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What is Fleet Management Software?

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software, also known as GPS fleet tracking software, is a digital tool used by businesses to better manage and track the vehicles in their fleet as they are on-the-go. In addition to tracking commercial vehicles, GPS fleet tracking can be used to monitor workers and business assets, such as equipment, to ensure security. 


Note that there are different types of GPS fleet management software – including web-based or cloud-based. There are several benefits to using fleet management software, beyond just tracking vehicles. The software can also help business leaders:

  • Dispatch drivers more efficiently
  • Reduce travel time by locating optimal routes
  • Keep track of fuel and mileage
  • Get reminders about vehicle maintenance needs
  • Communicate with drivers and customers in real-time
  • Provide accurate wait times to customers
  • Optimize Fleet Performance
  • And more 

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Industry Uses and Benefits

Almost any business that uses a fleet of vehicles to operate on a regular basis can benefit from GPS fleet tracking software. When following best practices, GPS fleet management software helps businesses reduce costs, maintain better control and oversight over their fleet, and increase productivity and profits. 


GPS fleet management software is commonly used by transportation companies, such as trucking, public transportation, or car services. It can help companies accomplish quicker dispatch, find more efficient routes, stay in direct communication with drivers, locate drivers in real time, give customers more accurate wait times, improve fuel and  mileage management, and more.


GPS fleet tracking software may be used in healthcare for emergency crews, elderly care facilities, and other high-demand fields. For instance, emergency crews should use GPS software to ensure safe and quick transportation to the nearest emergency facility to help the patient as soon as possible. The software can help healthcare clinics find the best route and the nearest drivers to accomplish the job.


GPS fleet tracking helps construction companies track construction equipment. It can help them gain oversight over teams and vehicles at different projects and job sites. It can also help companies ensure the security of vehicles and expensive construction equipment as teams travel between projects. 

Plumbing and HVAC

For plumbing, HVAC, and similar companies, GPS fleet management software can help them reduce time spent traveling between projects. It can also allow companies to dispatch crew members to areas of demand, maintain real time communication with crew during projects, and help workers interact with customers more efficiently.  


Landscapers may use GPS fleet tracking to maximize the amount of projects they can accomplish in one day, as well as assign nearby workers to projects in their area. A landscaping company may also use the software to ensure their crew is on time, completing jobs promptly, and determine how long projects take. 

Educational facilities

Schools or universities may use GPS fleet tracking systems to keep track of school buses and other vehicles. This can help schools relay delays to parents, keep students safe, as well as locate vehicles during pickups and drop offs. Many large universities also use GPS tracking for intercampus buses and vans.

Art institutions

Art museums or institutions often use vehicles to transport expensive pieces of art and other assets between locations. As a result, it’s often important that they use GPS fleet tracking software to ensure safe delivery and keep track of these assets at all times. 

Food and beverage delivery

Many food and beverage delivery services use GPS fleet tracking to stay in the know of where drivers are at all times. It can also help companies provide more accurate times of arrival to customers, accept payments from customers, and find nearby drivers so shorten wait times for customers.

Features and Tools

Different GPS fleet tracking software providers will offer different features and tools. The features you need will depend on your industry and the way your business operates every day. For instance, do you need access to instant contact with your drivers? Do you need access to a mobile application to track your fleet on the go? Consider these top features and tools for GPS software so you can find the best system for your needs:

Real-time mapDisplay where all your vehicles are in real-time on an interactive map.
Your GPS Fleet Tracking Software should definitely include this.
Driver dispatchDispatch drivers with two-way communication between you and drivers.
Access information about closest vehicles in an area to serve more customers more quickly.
Maintenance notificationsGet instant notifications and reminders about maintenance needs and due dates for all vehicles in your fleet.
Oversee the health of each vehicle including mileage, fuel levels, inspections, engine check, fleet emissions, etc.
Vehicle health monitoring Oversee the health of each vehicle including mileage, fuel levels,
inspections, engine check, fleet emissions, idling, service history reports, etc.
Live communication systemUse communication tools, such as live messaging,
to stay in contact with the drivers of vehicles in your fleet.
Route optimizationFind the best and most efficient routes for drivers in real time
to cut down on driving times, fuel costs, and customer wait times. 
Field management toolsAllow drivers to contact customers, collect payments,
and log customer information while they visit different locations.
Driver behavior management Monitor driver behavior to maintain safety.
Oversee acceleration, harsh brakes, speeding, cell phone distraction,
idling, and more.
Automatic reportingGenerate automatic reports about vehicles in your fleet
including mileage, fuel, labor expense, and billing reports. 
Software integrationsIntegrate your GPS software with back-end software that you use on a regular basis. 
Location historyView location reports about where your vehicles have been during a given period of time.
Mobile appAccess the GPS tool and track your fleet while on-the-go
using your smartphone or other mobile device.
Technical supportGet immediate access to customer support tools
to help with technical issues with your GPS Fleet Management Software. 


How much does GPS fleet management software cost? Of course, the cost will depend on the software provider and their offerings. However, you can expect to pay, on average, anywhere from $14 to $50 per vehicle per month. More robust software may cost up to $200 per vehicle, but this is less common. Cost depends on factors such as:

  • Features and tools
  • Which GPS software provider you choose
  • The size of your fleet
  • Necessary hardware costs 
  • Contract length

Some GPS fleet management software providers may have a lower monthly cost but a length contract requirement. Make sure you pay attention to any contract stipulations and look out for any hidden or additional costs.

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Get free quotes from up to 5 gps fleet management suppliers!
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