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Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Are you considering vehicle tracking solution ELDs for your fleet of vehicles? If so, these devices can be instrumental in improving your efficiency and business structure. They are relatively easy to use and implement with fleet tracking software for even more detailed analysis. If you operate a fleet of vehicles and are required to maintain records of duty then you most likely are required by law to have an ELD on your vehicle, unless you qualify for an exemption.

What is an ELD? (Electronic Logging Device)

An ELD is a small device that connects to the vehicle engine and records data in 60-minute intervals. It then takes this data and uploads it to a tablet or smartphone application. It will then be backed up on servers within the ELD software or in fleet management software. While not all ELD providers have fleet management software, most do or most fleet management companies sell ELDs.

The ELD records information such as:

  • When the vehicle starts
  • When the vehicle shuts off
  • The GPS location of the vehicle
  • The date of vehicle movement
  • Hours of operation
  • Miles traveled
  • Driver information
  • Vehicle information (make, model, etc.)

ELD Devices must be registered with the FMCSA, must be certified by the manufacturer, and conform to certain technical specifications laid out in the FMCSA Final Rule:

  • Integral syncing of the CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) engine with the ECM (electronic control module). This will enable the ELD to automatically capture when the engine starts, vehicle movement, miles driven, and hours of operation. (However, CMVs older than model year 2000 exempted).
  • Require automated recording of each change of duty status, at 60-minute intervals while CMV is in motion. An ELD must record when the engine turns on and turns off, and at the beginning and end of personal use and yard moves.
  • An ELD must be able to present a graph grid of the driver’s daily duty status changes either on a display or on a printout.
  • ‘‘Unassigned driving time/miles’’ warning provided upon login.
  • Must register “On-duty not driving”, when CMV has stopped for 5 consecutive minutes, and the driver has not responded to an ELD prompt within 1 minute. No other non-driver initiated status change is allowed.
  • ELD time must be synchronized to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), absolute deviation must not exceed 10 minutes at any point in time.
  • An ELD device must be able to complete one of the following:
    • Transfer data wirelessly via both web services and wireless email.
    • Transfer data through a wired USB 2.0 connection or Bluetooth
  • Both types of ELDs must be capable of displaying a standardized ELD data set to authorized safety officials via display or printout.
  • ELDs must not permit alteration or erasure of the original information collected concerning the driver’s ELD records or alteration of the source data streams used to provide that information. ELDs must support data integrity check functions.
  • An ELD must have the capability to monitor its compliance (engine connectivity, timing, positioning, etc.) for detectable malfunctions and data inconsistencies. ELD must record these occurrences.

What are the Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Solution ELD?

Not only does an ELD keep compliant with the regulations set forth by the FMCSA, but it can provide you with many benefits. The ELD will simplify your record keeping and keep your driving times accurate through tracking. Some of the most common benefits are:

Reduce Driver Fatigue

One of the best benefits of electronic logging devices is the ability to track driver hours. By law, drivers are allowed to drive only certain limits during a day and week. This is to keep everyone safe on the road. An ELD device combined with fleet management software keeps companies and drivers honest. Drivers won’t be overworked, but they can reach a maximum of about of hours in a given week. You can monitor all that from one console.

Integrate Multiple Feature with Fleet Tracking

An ELD combined with an extensive fleet management system can really do wonders for your fleet. These devices can help you see real-time GPS tracking, help automate your dispatch services, keep track of maintenance and engine troubles, and more. Fleet management software combined with an ELD can use third-party software giving you even more features. This will all be contained within the fleet management software for ease of you. However, not all fleet management software is the same.

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Save Time and Optimize

Logging driver hours manually is a nightmare. One of the most important benefits of a vehicle tracking solution ELD is that it records data automatically. You don’t have to scrub through endless reports. The information can all be stored in a spreadsheet that easily catalogs driver information. You can identify potential problems in your supply chains or identify bad driver behavior that is costing you money.

Support for Fuel Taxation

In combination with a fleet management solution, ELD can help you track and estimate fuel purchases. This data can then be used to help you pay off your taxes such as IFTA.

Vehicle Maintenance and Reporting

While electronic logging devices are not required to record vehicle performance such as braking, vehicle speed, maintenance checks, etc., many companies offer this through their ELD and fleet management platform. You can have simple reminders for timely maintenance or have an all-encompassing system that can pinpoint exact maintenance issues. Additionally, this can negate downtime, which can cost logistical companies thousands of dollars. Don’t let that be you. Invest in vehicle tracking solution ELD to better prepare your business.

Difference Between Fleet Management and ELD

An ELD is the device that will log the information of your commercial motor vehicle. This data can then be compiled to make sure companies and drivers are compliant with the law.

Fleet management software is a tool to take this data and do more. As a result, it helps you optimize your fleet. More companies are using fleet management software to improve their services and reduce costs. If you are looking to save the most money in the long run then a fleet management software system may be the right choice for you.

For instance, fleet management software may identify the best driver for a particular load in a given area based on their schedule. The software could help you automatically calculate fuel costs with fuel card integration.  Second, the system could help you pinpoint bad driver behavior. Thirdly, you can view a truck’s tracking in real-time to better estimate dropoff.

Price and Companies of Vehicle Tracking Solutions ELD

The FMCSA keeps a running list of all registered companies with ELDs. These are self-certified by the manufacturer, but the FMCSA does not endorse any particular manufacturer of electronic logging devices, so long as it meets the criteria.

Here are some of the top companies in the ELD space.

Device NameFeaturesFleet Management SoftwareCompanyPrice
Garmin eLog™- standalone device  
- FMCSA compliant  
- supports 9-pin J1939 and 6-pin J1708 diagnostic ports  
- comes with free app to log information  
- works with Garmin dēzl navigators 580, 780, and 785.
Yes, sold separately.Garmin$249.99 per device
KeepTruckin ELD- device operates records data into mobile application  
- automated trips matching  
-  two way messaging within ELD app  
- GPS location tracking  
- CSA score monitoring
Yes, can be bundled with ELDKeepTruckinCustom pricing based on needs.
Samsara ELD- built-in wifi hotspots  
- Samsara mobile application  
- Console to capture all data  
- location-based rulesets  
- certification of driver hours in mobile application
Yes, can be bundled with ELDSamsaraCustom pricing based on needs.
GPS Trackit ELD- real-time reporting  
- mobile application  
- custom alerts for industry
-specific situations  
- view all driver data in one console
Yes, can be bundle with ELDGPS TrackItCustom pricing based on needs

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Get free quotes from up to 5 gps fleet management suppliers!
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