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What is a Lead Calling Service?

Lead calling services often referred to as lead generation companies, is a telemarketing business that can acquire leads for a business, set up appointments for companies, and reach out to customers to see if they are interested in a product or service. Some lead calling services use cold calling techniques to find leads, while others use a variety of ways to garner leads online. Then, they will take those leads and either send them to your sales reps or schedule a time for you to talk with a potential client.

Most lead calling services are a combination of outbound and inbound strategies to attract customers to your brand. It is a form of telemarketing, although many companies do more than just cold calling. Many businesses employ lead calling services to verify leads and save time searching for new customers.

Inbound Services:

  • SEO Blog or Pages
  • High Ranking Website
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Social Media Posts or Advertising

Outbound services may include:

  • Cold Calling
  • Lead Calling and Verification
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Telemarketing

For example, at 360Connect we use a combination of inbound marketing techniques to find qualified buyers. From there, we’ll then talk to a prospective buyer to get some information on them and make sure they are interested. Once that is done, we would then send the lead to a member of your sales team.

Who Benefits from Lead Calling Services?

Companies that are looking to grow their business and have a well-established sales team will greatly benefit from a lead calling service. Lead calling services can optimize your marketing, improve your revenue, and reach new markets. Both small and large companies can take advantage of a lead calling service. Lead calling services can be a great way to expand your brand be on your own marketing services.

According to a study in the Harvard Business Review, to return online leads most companies responded around 42 hours after the lead entered that company’s system. Furthermore, data revealed in another study, showcased that companies who called within the first hour were 60 times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a client than those who waited past 24hrs.

Using a lead calling service even just to contact customers and schedule a discussion with a sales client is going to improve your sales figures. Using a lead calling service can help you act fast and be prepared for today’s market.

Features of Lead Calling Service

Lead Verification

One of the best features of lead calling services is lead verification. However, “lead verification” can depend on company to company what verification means. It could mean that a customer filled out a form online, and that company called to verify it was a real number. On the other hand, another company may call a potential lead to verify what they need, their interests, their name, and their location. After that, they will send a lead out to their suppliers.

In-Depth Analytics

Because lead calling services are extensions of marketing, many require data to target customers. Lead calling services can provide you with in-depth analytics about your industry. Many services can provide you with reports dealing with lead conversions, high volume call times, campaign effectiveness, and more. With these data tools, you can empower your sales team to close more deals at faster rates.

3rd Party App and CRM Integrations

Companies may be interested in a lead generation service but are hesitant due to the software they have in place. It may feel like a “walled-in-garden.” On the contrary, many lead calling services will either supply you a supplier portal to house all your leads or they will allow integration with 3rd Party Apps or CRMs such as:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • ZOHO
  • And more!

Not all companies offer this feature, but many do. Not only do you save time, but it won’t disrupt your daily activities implementing a new system.

Wide Industry Use

Do you think that another company wouldn’t be able to market your services because they aren’t familiar with your industry? If so, think again. Lead calling services work with a wide variety of industries. From medical billing to storage units, most lead calling companies can work within your industry. Many companies also hire experts from different industries to better understand them. Most likely, you’ll meet with the lead generation company to explain your industry and identify your niche market. From there, they’ll develop a strategy based on your needs and their data tools.

Sale Scripts Based on Your Needs

Lead calling services oftentimes develop a script to follow when contacting potential customers. You’ll work in tandem with them to develop a script that is focusing on your campaign needs. Using this script, the company will identify the needs and features of the buyer. From there, they’ll send you the information to convert the customer.

Appointment Setting

Some lead calling services will automatically set up an appointment between you and the client. This appointment could be for an in-person visit, a phone call, or video chat.

Mystery Shop

One of the more clever features that you’ll find with lead calling services is the ability to conduct a mystery shop. A mystery shop is when a company sends a fake lead to a sales team to monitor response time and other factors. Managers love this feature because it gives them an in-depth look at how their organization operates. Moreover, companies can adjust tactics and identify problems before they happen in the future.

Benefits of Lead Calling Service

Automate & Save Time

Do you want to save time and only target certified leads that you know want to do business with you? If so, a lead calling company is a perfect fit for you. They can help your sales team find customers and automate the calling process. In fact, some lead generation companies will handle all the marketing tools for a certain brand. Companies then only need worry about their sales team and producing great products. This is also a great option for companies looking to grow, but don’t want to invest in hiring and training new staff.

Improve and Expand Market

If you're looking to improve your marketing or target new clients than your current prospects, a lead calling service can help. One of the best benefits of lead calling services is they can help you navigate new locations and prospective clients. You'll have several people working solely on generating leads for your business. Think about the new markets you could break into if you had someone dedicated to funneling customers into your business.

Generate Higher Profits

Many companies will market to customers who are not interested. Many companies waste precious man-hours on trying to find new leads. Don't settle for that. A lead calling company can help you generate higher profits with leads that are interested in what you offer. You'll be able to close deals faster and stop wasting time.

Scale Other Parts of Your Business

Many companies are torn between hiring more marketing staff or more sales staff. Why not have the best of both worlds? A lead calling service gives you that opportunity. You'll be able to expand your marketing while still investing in other parts of your business.

Pricing for Lead Calling Services

Most lead calling services will provide you with a custom quote when it comes to using their services. Some companies charge a flat rate per month based on hours, with an additional cost if you go over a certain amount. Other companies will charge per lead per month.

A per month rate means that you could theoretically be charged no matter how many leads you receive. A per lead rate will mean that your pricing per month can fluctuate depending on how many leads you get.

You can expect an average flat rate of about $25-$50 per hour or $30-$60 per lead according to Cost Owl.

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