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From Chaos to Control 7 Benefits of Managed Print Services

From Chaos to Control: 7 Benefits of Managed Print Services

Are your printers becoming more of a hassle than a benefit? You’re not alone, many companies are coming to see the limits of trying to manage their printing services by themselves. Even some of the best printers on the market can be challenging to operate and fix if you don’t have a dedicated team. Many companies are turning to managed print services to solve this issue and benefit from their services. This is due to multiple factors such as improved services and cost reduction. If you’d like to find out more, here’s a full breakdown of the most important benefits of managed print services that can affect your bottom line.

What are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed print services handle all of the duties associated with printers at a location. Companies pay a monthly fee to have their printers monitored and restocked by an MPS. Essentially, companies are outsourcing their print management needs for ease of use and security. These are great options for medium to large-sized businesses that are spending too much on their printing costs. For a full breakdown check out our full article here:

What are Managed Print Services?

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7 Benefits of Managed Print Services

Here are the key benefits that most businesses experience when using a managed print service.

Cost Savings

If you think buying a printer will save you money in the long run, think again. Buying a printer can cost you more than you think in the long term, rather than just leasing a copier or printer from a qualified MPS. A couple of ways managed print services include:

  • MPS suppliers can negotiate better deals on ink and toner. They can also sell these items in bulk at discounted prices.
  • Optimizing your print settings to use less ink and set parameters on when items can be printed in certain formats and colors.
  • Replacing old printers that require more power and ink to function.
  • Provide you with in-depth reporting about your printing needs. This can help you build estimates and eliminate wasteful printing.
  • Better monitoring and control costs than not regulating printing usage at all.
  • MPS can work with already-established printers.

Improved Efficiency

Most of the time, companies will buy a couple of printers for the office and call it done. When this happens, there is often inefficiency. Companies end up buying extra paper or spending money on a device they don’t really need. This key benefit of managed print services can help you in multiple ways such as:

  • Centralizing all of your printing in fewer devices. This enables you to reduce expenses on extra devices and paper.
  • Implement printing standards for documents.
  • Provide printing reports on effectiveness.
  • Reduce the workload in your IT department.
  • Outsource researching and implementing printing devices that you need. Your managed printing service can select the correct device and implement it into your system for you.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

You may not realize it, but ineffective printing techniques aren’t just hurting your dollar’s bottom line. They can also harm the planet by using more power and paper than is necessary. While this isn’t squarely on the shoulders of your business, you can still reduce your impact with help from a managed print service by:

  • Helping you to recycle old toner and ink cartridges.
  • Switching where optimal to use recycled paper.
  • Using better printing practices that are energy efficient.
  • Help reduce overall waste.

Better Print Security

It may be surprising, but printers are vulnerable weak points for many companies’ security. Companies tend to focus on access level, computer safety, and mobile phone security. All of these items are good, however, many IT departments either overlook or are not equipped to protect a business when it comes to printers. An MPS can help your team:

  • Implement print security policies and procedures.
  • Perform a security assessment of your printers.
  • Use a secure release method of printing.
  • Managing user access to devices with a keycard, key fob, or code.
  • Implementing access control measures.
  • Providing print auditing and reporting.
  • Monitor and update printers with the latest security measures.

Centralized Management and Troubleshooting

Instead of having your IT team scramble to try and fix a printer problem, they were never trained on, why not let a professional help? One of the most important benefits of managed print services is the ability for centralized management and help. This shows in a number of ways such as:

  • Providing remote monitoring of devices and ink levels.
  • Customer support with direct access to experts who work with printers like yours every day.
  • Help prevent printer jams and train staff on proper printer adjustments.
  • Automatic refills of supply.

Flexibility with Printing

With a managed print service, you aren't locked into one device or service forever, in fact, you can have the latest technology and craft an ecosystem that benefits your team. This may include:

  • Plan and estimate how many supplies you will need based on past printing volume.
  • Craft a customized solution that fits your company's needs.
  • Remove or upgrade printers when you need to.

Scale Much Easier (integration with other systems)

Lastly, if your company is going at a rapid pace, your printing needs may change from day to day. Instead of buying a device that will be obsolete for your needs in a year, partner with an MPS that can empower you with:

  • New devices and support.
  • Integrations with third-party systems.
  • Manage printing needs across multiple locations with in-depth reporting.

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