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Sectors that benefit the most from Equipment Management software

When you’re on the field and need one of the essential equipment for the job, what do you do? Do you borrow it, rent it or get your equipment? What if you don’t know when, where and who used the equipment previously? How do you find it?

A lot of questions run in our minds when thinking about equipment. Various industries use heavy machines and equipment for their field service to get the job done. Sometimes these tools may not be in the warehouse, and we would need to find them during dispatch. With equipment tracking features; it is easier to locate your previously used equipment.

The establishment of equipment management software across various firms and industries has increased the visibility of equipment activity and helped make effective decisions on their resources. The equipment tracking software has offered accurate solutions regarding an industry’s tools, equipment, resources, and assets. 

What is equipment tracking?

Equipment tracking is a systematic method of organizing and recording an asset’s operation, usage, and location while managing its costs, owners, and performance. It also provides information on the manner of usage, its condition, and the complete life cycle of the equipment from attaining it to disposing of the same.

Equipment tracking comes with certain advantages like increasing the utilization and value of the asset. It also includes proper management of services, enhanced cost transparency, proactive software licensing compliance, and specific metrics to track user performance.

The key features of Equipment management software

  • Manage and locate all assets from any location and at anytime
  • You can keep all your equipment under the radar and never lose them
  • Manage time and monitor the technicians using the asset
  • Organize the asset portfolio
  • Measure and calculate the costs of the usage, repair, and disposal of the asset
  • Build the economic stability of the business
  • Increase value with the asset utilization report and the centralized data
  • Prevent the theft of equipment
  • Proactively monitor the condition of the equipment and improve work in progress tracking.
  • Reduce compliance risks and the tension of the audits.

Here is a list of industries that majorly use equipment tracking software and why.

Sectors that use equipment management software


The healthcare industry has various sectors that use asset tracking to monitor the movements of medicines and healthcare products from one place to another. However, an equipment tracker is essential to manage the enormous quantities of heavy and expensive operational equipment. An unorganized system or careless dispatches can hinder the smooth transfer of equipment from one location to another. A good equipment management software can reduce porter costs, prevent replacement issues, delay transfer, and provide real-time location of the marked equipment.

Using equipment management software can help expand the customer database. With integrated software like QuickBooks, you can attain customer information and share it with them as well. This makes it easier to find customer information, track the equipment and construct compelling profiles for clients.

Lawn Care

Most houses have lawns, a backyard, or a convenient space around their homes. These spaces require maintenance often and mainly during the fall. Accumulation of unwanted waste, dried leaves, and overgrown grass can be a hassle to be done by amateurs. With professionals and their equipment on the field, lawn care can turn your lawn fresh and green again.

The lawnmower, rakes, shears, leaf blower, aerator, and other vehicles used to help with landscaping and taking care of the lawn can be efficiently tracked and managed through the equipment tracking software. It handles a wide range of business needs, from providing information on the equipment, tracking the technicians on the field, generating invoices, and managing the inventory. The software includes the creation of bills that include information on the equipment used.

IT industry

The IT industry is always busy and about. They have no time to keep track of even the smallest of their resources. Everything can be protected from theft and loss with equipment tracking software from computers, laptops, gadgets, motherboards, and other small yet essential assets used in the IT industry.

The equipment tracking software is supported with SaaS features which provide access to the software anytime and anywhere. You can use the equipment data, documents, and information from a single repository from multiple locations for reporting and resolution. The software also helps oversee the inventory and the database on the complete networking and technology services.

HVAC system

This industry works with huge pipes, air conditioners, heaters, and other heavy but expensive equipment on the field. The HVAC system is also packed with work orders which increases the pressure in an organized equipment list, proper invoices, estimates, high-quality equipment management of equipment, and tracking of technicians.

An equipment management software is essential to locate these tools on the field, attain them from their residing location and manage their quality. Proper equipment record saves time and a lot of money. The equipment management software allows users to log information like description of the service, quantity, technicians on the field, location, model number, images, serial numbers, etc. It also provides records on prior issues, malfunctioning, errors, or requirements of maintenance. This helps future technicians to find the equipment directly from its unit and avoid unnecessary confusion. The mobile app version of the software is the most convenient to update such relevant pieces of information right from the field.

Snow Removal

This is a seasonal but top-rated service. The snow removal industry helps remove the snow or heavy blizzards blocking roads, homes, or other shared spaces. This is an arduous task and cannot be done manually with hands or small tools. Industries use snow blowers, tractors, blades, telehandlers, skid steers, and other vehicles or machines that are too huge to keep in your pocket. However, they are easy to identify and locate in case of emergencies.

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Final Thoughts

The equipment tracking software has records of the last used information of the equipment and its user. This helps with maintenance and monitoring the usage of the vehicles. The software also displays a myriad of information about the equipment, the invoices, and the technicians on the field. There are many softwares like Field Promax, KickServ, Jobber, etc. that support industries with equipment tracking as well as other features.

These field service software also enhance the standard of the industry by providing insights on their progress and allowing them to manage their businesses wisely. It makes the work easier for technicians both in the field and in the office. A well-organized and sophisticated equipment management software can help stabilize the standards of any industry or business. It provides information on the equipment condition, location, and information. It also helps track the technicians on the field, create invoices and manage the inventory. While most of the equipment business software is website based, they also have mobile apps which make the update easier, faster, and convenient for everyone. It allows you to attach images for easier recognition too. The software provides required and sufficient data on any equipment owned and used on the field, making it essential for sectors with heavy and costly assets or pieces of equipment.

Author Bio - Code is the central element that governs Joy Gomez’s universe; how he thinks, and how he lives. He is a self-taught, process-driven programmer and a first-generation immigrant from Southern India. Gomez has completed engineering school while working full time with generous support and scholarships from employers due to his high productivity and drive. He is and has a Black belt in Lean Six Sigma. He has created Field Promax to pursue his natural-born expertise – code, streamline processes, and code more.

Get free quotes from up to 5 gps fleet management suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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