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Can Behavioral Health EMR Software Help Your Practice?

It can be challenging to understand precisely what behavioral health EMR software can do for your practice. Learn more about what behavioral health EMR software is, and how it can help your medical facility. 

1. What is Behavioral Health EMR Software?

A behavioral health EMR software is a custom EMR system for health professionals. Typically, many those in the health industry settle for a generic overall EMR system. However, for practices that specialize in behavioral health. There is an EMR software curated just for that. It can be challenging to differentiate between a normal EMR and Behavioral Health EMR, but the main difference will be in its specific features. 

2. Features of EMR Software

Behavioral Health EMR software features the same basic elements included in a normal EMR package, however, it’s focussed on solutions for therapists, counselors, and others related to that field. 

Features Include:

  • Patient Portal
  • E-Prescribing
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • And More

Specialized Features:

  • Compliance Tracking
  • Multi-Provider Practice Management
  • Improved Patient Care with a focus on Behavioral Health

Due to the ongoing pandemic, EMR software has never played a more significant role than today for those with behavioral issues. Due to isolation, many in the US have, or did, experience stress and loneliness. Motivating many to seek mental or behavioral help. With EMR software being online, medical practices could offer clients other telehealth services, such as video check-ins, in addition to providing clients with EMR software. 

EMR Software Solutions May Include:

  • Customizable Behavioral Health Communication
  • Behavioral Health Specific Tools and Templates
  • Integrated Behavioral Health Specific Patient Portals
  • Enhanced Services for Behavioral Health Patients Through Telehealth Services

4. Behavioral Health EMR Vendors

There are many EMR systems, software, and vendors to choose from. Below is a list of popular EMR systems used by medical practices:

Many practices utilize generic EMR systems and tailor their software based on their specific needs or ask vendors if they offer special packages. Make sure to ask your vendor if they have Behavioral Health software specifically.

In addition, the website SelectHub created a list of the top mental and behavioral health EMR/EHR Providers based on their research. For your ease of use, we’ve included the asset below.

5. Software Pricing for Behavioral Health

Software prices will remain relatively the same whether with behavioral health-specific features or not. When looking into the software, you’ll need to look at the features. That will determine the price range and what you’re receiving. Many EMR pricing guides will look like the example image below. You can see the price range, reviews, and not included in the picture are the features associated with the package. 

behavioral health emr
Source: Software Advice

Want to learn more about EMR Pricing? 

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Get free quotes from up to 5 medical software suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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