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How Much does a Business Security System Cost?

A majority of businesses today with in-person locations require some sort of physical business security system. But with so many different security options on the market, many business owners have questions before they purchase. For instance, what exactly should they include in their security system and how much will it cost? 360Connect is here to help with our business security system cost guide. First note which security assets and features to include with your system, based on your needs and preferences. Then, review the three components that determine overall business security system cost – hardware, set-up, and monthly costs. 

What Should be Included in a Business Security System?

Before thinking about price, you will want to consider the different security assets that make up a robust business security system. Nowadays, there are lots of different security hardware that can help you achieve complete security at your business location. Some businesses may only have a need for some security items and not others. Other businesses will want a full, integrated security system that covers their building’s security needs completely and that they can easily manage remotely. 

Note: if your business has a need for more than one security asset, you may want to streamline with an integrated system. For instance, you can bundle access control, alarms, video surveillance and more so you can manage them all in one location.

Security Hardware

There are several different choices when it comes to security hardware. Of course, each hardware serves a different function in terms of your business’s security and you may decide to purchase some over others. 

  • Access control: An access control system will control and track access to your building. You will be able to allow employees and other eligible personnel to enter the building while disallowing others. Access control systems usually use items like key cards, key fobs, key readers, door locks, and more. Many access control systems allow you to include convenient workplace features like time and attendance systems. Learn more about access control systems here.
  • Intrusion detection: Many business security systems include intrusion detection alarms, such as motion sensors. These activated alarms protect entryways by setting off an alarm when suspicious activity occurs, like glass breaking or a door being left open. Most will send you a notification and/or notify the police immediately when a sensor is set off.
  • Video surveillance: Security cameras will record live footage of activity at your business. Video surveillance is known to deter crime and provide evidence if an instance were to occur. Learn more about the benefits of video surveillance.
  • Alarm monitoring: Many business security system suppliers offer 2-4-7 professional alarm monitoring. They will oversee your security system and contact law enforcement if an event were to occur.
  • Environmental Detectors: A majority of businesses today use environmental detectors to keep employees and visitors safe. These include smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and more.


There are some features to consider that can help you make the most of your security system hardware. Some may be must-haves for your business and others may be nice-to-haves.

  • Security data and reporting: Whether you choose to monitor your security system yourself or have a professional company handle monitoring for you, you will want to make sure you have access to security reports. Reports will give you activity data (ie. consumer activity and foot traffic) and security data that will help you understand your security health. This will also help you make smarter security decisions moving forward.
  • Exterior and smart lighting: Lighting can be a great addition to your video surveillance system. You want to make sure your video footage is high-quality, so you may consider exterior lighting or smart lighting that adjusts depending on the time of day and light levels. 
  • Mobile app: Many business security systems today give you the choice to monitor and get valuable insight data using your smartphone or mobile device. These apps usually also allow you to change settings, access permissions, and more remotely. You may also consider using a mobile access control system, which allows authorized users to access the building using their smartphone. 

Business Security System Cost

It’s important to know that several different factors will determine your overall cost for a security system. When purchasing a reliable, integrated security system that you can manage remotely and protect your business in the long-term, it will likely require more than a one-time cost. There are three different costs to consider for your business security system – hardware costs, set-up and installation costs, and ongoing monthly costs.

Hardware Costs

When buying a business security system, first thing’s first – you need to buy the hardware. Note: it matters who you buy hardware from! It’s a good idea to first determine what kind of security system you’re looking for and what kind of monitoring you require before buying. For instance, do you want an integrated security system that streamlines all security assets into one platform? You will want to buy hardware from a supplier that offers integrated options. Similarly, if you want professional monitoring, you should also find a supplier that offers this service.

That being said, a small to medium sized business can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 on security system hardware. This may include:

Access Control hardwareSecurity CamerasSensors and AlarmsDetectors
$800-$1,200 per door

Including items like card readers, key cards or fobs, door locks, and more.
$100-$600 per camera

Depending on location, type of camera, and more.
$150-$600 per item

Items include motion sensors, glass-break sensors, intrusion alarms, window and door monitors etc.
$60-$300 per item

Detectors include smoke and CO2 sensors and security panels

Note that the price will always depend on the type and quality of security items you’re purchasing. There are always lower priced options when it comes to access control hardware and security cameras. Learn more about different door access control options and pricing.

Additionally, the more space you have at your business, the more you’ll likely spend on hardware. You may also end up paying more for additional hardware to help you manage the security system. For instance, to monitor security camera footage, you may need to purchase additional monitors and networking hardware.

Set-up Costs

After purchasing hardware, most businesses will need to pay for a company to come and install the hardware. In some cases, a company may offer free installation and set-up when purchasing hardware. However, this is rare so it’s best to budget for set-up costs.

Set-up and installation 

Depending on the number of hardware items

Installation and set-up costs typically depend on the size of your business location and how many pieces of hardware you need installed. A small business with one access control system and one security camera will pay on the lower end compared to a large facility with lots of cameras and doors to secure. The good news is that set-up is a one-time fee, and you can rest assured the hardware is set up properly.

Monthly Costs

Some business security system suppliers provide ongoing professional monitoring services. If you choose to take advantage of this, a professional will oversee your security system on a regular basis. They will monitor security threats such as intrusions and irregular or suspicious activity. Then, they will instantly notify you so you can take action and protect your business. Most will also offer reports and data on the security and activity at your business so you can stay on top of your business’s security health. These services are very cost-efficient and are great for businesses who don’t have an internal staff who can monitor security systems around the clock.

Professional Monitoring (by Month)
$15 - $120 per month

Depending on number of devices being monitored 

The cost for monthly monitoring can be as low as $15 per month to $100 or more. It is usually structured as an ongoing monthly fee for the duration of a contract. However, some companies may offer discounts when companies pay an annual fee or sign a longer contract. Some business security system suppliers may also bundle their monthly monitoring fee with the purchase of hardware and installation, which can also save you money.

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Get free quotes from up to 5 access control suppliers!
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