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The Top 10 Business Access Control Systems

Access Control systems are a workplace staple today, providing a must-have technology for all types of industries, from corporate offices to airports to restaurants, and many more. Almost every type of business today could find some security benefit in an access control system, whether it’s controlling visitor and employee entry or preventing your building against trespassing. Others may simply want to integrate their access control needs with back-end systems, like time and attendance, for a simpler all-in-one technology solution.

However, different types of businesses will have different needs when it comes to their access control system. Some small businesses might need access control for a single door, while others might require massive access control systems that integrate across multiple locations. Whatever your access control needs are, you can rest assured that today, there is certainly an access control manufacturer or provider on the marketplace that can help! 360Connect is here to help you find the perfect access control system for YOUR business needs (whether large or small), with our list of the top 10 access control systems.

1. ADT

System type: Electronic

ADT is one of the top access control and security systems for businesses of all types and sizes. Their security system solution is completely customizable and flexible in terms of your particular business’s needs. In addition, ADT offers integrative security features that can be added onto your access control system, such as video surveillance and burglary alarms. The ADT system can also be managed remotely and can be scaled up or down as your business’s needs change over time.

Solutions offeredTop BenefitsIndustry SpecialtiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Mobile app access (remote management)

Hardware: Keycards and keycard readers, 2-way intercoms
-Mobile app for remote management

-24/7 monitoring

-Video surveillance integration
Food & Bev
Health & Wellness
YesFull-fledged security system with video surveillance integrationBiometric readers and mobile credentialing systems not offered

2. Kisi

System type: Cloud-Based

Kisi is rated by business.com as the best business access control system overall. Part of the reason for this is that Kisi offers very simple, easy-to-use systems that don’t sacrifice the level of security they offer. Kisi offers two access control system reader options and one controller, making your decision easier when implementing the new system. In addition, they offer integrations with many back-end systems, such as your CRM, so you can gain valuable data and insights. Their product is also affordable, at just $599-$699 for the reader and $899 per controller.

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Hardware: Kisi Reader and Reader Pro with card reader and Bluetooth reader.

Software: Cloud-based

Access Methods: Key card, fob, sticker, mobile, face recognition
-Over 20 available integrations

-Mobile app for remote management 

-Multiple readers to choose from 
Fitness centers
YesSimplicity and convenience No fire, gas, or break-in alarms offered

3. Salto

System type: Cloud-Based

Salto is a digital access control system designed to be completely keyless and provide businesses with a seamless, integrative solution. They provide one of the most convenient and flexible access control systems on the market, as business leaders can mix and match hardware, software, and access methods to design the perfect system for their needs. Salto systems are also very user-friendly, offering digital keys and mobile app options. If your business is looking for an entirely digital access control system, Salto is one to consider. 

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Hardware: Electronic locks, design locks, electronic readers, panic devices, wall readers

Access methods: contactless cards, key fobs, RFID bracelets, mobile 
-Smart locks with mobile access

-Remote management

-Easily scalable
YesMobile managementLimited customer support system

4. HID

System type: Local hosting

HID Global is a world leader in the access control and security system space. They are a large company well-suited towards other large and enterprise level businesses, also offering built-in integrations such as location services, visitor management, ID card printing, and more. HID is a particularly reliable provider when it comes to security concerns, providing extra access control measures such as two-factor authentication, identity management, PKI authentication, and more. This makes HID a great choice for banks, financial institutions, government offices, and similar organizations.

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Hardware: Door readers, controllers

Access methods: Mobile, ID cards, key fobs, touchless solutions
-Time-based access control

-ID card printers (with holograms) included
-Mobile access
Banking and financial
Criminal Justice
Sports and events
YesHigh-grade securityBest suited towards large companies with robust security needs 

5. Honeywell

System type: Cloud-Based

Honeywell is a top-rated commercial security provider offering access control solutions to any size business or facility. While they do offer solutions for small and medium businesses, Honeywell systems tend to be best for larger access control projects, such as airports, critical infrastructure, healthcare buildings, etc. Honeywell offers a convenient “mix and match” solution as they provide several different hardware and access methods for businesses and users. They also offer convenient solutions such as cloud-based management, multi-location management, and additional security integrations.

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Hardware: Single door controller, web-based controller, hybrid access control panel, proximity readers, smart and Bluetooth readers, barcode reader

Software: Integrated security software

Access methods: Proximity cards, smart cards, mobile app
-Robust customer support

-Web-browser management 

-Easily scalable

-Third-party integrations available
YesEnterprise businessesPricing is on a custom quote basis 

6. SimpliSafe

System type: Cloud-Based

SimpliSafe is one of the most simple and easy-to-use business access control systems. This access control system is extremely easy to set up, comes with free professional installation, and monitors your premises 24/7. SimpliSafe is also integrated with a professional monitoring system that dispatches police automatically in the case of a security incident for only $14.99 per month. Its ease of use yet comprehensive security solution makes it perfect for small businesses.

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Hardware: Base station

Software: Cloud-based for remote management

Access methods: Key fob, keypad, pincode
-Easy, quick installation 

-Emergency settings and sensors 

-Cost-efficient solution, starting at $14.99 per month
Small BusinessesYes (free)Small businessesNot the best solution for large businesses or multi-site projects

7. Envoy

System type: Cloud-Based

Envoy offers a simple and safety-oriented access control product that is perfect for small, mid-size, and start-up businesses. Their access control solution allows cloud-based management from anywhere that syncs access information across all of your business’s systems. Envoy also recently introduced additional health and safety protocols for access control systems, such as health screening and touch-less sign-in. All in all, Envoy is one of the friendliest systems for SMB with one of the most attractive and easy to use interfaces. Available integrations with Envoy access control systems include Brivo, Genetec, Lenel, Kisi, OpenPath and more.

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Mobile-based solution.
Integrations available for additional access methods.
-Health-screening options available 

-Security tools, such as visitor tracking

-Built-in analytics
Learn more.
NoOffice environmentsMobile system – limited options for hardware.

8. Bosch

System type: Cloud-Based

Bosch offers a comprehensive, integrative access control system that is meant to be an “all-in-one” security solution. This access control system helps businesses tackle authorized access and visitor management with a variety of selections for software, controllers, readers, and credentials. Bosch’s product is also completely scalable and grows with you as your business grows. Additional security items that can be integrated with a Bosch access control system include video systems, intrusion alarms, conference systems, public address and voice alarms, fire alarms, and more.

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Hardware: Fingerprint scanners, card readers, secure readers, access keypads

Access methods: key fobs, cards, adhesive tags, fingerprint scanners 
-Multiple hardware choices

-Emergency settings available

-Easily scalable
Multi-store retail
Public buildings
Office buildings
Apartment buildings
Energy and utility
And more
YesLarge access control projects, such as stadiums or airportsBest suited to high-grade security needs

9. OpenPath

System type: Cloud-Based

OpenPath is a modern, tech-savvy and cloud-based access control system for businesses. They are mobile device-centric and allow many mobile and digital options for users to unlock doors in a hands-free manner. OpenPath also offers additional convenient integrations that are needed in the modern workplace, such as wellness and health screenings, contact tracing, occupancy management, elevator and video surveillance integrations, and more. Note that OpenPath is a great solution for mobile-friendly and even “smart” offices, but it may not be the best choice for workplaces that are less digital.

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Smartphone-based access control 

Access methods: key fobs, cards, mobile app, Bluetooth

Hardware: Smart readers, smart hubs, controllers

Software: cloud-based
-New COVID-19 features, ie. health screening

-Remote cloud-based management

-Various integrations, including video surveillance 
Real Estate
Fitness Centers
Religious institutions
No Hands-free access controlMulti-site friendly and scalable

10. Johnson Controls

System type: Web-Based

Johnson Controls is a great access control system for larger, enterprise, or multi-location businesses. This is partly because they have a hands-off management model, meaning the system reduces everyday management needs while still integrating with security systems such as video surveillance, fire, and intrusion. Johnson Control access control systems can be easily scaled up or down to fit your access control project size. They also offer many different system options, including hosted, physical, web-based, and biometric access options. 

Solutions offeredTop benefitsIndustry specialitiesPro installation included?Best for*Important to know
Hardware: Door controllers, readers and cards, electronic locks, exit devices, badging solutions, and more

Software: Web or mobile, advanced options

Access methods: Biometric, key cards, mobile, and more
-Emergency integrations, ie. fire alarms and video surveillance

-Low day to day maintenance

-Compatible with multiple business locations 
Data centers
YesMulti-location solutionCredentials, integrated locks and stand-alone control points not included

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