Then, you can simply download the mobile VoIP onto your mobile device to make phone calls, exchange text messages, and conduct video calls using your Internet connection.

Luckily, as long as your device is connected to the Internet, you don’t have to worry about using up data on your device or paying extra charges for calls. Once you download the provider’s app, your calls are transmitted using the provider’s network. This means that you are only charged for the plan you have set up with your VoIP provider, and should incur no extra hidden fees.

What are the Mobile VoIP benefits?

Mobile VoIP is becoming a very popular phone system option for both businesses and residential users. That’s because it offers flexible, convenient communication options using devices that most people already own and use everyday. Take a look at just a handful of mobile VoIP’s many benefits:

Cost efficient

Like most cloud-based VoIP systems, mobile VoIP is one of the most cost effective phone systems on the market. This is partly because little to no hardware is needed to get started, which allows you to save hundreds on your overall phone system costs. It also enables very cheap or free long distance and international calling. Across the board, mobile VoIP solutions slash phone bills by streamlining all communication needs in one place.


More and more business professionals work remotely, communicate for business on-the-go, travel for work, or simply need to stay connected away from the desk. Mobile VoIP makes sense as a solution for so many people today because it cuts cords from phone systems. It allows you to transfer all your business communication needs to your mobile device, which can be carried with you anywhere.

Flexible features

Mobile VoIP does not just provide voice calling from your mobile device. When starting a mobile VoIP service, you can choose from dozens of the newest and latest communication features. For instance, mobile VoIP allows you to:

  • Send text messages
  • Engage in “live chat” with clients, customers, and co-workers
  • Conduct video calls and conference calls
  • Screen-share or file share
  • And more.

Avoid hidden costs

Why choose mobile VoIP over a traditional cell phone plan? Well, for one, you’ll save tons of money by avoiding common hidden costs that cause cell phone invoices to spike.  Mobile VoIP gives you more ways to communicate without charging you extra. For instance, take a look at some of these commonly included benefits when choosing mobile VoIP:

  • Anytime minutes
  • Long distance and international calls
  • Roaming charges

By using mobile VoIP, you can essentially make phone calls to anyone at any time, without the stress of tacking on dollars to your phone bills!

Scale communications

Mobile VoIP has been helping businesses scale their communications, creating a convenient and flexible communication toolbox. These days, expectations for communication are changing. Businesses now have tons of communication needs. Without scrapping communication systems and paying thousands of dollars for a new one, mobile VoIP lets employees take advantage of devices they already use. Overall, it helps them boost the quality and value of their communications. 

Which industries can benefit from mobile VoIP?

Since mobile VoIP is compatible with devices that people are already comfortable with using, such as iPhones and Androids, it’s a great fit for various industries. However, it is best for business leaders and individuals who need on-the-go communication. It is most popular among industries that utilize a remote workforce, travel often, or need to communicate with clients during flexible hours. Here are just a few industries that benefit greatly from using mobile VoIP solutions.


Healthcare professionals can greatly benefit from mobile VoIP. It allows doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to stay connected with patients and colleagues, whether they are in or out of the office. Nowadays, many doctors are expected to be reachable at any time in case of medical emergencies for their patients. Mobile VoIP allows them to accept calls from anywhere. It also helps them to connect with patients using different forms of communication, such as live chat, SMS messaging, and video calling.

Real Estate

Real estate agents are constantly on-the-go. Mobile VoIP helps agents to connect with potential buyers as they drive to properties, show properties to buyers, and more. It also provides real estate agents with convenient forms of communication, such as image sharing, SMS messaging, and video calling all in one platform. That way, agents can utilize multimedia communication and share photos, videos, and more to show off their real estate properties.


Construction workers and contractors are constantly moving to different job sites to complete their work. They are very rarely at a desk, but they still need to accept calls and communicate with clients and co-workers. Mobile VoIP allows them to easily carry a mobile device to different job sites so they can accept calls on the go, send photos and videos, and more.

Remote or traveling professionals

Remote work and travel are becoming more and more common in the business world today. Professionals all over the world are working from home, traveling to conferences and to meet with clients, or otherwise need to stay connected while on-the-go. Mobile VoIP is a seamless solution for any professional who needs to be away from the desk for work.

Who are the top mobile VoIP providers?

Since mobile VoIP is becoming such a popular communication tool, tons of VoIP providers are now offering it as a solution. Finding a mobile VoIP provider may seem simple, but you want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality VoIP solution to avoid issues like latency, poor reception, and overpaying. Take a look at some of the highest quality mobile VoIP providers, including Skype, Vonage, and Grasshopper.

Mobile VoIP providerFeaturesBest For
Vonage- CRM integration
- Call recording
- Visual voicemail
- Video conferencing
- Live chat
- File sharing
- Multi-device connectivity
Android and iOS
Skype for Business- Video conferencing
- Unlimited meetings
- Free meetings for non-users
- Screen sharing
- Instant messaging
- Outlook Integration
Video conferencing
Grasshopper- Team messaging
- Unified inbox for voicemail, texts, emails, and calls
- Voicemail transcription
- Hold music
- Custom greetings
Great customer service
AirCall- CRM integration
- Shared call inbox
- Sales funnel tracking
- Analytics
Sales & Marketing teams
Nextiva- Two months free when signing up
- Voicemail
- Device swapping
- Collaboration tools
- Video conferencing
- Status setting
- Instant messaging
- Screen sharing
Small to medium sized businesses

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