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Is GPS Fleet Tracking for HVAC Companies Necessary

Is GPS Fleet Tracking for HVAC Companies Necessary?

Yes, GPS fleet tracking is vital for HVAC companies. They can provide your company with multiple benefits and features that cut costs and expand your business. Much like any transportation service, fleet tracking can play a significant role in boosting profits.

Key Points:

GPS can improve your dispatch services and streamline administrative tasks.
Fleet management has many benefits that can both improve your bottom dollar and customer experience.
Fleet tracking comes in both affordable and premium pricing.

What Exactly is GPS Fleet Technology?

GPS fleet technology is the ability to track your vehicles with an electronic device to improve your transportation skills. For example, you could install an ELD (electronic logging device) to track vehicle details such as:

  • Vehicle start/shut off time
  • GPS location of the vehicle (w/ real-time location)
  • Miles traveled
  • Driver information
  • And more!

Some GPS companies allow you to track your fleets with mobile applications or plug and play GPS devices. Although, these do not provide as accurate data as an ELD, they are feature-rich and are most easily adaptable to those outside of the transportation industry. Many companies will use a combination of GPS devices, mobile applications, and dash cams. This allows companies to track driver data and be prepared should a wreck happen.

Why would an HVAC Company Need GPS?

One of the main problems that large fleets encounter is wasted costs associated with travel and downtime. Drivers miss service jobs, fleet vehicles deteriorate, and companies are reactive instead of proactive. GPS fleet technology can change that. An HVAC company can use GPS fleet technology to:

  • Improve Driver Behavior
  • Track Vehicles and Route Vehicles Through Dispatch
  • Locate Missing Vehicles
  • Plan and Prepare for Maintenance Intervals

Essentially, GPS fleet tracking allows you to keep tabs on all of your vehicles. With the inclusion of mobile applications, GPS software is also becoming a vital tool for communication.

Features of GPS Fleet Tracking for HVAC Companies

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Downtime on your vehicles or equipment can cause massive losses. GPS trackers whether that be for your vehicles or equipment can help you stay on top of your maintenance. You can buy devices that will monitor your truck or have reminders sent to you for maintenance. This means HVAC companies can take a proactive role in keeping the trucks on the road. GPS companies will often bundle GPS equipment and vehicle tracking together saving you money in the long run.

Theft Recovery

When it comes to protecting your investments, GPS technology is one of the best ways to ensure your find your stolen property. You can track your equipment or vehicles in real-time or with geo-location data. For instance, you can know exactly when a piece of equipment has left a specific zone and be notified. From there, you could notify authorities to track down your stolen goods. Without this tool, tracking down your equipment becomes much harder or even impossible. GPS devices can be hidden or permanently placed should you need it.

Driver Reports

GPS fleet technology can allow you to monitor driver behavior. That means you can measure things like harsh braking, harsh acceleration, idle time, and more. This can help you save on fuel costs as well as encourage better driver behavior. You’ll also be able to institute better driving rules based on data to optimize safety and costs.

Better Routing and Dispatch

Many HVAC companies respond to service calls across multiple regions. Mismanaged dispatching can lead to skyrocketing costs. However, with GPS services you can properly route vehicles to specific calls to maximize performance. You can know exactly where your vehicles are and produce better estimates for arrival time to a job site. Essentially, not only are you able to cut costs but you are able to provide a better customer experience. You can also make routing changes as the day unfolds should you need to better optimize your fleet.

Timecard and Employee Mobile Application

Did you know that many GPS providers provide a mobile application for drivers? This application not only interacts with the GPS (or is the GPS itself), but can be used as a timecard for drivers? It is true! HVAC employees can “clock in” within the app making it easy to record work hours for employees. Furthermore, you’ll be able to check clock-out times with location data to make sure there is no time theft.

Reduce Fuel Waste

Lastly, GPS technology can help you reduce your fuel cost by better routing, cutting down on idling, and maximizing your fuel performance. While these costs may seem little, they can add up over time. Idling a work vehicle can cost you thousands of dollars over the course of the year. Even more so if you are routinely idling larger work vehicles with extra attachments or gear on them. Don’t let that be your company, save money with GPS fleet tracking for HVAC companies.

Multi-location GPS Monitoring

GPS fleet tracking technology makes it easy to track workers even across multiple locations. Your dispatch team will be using the same application among all members. Multi-location GPS systems can be helpful for businesses such as HVAC, pest control, logistic companies, delivery services, and more!

Dispatch crew will be able to call/assign work to service members as long as they are logged into the software application. You can assign dispatch crews to specific regions or manage dispatch in one central location. GPS technology makes it simple to track business no matter the location. Common benefits from multi-location GPS can include:

  • Succinct communication across all channels
  • Reduce missed service calls
  • Reduce administrative staff and tasks
  • Develop company-wide metrics for performance and safety
  • Scale your GPS technology as you grow
  • Minimize downtime between jobs
  • Provide a better customer service

Top Providers of GPS Fleet Tracking and Cost

According to Force by Mojio, you can expect pricing for GPS fleet technology to be anywhere from $0-$700. However, depending on your fleet the cost can go up to a couple of thousands of dollars. You’ll also want to account for prices to go up should you bundle GPS with dash cams or extra software. There can be a monthly fee for software usage as well, which can vary in pricing depending on features and how in-depth you need the service to be. Here are some of the top services for GPS fleet tracking as rated by Business News Daily and TechRadar

Samsara is one of the premier GPS suppliers in the United States. They offer a wide selection of GPS products and add-ons. You’ll find AI-powered dash cams, GPS trackers, equipment and trailer trackers, engine diagnostics, maintenance reminders, routing and dispatch software, and so much more! If you are looking for a GPS platform, Samsara is a one-stop shop for all your needs. While Samsara is one of the best in the business, they usually cater to large fleets of vehicles that need multiple tools at their disposal (think a logistics company).


Samsara offers custom pricing.


You can find out more about their services here.

Verizon Connect offers many of the same as Samsara with their own proprietary software. Verizon connect allows you to see your scheduling, job location, driver information, GPS tracking, and communication all in one location. Their software makes it easy to dispatch workers to services clients or emergency jobs. Information can be relied upon between the dispatcher and driver with ease through the Verizon driver app. For HVAC technicians, you can monitor how long a service call is taking or automatically send ETAs to customers. Workers are able to complete jobs easier with features like digital signatures and note taking. Workers can log photos and work notes right within the app streamlining your entire workflow.


Verizon Connect offers custom pricing and plans.


You can find out more about their services here.

Azuga is a leading provider of GPS equipment for HVAC companies because they understand what you need. They offer an entire range of telematics products and services for HVAC companies that include live map view, scheduled maintenance alerts, dispatch software, vehicle usage and operating cost reports, and more! Customers love Azuga for its reliability with over 1+ million devices on the market. Azuga’s GPS devices are simple and can be ready to operate in minutes. Furthermore, drivers can log trips, report timecards, communicate with dispatch, and more while on the job site. They even make it easy to reward good drivers by helping you incentivize certain driving behaviors.


Azuga offers custom pricing for services.


You can find out more information here.

While not as well-known as Samsara or Azuga, ATTI offers its customers many of the same robust features you will find elsewhere. Its GPS technology is simple, offering plug and play options with 10-second real-time updates. ATTI’s software generates 30+ automated reports to help you manage and sift through the data you will collect with your new devices. You can also use geofencing to monitor the location of vehicles and job sites. ATTI offers customers an affordable GPS device that can be useful for companies ranging from 1 to 100.


ATTI offers custom pricing for services.


You can find out more information here.

With a 4.1 rating on G2, Geotab has a lot to offer in its GPS fleet tracking services. Geotab can allow you to develop goal-based routing and plans, send ETAs, and offers a plug-and-play GPS device. Your workers will also have access to a mobile application that records driver data along with allowing communication between the driver and dispatch team. Geotab boasts a less than 1% device failure rate, collision detection, and reconstruction. You can bundle GPS and dashcams together should you choose to. Customers can choose from several different software options that can fit their needs whether that be worldwide or just based in the United States.


Geotab offers custom pricing.


You can learn more here.

 SamsaraVerizon ConnectAzugaATTIGeotab
Mobile Application
Dashcam Add-on 
Engine Monitoring✔ (diagnostic trouble codes)✔ (diagnostic trouble codes) 
Dispatch Services
Work Orders  
Preventive Maintenance Reminders
Plug & Play GPS 
Live GPS Reporting 
Geofence Alerts
Asset Tracking
3rd Party App Integration 
Driver Timesheets
Driver Data Collection
Digital Signature Storage   

Using GPS Fleet Tracking for Your HVAC Company

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