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Why Your Building Needs a Wireless Access Control System

You know that creating a seamless experience for employees, customers, and clients is an essential part of any successful business. The same is true for building access. Employees, visitors, building staff, and more need to be able to quickly and securely come and go from your building. But how do you ensure the best possible experience? You need a reliable access control system. With an access control system, you’ll maintain security for your business while improving building operations. However, there are so many access control solutions available that choosing the right system for your building can be challenging.

Thankfully, there are now wireless access control systems that eliminate the need for building wiring — saving you time, money, and hassle. Throughout this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about wireless access control systems to help you make the best decision for your building.

Why purchase a wireless access control system

There are many ways for employees and visitors to access your building depending on which type of access control system you choose. The first decision you’ll have to make as you shop for an access control system is if you want a wired or wireless system.

Wireless access control systems are, as the name suggests, installed without the need for wiring throughout the building. Wired systems, on the other hand, require wiring as part of the installation process similar to a landline telephone.

There are many benefits to a wireless system. Most notably, the cost of installation is much lower because no construction is required. For example, a wireless video intercom can be installed in minutes because there is no need to open walls or pull up the flooring to lay wiring. Once installed, the wireless access control system only needs power and an internet connection to function.

3 best types of wireless access control systems

Many different access control systems exist on the market today, but they’re not all created equal.

The three best types of wireless access control systems are:

  1. Cloud-based systems: Thanks to modern technology, you can store your access control system’s data in the cloud. As a result, you can manage the system from anywhere on any device.
  2. IoT systems: With IoT-based access control, every component of the system has a unique IP address. This way, devices can communicate with each other and the system can be managed remotely from anywhere.
  3. Mobile systems:  85% of Americans own a smartphone. So it’s only logical that the most convenient way for people to access the building is using the device they already have in their pocket. Some access control systems allow authorized users to download a mobile app and open doors and gates from their phones.

How much does a wireless access control system cost?

The industry average cost for a wireless access control system is between $1,000 to $4,000 per door. The price is largely determined by the number of access points in your property and the system you choose.

Note: This cost typically doesn’t reflect the installation and ongoing system maintenance. Installation costs can range from two to five times the total hardware costs. And although maintenance costs depend on the provider and the services provided, it’s common to see a 5-10% ongoing maintenance cost to maintain the equipment and/or the cloud hosting.

What is the best wireless access control system?

The primary benefit of wireless access control systems is that they eliminate the expenses and challenges of purchasing and installing wiring to connect all the system’s components. Since wireless gate and door access controls work over the internet, they vastly reduce purchase and installation costs.

With so many access control options to choose from, shopping for a system can feel overwhelming. However, it’s crucial to invest in a modern system that is scalable, reliable, and easy to manage.

The top two wireless access control systems are:

  1. Video intercom: Installing a video intercom at the building’s entrance manages access for staff, visitors, employees, and more. Visitors can request access through the intercom, while staff and employees can see and communicate with guests before granting access. This enhances security to protect your business assets and employees.
  2. Keypad with a camera: Keypad access control systems with a camera allow you to control who has access to areas like supply closets and amenity spaces. They’re also great for secondary entrances that only employees and building staff use. Depending on the keypad you choose, the camera can take a photo every time someone enters the room. That way, you have easy-to-use data on who has been accessing the door.

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Get free quotes from up to 5 access control suppliers!
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