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How 360Connect's True Intent Leads Fit Into Your Marketing Program

360 Connect Introduces Prospects to Your Brand

The majority of your target prospects don't know about your brand, and that's where we step in. 360Connect's marketing program introduces new customers to your brand consistently by sourcing true-intent prospects.

We connect you with prospects requesting quotes, so you can focus your time on closing new business.

How We Do It

Lead Generation

We source true-intent prospects as they’re searching using a variety of methods including PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Outbound Campaigns.

Information Collection

The buyer is directed to our webpage & fills out our quote form, answering questions about their need for your particular product or service.

Verification Process

We use advanced tools, like predictive lead-scoring algorithms & phone verification, to immediately verify buyer information within 5 minutes.

Match & Deliver Leads

If the verified lead matches your needs, we send it directly to your sales team & up to 4 of our other clients via email or an integrated CRM system.

Find potential customers targeted to your business needs.

Why We're Different

One thing to be aware of is how 360Connect leads differ from other leads. Let’s get one thing clear, compared to internal marketing leads, ours will not be easy to work with. And for good reason. Internal marketing leads are familiar with your business or are repeat buyers. We are not looking to get you repeat buyers. Instead, we are constantly aiming to provide you with fresh new leads by educating them on your brand. Which takes more work on your part when converting, but results in higher revenue. On the other side of the spectrum, 360 leads will not be as difficult to work with as cold calling or telemarketing leads. These are leads that may not have any purchase intent and will be harder to sell to. Our leads are going to be almost as easy to work with as your branded leads.

360Connect leads are prospects that have raised their hand online actively looking for quotes on products and services your company sells. They just do not know who you are yet.

360Connect Leads vs. Others


  • Web search leads that have purchase intent, but don’t know your brand
  • Must educate about your brand before selling

Internal Marketing

  • Referrals & repeat buyers; know your brand
  • Branded website leads

Telemarketing or Cold Calling

  • Unaware of your brand, low purchase intent
  • Like looking for a needle in a haystack
  • Low contact rate and closing rate

What Differentiates Us From Our Competitors

We pride ourselves in our quality of providing true intent leads. We have a highly sophisticated algorithm looking at a quality score for every lead. We ensure every lead meets our high-quality standards before sending it to our customers.

We practice what we preach. We know contact rate is highly dependent on call response times, just as we want our suppliers to call the lead within 5 minutes of receiving it, our call center is held to following the same standard. This enables us to have a great contact rate as well.

We have a team of dedicated account managers who are “Focused on your Success”, we offer best practices training for sales reps, and help make data-driven decisions to ensure every customer is maximizing their return on investment.

Marketing is hard, but we help make things easy by providing high-quality leads which brings a new steady stream of business to our customers.

We do not charge for doing the work to set up an integration where the leads can be delivered directly to our customers' CRM’s. Because we feel that this is the best way for our customers to be set up for success fostering timeliness, accurate tracking information, and organization.

Want a steady stream of qualified prospects for your sales team?

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The Revenue Equation

This is a partnership. And as a partnership it will take both 360Connect and your business working together to gain revenue growth using The Revenue Equation.

Quality Leads


  • Quote request by phone, email, online form for products or services you sell
  • Geo specific to the area you service


Sales Excellence

(Your Sales Process)

  • Calling Fast
  • Calling Often
  • Tracking your progress
  • Nurturing


Revenue Growth

  • Is the program paying for itself?

What is the Revenue Equation?

360Connect is the marketing part of the Quality Leads equation. This includes ensuring we are delivering leads that are looking for quotes on the product or service you sell and within the geographic area you cover. You are the Sales Excellence part of the equation. You need to be calling fast and often, tracking your progress, and nurturing those buyers in order for the program to work. In other words, we can send great leads, and provide amazing opportunities for your business, but if the lead isn’t followed up with promptly, you’re not holding up your end of the partnership and the program will not work.

It takes the two of us to achieve the goal of closing deals and seeing Revenue Growth.

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