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6 Reasons You Need Pest Control Fleet Management

6 Reasons You Need Pest Control Fleet Management

Do you run a pest control service? Have trouble keeping track of your vehicles and equipment? Are you looking to cut costs on your transportation and provide better service to your customers? You’re not alone. Many companies are looking to reduce operating costs, practice better driver safety, and make better decisions when routing and tracking.

Fleet management for pest control is the best solution to the problems. The software and hardware of telematics can take your transportation and fleet to the next level. 

What is Fleet Management for Pest Control?

Fleet management is a broad term that can mean different things to different companies. Generally speaking, it is the use of hardware (such as GPS tech) and software to monitor the performance of your vehicles and workers. The intended goals are to cut costs, improve the customer experience, and better respond to jobs that require transportation.

Benefits of Pest Control Fleet Management

Better Routing

GPS fleet technology allows you to respond to service calls with better accuracy. You can give your drivers directions, move technicians to jobs and specific regions, and plan ahead. Fleet management it’s a great way to better interact with your drivers and keep jobs on schedule. Most fleet management can be housed within one software component. That includes routing of drivers, communicating with drivers, and special documentation.

Improved Customer Experience

Fleet management tools can help you improve customer service. They can make it easy to talk between customers and staff and provide accurate ETAs for service. If the service call is incomplete, most fleet management will allow you to catalog that within the system. You can also do other digital notetaking as well. While this feature is not included in every fleet management software, you will find it in the top brands.

Eliminate Vehicle Downtime

Fleet management technology can help keep your vehicles on the road. Almost all fleet management will allow you to set maintenance reminders for your vehicles. Most systems will allow you to log maintenance information for specific types of vehicles. You can even implement a maintenance checklist.

Monthly Subscription and Wholesale Purchase Options

What are you looking for GPS devices for an entire fleet or just one vehicle,  there is a wide range of options to choose from. You can use GPS technology on mobile applications or use physical hardware such as an ELD. Furthermore, you can pay monthly subscriptions for software or Hardware or by devices outright. Usually, it is a combination of all those pay structures. You could pay for a GPS device outright and then pay a license fee to use the fleet management software.

Theft Protection and Recovery

When it comes to keeping your fleet protected, GPS devices can be one of the best tools at your disposal.  You can track the location of your vehicles while on the job after hours. In the event that your vehicle is stolen or misplaced, you can then track that vehicle to a specific location. With geo-fencing, you can be notified instantly when someone misplaces a vehicle or asset. GPS service will often bundle vehicle and asset tracking together.

Save Money

GPS fleet management can help lower costs for companies. The software can generate reports around excessive idling, harsh braking, and other fuel-wasting activities. You can calculate the average amount of miles you are driving and see who your top performers are. Cut burdening costs and improve your safety at the same time.

Features of Pest Control Fleet Management

Live GPS Routing

Fleet management allows you to see up-to-date vehicle locations in real-time. This can help you stay on top of service calls, give directions to drivers, and give accurate ETAs for workers. Real-time GPS helps your business be flexible for whatever the day brings.

Scheduled Maintenance Reminders

Simple fleet management tools allow you to create maintenance reminders. Advanced programs can translate engine diagnostic trouble codes. At the top end of GPS technology, you can monitor engine failures around the clock. Essentially, you are able to enact preventive maintenance and keep your truck on the road. Even if you do break down, you can know exactly what's wrong with your vehicle.

Harsh Driving Alerts

Harsh driving can result in accidents, damaged goods, and even wasted gas. Fleet management software can track harsh driving and send alerts when they happen. You'll be able to monitor actions such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, collisions, and more. This can help you identify your best drivers and your drivers that need more education.

Time Tracking

Do you want to make it easier to track your employee time? If so, fleet management can help even pest control companies. Fleet management can start tracking through various means. For example, workers can log their time on the fleet management app, or you can record start times when the engine of your vehicle turns on. This will be dependent upon the system you use. Some GPS software will also allow you to integrate other third-party apps that manage time.

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Driving Performance Reports

Data is one of the most important keys to building a successful business. GPS technology allows you to track driver data and create reports. You can view things like average trip time, average service call times, and much more. If you want to know more about your business and optimize time, fleet management can help you do this.

Asset Tracking

GPS tracking technology isn't just for vehicles. You can also track assets or special equipment that you need for a job site. This can be as advanced as live tracking, or you can opt to have notifications sent to you when a device leaves a specific area. Asset tracking can help you manage your tool inventory and prevent theft from employees.

Price of GPS Fleet Management for Pest Control

The price of GPS fleet technology will be dependent on a couple of factors:

  • Size of fleet
  • Number of GPS devices
  • Software costs

Most GPS pricing is custom, but you can expect to spend $100-$700 for devices and set up gear. Some companies will charge a monthly fee for software usage as well. You can find full breakdowns of the top 5 fleet management software here:

Top 5 Best Fleet Management Companies: 2022 Guide

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