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What is Geofencing in Fleet Management

What is Geofencing in Fleet Management?

Fleet Management: This is the process of overseeing and directing your fleet of vehicles throughout the work day. It can be as simple as an employee keeping track of when delivery arrives at a destination. It can be as complex as a multi-faceted team tracking real-time locations of fleet vehicles, directing vehicles to new locations, and estimating delivery times hourly. The goal, no matter the structure, is to ensure that the fleet is at optimal performance and negating risks for drivers. View our full breakdown here:

What is Fleet Management Software?

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Geofencing: This is the process of using software, RFID or GPS, to make geographical boundaries and automatically notify a user when a device has entered or left the boundary. For instance, you could set up a boundary around a warehouse and be notified when a truck and trailer enter that location.

Knowing these terms is important for the purposes of this article.

The Role of Geofencing in Fleet Management

Many fleet managers will use a type of software to track their fleet and this software will use tools like geofencing. Geofencing in fleet management is common and most businesses take advantage of this tool. In fact, it’s one of the most important tools that fleet managers can use.

Geofencing comes in two forms:

Radial: These are simple and circular boundaries centered around a location.

Polygonal: These boundaries can take any shape and can cover a larger and more specific area, making them ideal for complex geographical regions. These make it easy to track fleet vehicles even in remote work locations.

With this in mind, fleet managers are able to create virtual barriers to know when drivers have reached a location. These virtual boundaries can be created anywhere, a warehouse, school, truck stop, and anywhere else you need. 

Benefits of Using Geofencing in Fleet Management

Enhanced Security

Geofencing in fleet management provides enhanced security by monitoring when trucks and trailers leave certain areas. This can help you protect against theft and be able to easily monitor all your assets. Combine this with other GPS technology, and it is much easier to find stolen items. Furthermore, geofencing makes it easy to track assets even when stored at remote job sites away from your home base. You can be automatically notified of any suspicious movements of assets. This allows you to move quickly and contact authorities.

Improved Efficiency

Geofencing allows you to better track where assets are going and how efficient drivers are and making deliveries. Fleet managers can then take this data and make estimates for jobs. With better efficiency and better estimation, profit margins can increase. You can also monitor how long drivers are staying at delivery spots and determine better protocols. Doing this can increase awareness about your expectations for drivers and staff.

Reduced Costs

One of the best ways for companies to increase profit margins is through cost reduction. Geofencing and fleet management can help companies ensure that drivers are taking the most efficient routes when it comes to deliveries. Moreover, managers can set clear expectations and receive detailed reports about driver effectiveness. This can help calculate fuel costs as well as ensure drivers are meeting quotas.

Compliance with Regulations

Long-haul truck drivers and other transportation workers are subject to special laws and regulations surrounding that industry. Geofencing in fleet management can help you track compliance with those regulations. You can track when drivers leave a site and when they arrive at another destination. That information can be automatically logged and your drivers can stay compliant with the laws.

Monitor Usage Afterhours

Your fleet probably isn’t staying on the road just from 9:00 to 5:00. A lot of the time fleets are running around the clock. Geofencing makes it easy to monitor that fleet even during after-hours. You can receive notifications around the clock I’ll win your fleet is making their deliveries. Importantly, this can prevent theft from unseen actors and prevent employee theft as well.

Implementing Geofencing in Fleet Management

As shown above, geofencing is a useful tool for fleet managers and drivers. However, there may be some trouble when it comes to implementing it right out of the gate.

Finding the Right Software

Finding the right software that allows you to use geofencing technology is critical to your success. The technology is often combined with other GPS technology to provide well-rounded GPS tracking. Some features you should consider when looking for geofencing software are:

  • Analytical tools
  • Combination with real-time tracking
  • Real-time alerts for mobile devices
  • Location visits and stop details
  • Average overtime
  • 3rd party integration
  • Combination with fuel tracking

Considerations when Setting up a Geofencing System

You'll want to ensure that you work together with your fleet management partner to make your transition smooth. You'll want to tackle problems such as setting up mobile applications geofencing technology or using some combination of eld devices and tracking. You will probably also want to integrate multiple forms of software and that transition can be hard without a guiding hand. That's why customer support is so important when it comes to choosing fleet management software or geofencing software.

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