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Top 5 Time Clock Softwares in 2022

Many organizations use time clock software to monitor attendance and to offer more clarity to both employees and employers. And in the era of Covid, time clocks play a more vital role in running an efficient business than ever before. 

Whether you’re still using traditional punch cards or in need of an upgrade, check out these time clock software options to help make life easier for both you and your employees in 2022. 

Our top picks for the best Time Clock Software to get in 2022


Homebase is a cloud-based scheduling and time tracking solution that helps employers and employees organize schedules, timesheets, payroll, and more. 

  • Top performer in 2021


Replicon provides companies of all sizes with comprehensive-time management solutions. Improve profitability and productivity by identifying, analyzing, and optimizing the most important asset in your organization. 


Time and attendance tracking is streamlined with BambooHR’s automation features. Set automatic reminders, customize PTO policies, and more with BambooHR. 

Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is a free online employee time tracking software. The software includes an online time clock, payroll solutions, and easy scheduling.


7shifts helps companies improve efficiency with streamlined scheduling, time tracking, and reporting tools. With 7Shifts, you can manage time and attendance, reduce liability risks, and improve employee accountability. 

SoftwareFree TrialStarting PriceMobile App
Homebase14 Days$19.95 per monthYES
Replicon14 Days$60 per monthYES
BambooHR7 Days$4.95 per month (per employee)YES
Time Clock Wizard14 Days$14.95 per monthYES
7 Shifts14 Days$69.99 per monthYES
*Pricing as of 1/14/2022

Time Clock Software Features to Look For

time clock software features

In addition to selecting a time clock that allows you to easily track employee time, you should also look for other features that can improve your workflow or reduce your workload. We’ve listed a few of the things you should consider when choosing your software. 

The Basics

Time clock solutions typically come with features like PTO tracking, overtime calculations, and picture on punch, just to name a few. Ideally, when searching for a time clock solution, you should make a list of the most essential features that could help your business. But make sure to also ensure it supplies the necessities.


It can quickly become unproductive if the time clock software you select has a confusing and complicated interface. When choosing your company’s time clock software, user-friendliness is a factor to be considered. Even if a program has everything you need, if your team cannot master it, then it may not be right for your company. 

Payroll Integration

Finding employee time tracking software compatible with payroll solutions is essential since time tracking and payroll processing are intertwined.

How Much Will Time Clock Software Cost You in 2022?

time clock software price

Time clock software can be an affordable solution for most businesses if you're interested in getting your money's worth.]Companies of any size can get started with a basic system for $1,000 or less

  • Small Company:
    • The Basics: $500 to $750
    • Plus Payroll Integration: $2000 to $4000
  • Large Company: $10,000+

*Prices are monthly and vary depending on the number of employees.

Is pricing a big concern for your company? Check out this comprehensive breakdown of time clock software pricing. 

Paid vs Free Time Clock Software

While there are some pricey time clocks out there, there are plenty of free options as well. Are you thinking of implementing free time clock software to streamline your company's operations? Take a look at what you'll get and what you'll be missing out on.

Source: TimeClockWizard

The Pros and Cons of FREE Time Clock Software


  • Cost Saving: The biggest advantage of using a free time clock is that you don't have to invest any money. 
  • Basic Necessities: Free software may come with features like timesheets and a mobile-friendly option. 



  • Integration Restrictions: Payroll integration is typically not possible with free software. Having your time clock software seamlessly integrated with other programs reduces manual work and technical problems.
  • Security Issues: Advanced security features that keep reports and other vital information from being compromised are only available on paid plans. 
  • User Capacity: There is a limit on the number of users on the software, which is not ideal for growing companies. 
  • Employee Tracking Limitation: Most free time clocks have limitations on employee tracking for both remote and multi-location businesses. For example, Homebase’s free plan only covers 1 location. 

Top FREE Time Clock Software in 2022

If free time clock software is right for you, here are a few options:

  • ConnectTeam
  • Homebase

(Note: You may notice many of the options are among the software already mentioned, that’s because they offer a “free version” as well. This may be a good option for those wanting to test the system before committing.)

Benefits of Time Clock Software

time clock software benefits

There are several benefits to using time clock software in your business. When done correctly, it does not result in micromanagement or the suppression of creative thinking, but instead provides the following benefits: 

Increased Productivity

Employees can more easily identify which tasks take the longest if they track their time and the amount of time they spend on each one. It may also motivate employees to work more efficiently when they can see exactly how long they spent on each task.

If you’re still using an older time clock system at the end of the pay period you’ll need to manually collect time cards and enter data into your system. With time clock software you can increase your company’s productivity by automating the process.


Time clock software gives both employers and employees full transparency. Employees can more effectively manage their tasks with a full view of how long each is taking them, and managers will know when employees clock in and out. In turn, actionable insights can be gained that demonstrate where employees can improve their efficiency or need more training.


Throughout the workday, employees can be held responsible for their time. With the ability to see when employees clock in and out, each employee will be held accountable for completing their duties. In addition, the software can provide insight into where improvements can be made. 

Better Management

Having employees work from home, at the office, or another remote location is not uncommon in today's business environment. With time and attendance aids, like time clock software, you can easily keep track of employees whether in or out of the office.  

Time Clock Software in the Era of Covid

Covid19 has changed the way many businesses have always operated, and time clock software is one of them. Keeping track of employee attendance is crucial. Whether employees are working from home, or in the office, time clock software can ensure you’re managing all employees safely and efficiently. 

How to Find the Best Time Clock Software For Your Business

A simple Google search returns countless time clock software, but what’s right for other companies may not work for you. That’s where we step in. At 360Connect, we understand that the right time and attendance system can help streamline your business operations. By answering just a few questions, we can connect you with up to 5-time clock software providers. Get Started Today!

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Hopefully, this article will assist you in choosing the right Time Clock Software!

Get free quotes from up to 5 time and attendance software suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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