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Top 5 Access Control System Manufacturers

Businesses all over the world today are using access control systems to maintain ample security on their premises. As access control technology improves, there are more and more manufacturers available to businesses on the market offering robust cloud-based access control systems and other options.

Naturally, different manufacturers design different types of door access control and security systems catered to different industries. It can be hard to determine which access control manufacturer is the best choice for your industry and business needs. Here we have created a list for your convenience, highlighting the top 5 access control manufacturers in the commercial space along with which industry each manufacturer best caters to.

1. Honeywell

Best Manufacturer for Healthcare

Honeywell is a leading manufacturer in the access control technology space and an excellent option for healthcare facilities. One of the reasons Honeywell is so efficient in the healthcare space is because they don’t just specialize in access control. They also offer additional technologies – security systems and beyond – that healthcare facilities can integrate into their access control system to create a streamlined technology solution. Honeywell access control systems can be managed remotely by healthcare staff using easy-to-use software. Access control systems can be streamlined with other healthcare technology such as visitor management systems, video surveillance, airflow control, and more.

Access Control optionsBenefits for Healthcare Facilities 
Contactless smart cards
Proximity cards
Mobile app 
Various door reader options
Security and video surveillance integration
Visitor management system
Data protection
Airflow control integration

2. Salto Systems

Best Manufacturer for Hotels and Hospitality

Salto Systems is a top-rated access control system manufacturer working with over 6,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. They specialize in security systems in the hotels hospitality industry, but are also well-equipped to help other industries such as commercial, government, and healthcare, among others. Salto is a modern access control system, offering multiple options for both credentials and door readers so that hotels and other businesses can find a solution that fits their specific needs. Additionally, Salto is an ideal solution for hotels and hospitality businesses because their solution can be integrated with time and attendance systems on the back-end.

Access Control optionsBenefits for Hotels
Mobile app
Key fobs
RFID cards
RFID bracelets 
Contactless key bracelets
24/7 access
Mobile solutions
Instant re-rooming
Group check-in
Individual key programming 
Choice of credentials for guests
Integration with third-party systems

3. SecuraKey

Best Manufacturer for Fitness Centers

SecuraKey is an access control manufacturer specializing in multi-door systems, such as gyms and fitness centers. They include convenient, all-inclusive technology for access control systems, such as control panels, software, card access readers, keytags, and accessories. Even if your fitness center has just one door that requires access control, SecuraKey can provide you with a single-door, keyless entry solution. Securakey is one of the industry leaders in RFID technology and allows fitness centers to create custom entry cards for members.

Access Control optionsBenefits for Fitness Centers
ISO cards
Key tags
Adhesive tags
Customizable, branded key cards
Your choice of smartcards, proximity readers, keypads, and more
Multi-door solution

4. Genetec

Best Manufacturer for Schools

Genetec is an industry leader in manufacturing security systems, including access control. Their access control solutions are among the top choices for schools, universities, and educational facilities. Genetec helps schools and other educational facilities maintain great security by helping them increase situational intelligence, create efficient parking management with license plate recognition, and secure entire campuses. Their access control systems can be easily integrated with video surveillance and other security technology. This allows schools to easily scale their security coverage to cover many different entryways and areas around the building and premises.

Access Control optionsBenefits for Schools
Card keys
And more 
Unified security systems
Scalable video management
Convenient, secure access control
License plate recognition
Incident management 

5. HID Global

Best Manufacturer for Offices

HID is a leading manufacturer of access control systems for businesses worldwide, offering one of the most comprehensive, all-inclusive commercial systems on the market. They provide access control services such as various authentication technologies, citizen identity, ID card printing, access management, RFID identification, multi-factor authentication, and more. HID is a customizable solution for tons of commercial industries, allowing businesses to choose their door reader types, authentication methods, software and more, to suit the needs of their organization. This makes them among the best choices for commercial offices, such as banks, financial centers, law firms, and government agencies.

Access Control optionsBenefits for Commercial Offices
Mobile app
Biometric authentication 
ID cards and badges
And more 
Location services
Visitor management
ID card & badge printing
Multi-factor PKI authentication
Cloud-based management 

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