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Top 10 Managed Print Services Companies

Top 10 Managed Print Services Companies

Managed print services provide a wide array of services for different types of businesses. Essentially, these companies handle the entire printing services a company or institution may need. They do this by first conducting an assessment, making recommendations on devices and print volume, and then handling that for a business. This may come in the form of handling all of their printing needs or handling specific tasks. Most companies employ these types of services to cut costs and supervise printing needs. For a full breakdown of managed print services, check out our guide here:

What are Managed Print Services?

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However, finding the right managed print service company can be a large task. With much of the world becoming digital common print services are more niche and need to fit different types of requests. Use this guide to narrow your search and find the right company for you.

Editor’s Note: 360Connect does contain a relationship with some of the providers on the list.

Top 10 Managed Print Services

  1. HP Managed Print Services
  2. Xerox Managed Print Services
  3. Brothers Managed Print Services
  4. Canon Managed Print Services
  5. EPSON Managed Print Services
  6. Ricoh Managed Print Services
  8. Titan Office Solutions
  9. Toshiba Managed Print Services
  10. Kyocera Document Solutions

HP Managed Print Services

HP is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to printing. They offer a wide range of products and services for businesses. HP has adapted to the new normal with work-from-home and hybrid work environments. They try to provide services that will empower companies whether they are in the office full-time or only partially. Some of the key features that companies can take advantage of are:

  • Cloud-based printing (for remote workers)
  • Strong security features with threat detection and automated monitoring
  • Flexible printing options
  • Automatic toner replacement
  • Carbon-neutral printing
  • Onboarding support
  • Risk and print assessment
  • Device shipment to home address
  • Optimization tools with proprietary software
  • Financing and leasing options available

HP is in over 170 countries and has 35+ years of experience doing business. If you’re a large company with a multifaceted workforce, HP may be the brand for you.

Cost: Custom pricing based on your company size, needs, and services.

Xerox Managed Print Services

Xerox is another well-known brand specifically targeted at business printing needs. They also have the experience and tools to help businesses with their printing needs. Xerox offers many of the same printing services as HP and others on this list. On their website, they break down their services into five main categories.

  • Security:

Up-to-date compliance with automatic monitoring and print authorization structures.

  • Cloud printing:

Public/private/hybrid options are available for companies and public institutions. All of this is managed in the cloud.

  • Analytics:

Detailed analytics identifying heavy printing, device utilization, and sustainability practices. These analytics are designed to cut costs and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Digitization:

Automating processes everywhere and enabling teams to have access to printing remotely. Create customized workflows to speed up time and processes.

  • Sustainability:

Optimizing printer efficiency and reduction to reduce carbon footprint.

Xerox’s Managed Print Services are renowned for their customization capabilities. They routinely deliver on promises to make companies more efficient and offer a wide selection of robust printers.

Cost: Custom pricing

Brother Managed Print Services

Brother managed print services take a “one size does not fit all approach.” They provide truly customized managed print services for companies. What separates Brother is that they work with a collaboration of partners and can pull resources from those different partners. They can find the exact machines you need and usually can service your area quickly. They can handle things like deployment, supply chain issues, and customer support much more efficiently because of these partnerships. Brothers includes your basic managed print services such as assessment, designing a plan, implementing that plan, and support. Some of the tools that businesses may find helpful are:

  • Automated meter reads which provide predictive forecasting of printing needs
  • Cost tracking and recovery for device usage
  • Custom user interfaces
  • Data collection tool
  • Supply management and discounted pricing
  • Email alert for printer status, support requests, and more
  • Security measures like authentication, secure print release, and ID card reader
  • Remote access and configuration

Their services are backed by numerous successful case studies and satisfied client testimonials. Brother also works with some of the biggest companies and services single stores to multi-location conglomerates.

Cost: Custom pricing

Canon Managed Print Services

Canon may be well known for its cameras, but that’s not all they do! They are one of the leading providers of managed printing services. They offer services such as fleet monitoring, client reporting, help desk support, maintenance, and supply management to ensure continuous improvement and maximum savings. Cannon does this in a multitude of ways and offers many different services, some of which include:

  • Managed document services
  • A comprehensive review of the document process to analyze current waste.
  • Offering client print-to-mail production process integration with CRM, ERP, and SCM digital workflow
  • Multi-channel communication of printing
  • And more

Through strategic print and copy management, Canon’s services strive to increase productivity, improve document security, promote sustainability, and lower operational costs for enterprises.

Cost: Custom pricing

EPSON Managed Print Services

Epson is included in this list not because they are like other managed print services. In fact, they work very differently than the others on this list. Instead of taking over all of your printing services, they will help you install tools to manage your printing needs with other software providers. Essentially, it’s a halfway point to being given the tools to manage all of your devices but still working with better data and improved services. This includes services and applications such as:

  • Epson Remote Service: this allows you to diagnose issues customer service needs, perform remote operations, generate alerts, and more
  • Epson Print Admin: manage print costs and productivity as well as security tasks
  • Epson Device Admin: installation software to make integrate ESPON printers and usage reporting
  • Epson Open Platform: Allows customers to download 3rd party software to run their printers

Epson works with many 3rd party companies to ensure quality while keeping control in your hands. If you’re looking for a system that you are still fully in control of but has added benefits, this may be the company for you.

Cost: Custom pricing

Ricoh Managed Print Services

Another established printing player, Ricoh, provides its customers with a reliable service from a trusted brand. They provide solutions that align with modern workflows and integrate with digital platforms. Their methodology is simple and splits into three main ideas:

  • Foundation:

Establish printing procedures and manage the printing environment.

  • Organizational:

Enhance productivity, provide security, and assist with print adoption.

  • Transformational:

Optimize print infrastructure, provide actionable data, and provide a full digital strategy.

Ricoh achieves this through a multitude of tools such as:

  • Scalable managed print services with a subscription business model
  • Analytics on your device’s usage and printing styles
  • Enterprise consulting along with printing security
  • Mobile and cloud printing tools

Ricoh has been one of the top-managed print services companies for a reason. They have the IT, physical hardware, and expert staff to handle large organizations.

Cost: custom pricing


OFFICECORP handles printing needs in areas such as Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Fort Worth, and more. They are used to handling large markets with vastly different printing needs.  OFFICECORP's Managed Print Services excel in delivering scalable solutions. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, OFFICECORP can cater to your printing needs. They can help you with tasks such as:

  • Keeping toner stocked and ready for use
  • Repair requests
  • Optimizing printing devices and scaling your solutions
  • Export support
  • A vast array of printers to choose from

While OFFICECORP may be a smaller company than others on this list, they still have a ton to offer customers and a personalized approach.

Cost: custom pricing

Titan Office Solutions

Titan Office Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of Managed Print Services. They offer both outright purchasing of devices and managed print services for companies. While they do not sell their own brand of copiers or printers, they do have access to top brands such as Xerox, Kyocera, and Canon. They handle your simple managed print services such as:

  • Toner replacement
  • Copier maintenance and repair
  • Certified technicians
  • Expert customer support
  • Vast selection of copiers and printers

Titan Office Solutions give you a ton of flexibility regarding how you want to solve your printing needs. Whether that's through managing print services or buying some devices outright.

Cost: custom pricing

Toshiba Managed Print Services

Toshiba Managed Print Services offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to boost efficiency and productivity while decreasing expenses and environmental impact. What makes them different than others? A couple of things:

Holistic Approach: With the aim of saving time and money, Toshiba's managed print specialists collaborate with you to safeguard your data, reduce environmental impact, maximize print assets, and get insight into device performance.

Single Point of Accountability: Need supplies, services, or repairs across different devices? Don't worry, just contact your Toshiba representative and you are good to go.

Savings: With Toshiba's PageSmart program, you only pay for what you use.

Efficient Expense and Time Management: You only pay for what you use, which means there are no extra supplies to store. They also simplify procurement, budgeting, delivery, and service to your entire fleet.

You'll also gain access to their other services such as security protections, assessments, and carbon-neutral planning. Toshiba makes it easy for companies to be agile with their printing needs. With over 20 years in the business, Toshiba knows all the top brands and can help with your printing needs, no matter the device.

Cost: custom pricing

Kyocera Document Solutions

Kyocera isn't just one of the best manufacturers of printers, they also offer one of the best-managed print & copier services companies you will find. While they do not handle all aspects of managed print services like others on this list, they help with print management with specific tools. Mainly those tools include some of the following:

  • Cloud printing and data optimization
  • Managed IT solutions
  • Cybersecurity protections
  • Document management systems
  • Enterprise-level content management systems

So, what does this really mean for your business? You'll get access to one of the best printing machine providers and access to proprietary tools and help to manage those devices. They've been helping customers since 1934 and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Cost: custom pricing

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