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Top 8 Medical Billing Software Choices in 2022

It’s hard to run a medical practice these days without a great medical billing software. If medical practices choose not to use an outsourced medical billing and coding service to manage revenue for them, they almost have to use a medical billing software in order to manage patient payments and submit insurance claims. So this begs the question: what are the top medical billing software options in 2022?

The truth is, there are tons of medical software options on the market today, so it can be difficult to determine which is best for your practice. If you are a small/independent medical practice, you likely want to find a software well-suited for small practices. Maybe your practice needs a great Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, or maybe you need a more comprehensive, all-in-one practice management platform

Whatever your needs are – we can help! Don’t miss our list of the top 8 medical billing software options in 2022, including features, best-suited practice sizes, pricing, and more.

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1. Epic

Epic provides a cloud-based medical software designed to help a multitude of practice types and sizes. Their software offers complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) functionality with built-in EHR, medical billing and coding, patient management tools, and much more.

One huge benefit of using Epic software is that it is customizable based on your medical specialty. You can build organized “modules” and customize your dashboard to boost workflow and productivity based on your practice’s needs.

Epic also conveniently offers telehealth compatibility for practices shifting to a digital model in 2022 and beyond. The software is cloud-based, so it can be accessed by multiple devices from just about anywhere. Learn more about Epic software.

Key FeaturesAppointment setting
Billing and coding
Clinical workflow templates
Lab test integrations
Reporting and analytics 
PricingNot listed online. 
Pricing will depend on your practice size.
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Small to midsize
Software TypeRCM, including EHR and billing
Cloud-based, includes web app

2. CureMD

CureMD is a top-rated company that offers medical solutions such as medical billing software as well as services. They offer a wide range of medical software solutions for practices of all types and sizes. Based on your needs, you can choose between full practice management software, EHR, medical billing, or an all-in-one solution that includes all three solutions. You can also outsource your billing needs to CureMD if you’re looking to focus on operations more closely in-house.

CureMD medical software is a good choice if your practice is looking for a customizable, flexible option. This is because CureMD allows you to choose which functionality you’re looking for so that you are purchasing the best fit for your practice’s needs.

Key FeaturesPatient portal
Automated appointment setting
Insurance eligibility check
KPI dashboard
Online instant messaging 
Reporting and analytics 
PricingStarting at $195 per user per month
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Small, mid-size, and large (all)
Software TypePractice management, EHR, medical billing, or all-in-one
Cloud-based, includes web and mobile app

3. Kareo

Kareo is one of the top medical billing software providers in the market today. They offer both medical billing software, which handles the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process, as well as outsourced medical billing services. Kareo is a great choice if you are looking for software to effectively manage your billing process.

Kareo’s medical billing software is cloud-based, so dashboards can be accessed via any internet-connected device. Their software offerings include both medical billing and coding as well as EHR, and they also offer additional helpful tools such as telehealth integrations, patient portal, and built-in payment collection tools. Take a look at Kareo’s supported industries to see if the software might be a good fit for your particular practice.

Key FeaturesBilling dashboard
Eligibility check
Insurance enrollment
Claims submission and management
Denial management
Payment posting 
Patient statements 
Custom dashboards
Appointment scheduling
Patient portal
PricingNot listed online.
Custom quotes only based on practice size.
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Small, mid-size, and large (all)
Software TypeRevenue cycle management and medical billing, EHR,
Cloud-based, includes web and mobile app

4. NextGen

NextGen is another top medical billing software provider that helps practices completely automate their billing processes. They offer both revenue cycle management software as well as EHR software. NextGen is well equipped to help both small practices and large healthcare and multi-speciality facilities, such as hospitals. They have a long list of supported specialties, so you’ll likely find that they can support your specific practice.

NextGen is a flexible cloud-based or web-based solution, but keep in mind that they may not support Apple products in web-based formats.

Key FeaturesScheduling tools
Patient portal
Claims submission manager
Patient collections tools
PricingStarting at about $449 per user per monthdepending on practice size and software solution.
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Small, mid-size, and large (all)
Software TypeRevenue cycle management and EHR
Cloud-based or web-based

5. Medisoft

Medisoft is another cloud-based, mobile friendly medical billing software. It’s a very popular medical software solution since it offers very affordable pricing while providing robust features and tools.

Medisoft is a great solution for practices looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one billing software to run billing in-house. In addition to billing, Medisoft also offers EMR, EHR, and appointment scheduling. This makes them one of the best values on the market when it comes to medical software!

Key FeaturesClinical EMR
Appointment setting
Electronic claims submission manager
Automated billing
Reimbursement tracking
Patient eligibility checks
Customizable modules
PricingStarting at $49 per user per month, depending on practice size 
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Small, mid-size, and large (all)
Software TypeRevenue cycle management and EHR
Cloud-based, mobile-friendly 

6. NueMD

NueMD is another all-in-one medical management software platform for healthcare practices in a variety of specialties. Their practice management software includes medical billing, patient registration, reimbursement management, patient statements, reporting and analytics, claim scrubbing, and more. 

With NueMD, you can customize your own software platform based on your practice’s needs. Or you can choose from one of their “preconfigured bundles” to make it easier. NueMD offers additional unique features for healthcare practices such as telemedicine compatibility, reputation management, mobile billing, and more. They are one of the more affordable medical billing software options on the market today.

Key FeaturesEHR
Patient portal
Mobile billing
Medical scheduling
Claims scrubbing
PricingStarting at $99 per month per user
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Best for small to midsize practices
Software TypeRevenue cycle management and EHR
Cloud-based, mobile-friendly 

7. AthenaHeath

AthenaHealth offers “AthenaCollector” medical billing software, which is designed to help practices efficiently collect patient balances timely and in-full. They also offer “AthenaOne” which is an all-in-one practice management solution if you are looking for a more comprehensive platform.

AthenaHealth medical billing software is available on multiple mobile devices, including iOS and Android. They’re well equipped to serve any size business with customizable solutions, and also have a few unique offerings such as population health and telehealth platforms. 

Key FeaturesClaims management
Revenue cycle dashboard
Patient check in
Appointment scheduling
Performance reporting
Medical coding 

PricingNot available online.
Pricing depends on practice size among other factors.
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Small, midsize, large (all)
Software TypePractice management, EHR, care coordination 
Cloud-based, mobile-friendly 

8. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD offers one of the most robust software for medical billing, practice management, ER, patient experience, and more. With practice management software, you can manage your entire billing process and keep it centralized to oversee the process more efficiently. They also have a built-in clearinghouse, so you can easily submit claims and get paid quicker.

AdvancedMD also has smart dashboard and smart scheduling tools, making healthcare administrators' lives so much easier. Patients can access the AdvancedMD portal to view their balances, visit summaries, directly message healthcare clinics, and more.

Key FeaturesClaims management
Integrated clearinghouse
Patient payment platform
Medical scheduling
Payment processing
A/R control center
Cloud-based medical billing
Data and analytics
PricingStarting at $429 per provider per month
Practice Size(s) Accommodated Small, midsize, large (all)
Software TypePractice management, EHR, medical billing and coding
Cloud-based, mobile-friendly 

Additional Resources and Prices

If you are looking to outsource medical billing rather than keep managing it in-house, you might want to know how much a medical billing service costs or how to choose the best medical billing company.

To further explore software options, make sure you understand EHR vs. EMR. remember that you can also look into medical scheduling software, which exclusively helps with appointment scheduling and automation. 

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