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What are the Different Types of Fleet Management Software?

For businesses who operate using commercial vehicles on a regular basis, finding a best type of fleet management software is crucial. When following best practices, fleet management software benefits business leaders by helping them efficiently track and manage the vehicles in their fleet. But the software also offers additional features and tools to help them boost productivity, optimize routes, cut driving time, stay up to date on fuel and maintenance needs, and much more. 

What are the different types of fleet management software available to businesses today? Explore the different types of software for commercial fleets, including web-based vs. cloud-based, as well as options for various industries and fleet sizes. 


Web-Based vs. Cloud-Based Fleet Management Software 

You might choose a type of fleet tracking software based on whether it is web-based or cloud-based. Your decision will mostly depend on where and how you prefer to track your fleet and get in contact with drivers.


Web-based GPS fleet management software allows business leaders to track vehicles in their fleet using a web browser. Normally, you can access the software using the Internet or by downloading software onto your computer. Web-based GPS software also often allows you to customize your settings to access important information quickly, as well as facilitate software updates. 

Choose a web-based GPS fleet management software if you track your fleet from your office or computer most of the time. 


Cloud-based GPS fleet management software allows you to track vehicles in your fleet from anywhere at any time. This software is mobile-friendly, so you can access the GPS software using mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. Normally, the GPS software provider offers a mobile app which can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices. This way, business leaders no longer have to have access to a desktop computer to communicate with drivers, locate vehicles, gain real time updates, and more.

Choose a cloud-based GPS fleet management software if you most often track your fleet and communicate with drivers from your mobile device or while on-the-go.

GPS Software By Industry

Another way to decide on a type of GPS fleet management software is to choose based on your industry. Different types of GPS software are often better than others for certain industries. For instance, a GPS fleet management software provider may offer a product that includes certain features and tools that assist your industry better compared to others. Consider the following types of GPS software based on your specific industry. 

1. GPS fleet management for Construction 

If you work in the construction industry, your priority is likely to keep track of your construction vehicles, teams, and equipment. You also may want to use the software to monitor safety and cell phone distractions, contact teams in real time, monitor fuel and mileage, and more.

Important toolsTop Providers for Construction 
-Live map 
-Asset and machinery tracking
-Fuel and mileage reports
-Communication tools
-Safety compliance and protocols 
-Vehicle cameras 
-Driver behavior reports
Verizon Connect 

2. GPS Fleet Management for Trucking and Car Companies 

You may want to find a type of GPS fleet management software that’s best suited to transportation companies, such as trucking and car services. When your vehicles are on the road most of the time, it’s important to choose a GPS software that helps you with everyday transportation needs. Look for features such as routine maintenance notifications, fuel and mileage reports, driver behavior monitoring, and real time driver communication. 

If you have a car service business, you may also want to prioritize driver to customer communication as well as live updates on wait times.

Important toolsTop Providers for Transportation 
-Live map 
-Status reports
-Instant communication
-Fuel and mileage reports
-Route optimization and tracking 
-Maintenance notifications 
-Driver behavior reports
-Trip inspections 
-Real time wait times 

3. GPS Fleet Management for Healthcare

If you are looking for a good GPS fleet management solution for your healthcare facility, you will likely have different priorities compared to other businesses. For instance, you may want the GPS software to integrate with mobile patient visit verification tools and mobile paperwork, take additional security and safety precautions, and track valuable healthcare equipment. 

Important toolsTop Providers for Healthcare
-Live map 
-Quick dispatch
-Equipment and asset tracking
-Instant communication
-Fuel and mileage reports
-Emergency route optimization
-Mobile check-in and paperwork
-Maintenance notifications 
-Driver behavior reports
-Security protocols
-Real time wait times 
-Mobile time-keeping 

By Fleet Size 

You may choose a type of GPS fleet tracking software based on the size of your fleet. For instance, if you are a small business and have just 1-5 vehicles in your fleet, your needs and tools will be much different than a fleet of 20-50 vehicles or even more.

1. Small fleets (1-5 vehicles)

Small businesses or local businesses might need GPS software designed to help small fleets. These types of businesses might need a simpler GPS software solution that helps them to deliver products around town, track equipment and assets, and monitor employees more closely. 

Examples of businesses that may have smaller fleets include HVAC companies, plumbing companies, towing companies, construction companies, food delivery services, and more.

2. Medium fleets (5-20 vehicles)

If you are managing a mid-size fleet, you’ll probably need more robust tools than a small or local business. Your vehicles may be travelling further distances, so you may want to look for software that provides mobile app tracking, fuel and mileage reports, vehicle health and maintenance reminders, and more.

3. Large and Enterprise fleets (20-50+ vehicles)

If you are managing a large fleet, your GPS fleet management needs will be more demanding than smaller fleets. For instance, you’ll need to monitor many different vehicles at any given time which means you’ll require tools that will provide additional oversight and management. Look for GPS software that includes robust features such as 360 degree location viewing, cost savings tools, route optimization, real-time ETA updates, reporting and analytics and more. 

Compare Types of GPS Fleet Management Software

To explore various top-rated software providers, take a look at our Top GPS Fleet Management Providers list from 2020.

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Get free quotes from up to 5 gps fleet management suppliers!
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