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Making Sense of GPS Time Clocks for Your Business

Making Sense of GPS Time Clocks for Your Business

GPS time clocks are a type of timekeeping system that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to automatically synchronize the time on the clock with the atomic clock in the satellite network. These clocks are designed to provide accurate, reliable timekeeping for a variety of business applications. This could include employee attendance and payroll, synchronization of equipment and industrial processes, and compliance with government laws and industry standards. GPS time clocks can also be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or network connectivity and record the same information.

  • Location of employees when “clocking in”
  • Hours worked
  • Start and stop times

This system uses GPS technology to accurately track the time and locations of staff, allowing businesses to monitor employee hours and activity. Moreover, this can be used for payroll, scheduling, and other business purposes. These devices and systems provide employers with a cost-effective way to monitor employee productivity and ensure accurate payroll processing.

5 Industries that Can Use GPS Time Clocks

  1. Manufacturing and construction: In these industries, the accurate timing of equipment and processes is crucial. Employers can use these devices to can ensure that everything is running with ease and can help prevent delays and downtime. Importantly, with geolocation technology, you can know exactly when workers arrive on site.
  1. Transportation and logistics: Fleet tracking and logistics management can greatly benefit from using GPS time clocks. These systems can help organizations track how many hours drivers are on the road, their location, and hours worked.
  1. Healthcare: Time clocks can be used in hospitals and clinics to help manage employee attendance and compliance with government laws. They can also be used to organize schedules for doctors and nurses. These systems can also identify locations for remote workers.
  1. Retail and hospitality: These clocks can help with employee attendance and payroll in these types of businesses. They can also assist in monitoring and tracking employee attendance from a central location. You can have a central clock for employees or use mobile applications for flexibility when switching employees between locations.
  1. Government Agencies: Lastly, government agencies can track employee attendance and compliance with government regulations.

7 Benefits Most Companies Can Use

In addition, there are several benefits over other types of timekeeping systems, including:

  1. Remote timekeeping and logging abilities: Some clocks include remote timekeeping and logging capabilities, allowing managers to monitor and track employee attendance from a centralized location.
  1. Compliance with government regulations and industry standards: Many industries have strict regulations and standards that require accurate timekeeping. GPS time clocks can help organizations comply with these regulations and standards by providing reliable, accurate timekeeping.
  1. Increased accuracy and reliability: These time clocks are highly reliable and dependable, ensuring that employees are clocked in and out of their shifts accurately.
  1. Reduced paperwork: GPS time clocks reduce the amount of paperwork associated with time tracking since all of the data can be accessed electronically.
  1. Improved compliance: By tracking employee time accurately, businesses can ensure that they are in compliance with local and federal regulations.
  1. Lower payroll costs: With accurate time tracking, businesses can lower payroll costs by ensuring that employees are paid fairly for the hours they work.
  1. Improved job management: GPS time clocks allow managers to see who is working in real-time, allowing them to better allocate resources and manage employee schedules.
  1. Automated reports: GPS time clocks can generate automated reports, making it easy to audit employee time and generate payroll reports.
  1. Increased productivity: Employees can easily track their work hours and manage their time more efficiently, resulting in improved productivity.

8 Features That Change the Game

  1. Accurate tracking of employee hours: GPS time clocks allow employers to track employee hours with accuracy and precision. With a GPS time clock, there’s no need to manually set the time. The clock will automatically update its time and date to match the atomic clocks in the GPS satellite network.
  1. Easy to use: GPS time clocks are user-friendly, making them simple to set up and use. Employees just need to “clock in” like normal on their phones or another device.
  1. Automated payroll: Employers can save valuable energy and money by adjusting GPS time clocks to automatically generate payroll information. Some software can integrate the time clock automatically.
  1. Real-time updates: These time clocks can provide real-time locations for staffing and employees. This is perfect for employees who are always on the go or need to work remotely.
  1. Multiple time zones: Most time clocks can display the time in multiple time zones, making them ideal for organizations with offices or operations all over the world.
  2. Cloud-based storage: GPS time clocks store data in the cloud, allowing employers to access it at any time, from any location.
  3. Flexible reporting: These devices can be configured to generate reports in a variety of formats, making them easy to use and analyze.

Types of GPS Time Clocks

There are several types available and each with its own unique features and capabilities. Some examples include:

  • Wall-mounted clocks: These are time clocks that are mounted on a wall and typically display the time, date, and other information. They typically include a built-in keypad or card reader for employees to clock in and out.
  • Web-based clocks: These are time clocks accessed via a web browser on a computer or a mobile device. Employees can clock in and out from any internet-connected location, and managers can monitor and track employee attendance from a central location.
  • Biometric clocks: These are GPS time clocks that use biometric technology to verify the employee’s identity, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or even palm recognition.
  • Smartphone-based: With this type, employees can use their own smartphones to clock in and out with the use of a mobile application. Smartphone-based applications are becoming the most common type of time clock for employees. They provide location and time-tracking with ease for both the employee and employer.


How accurate are GPS time clocks?

GPS time clocks are extremely accurate and typically synchronize with atomic clocks within a few milliseconds.

Do GPS time clocks need an internet connection?

It depends on the time clock. Web-based time clocks with GPS tracking may need internet or LTE connections.

Can I use GPS time clocks in multiple time zones?

Yes, many GPS time clocks can display the time in multiple time zones, making them ideal for organizations with offices or operations in different parts of the world.

How do I know if a GPS time clock will work in my location?

GPS time clocks can require a clear line of sight to the GPS satellite network, so they may not work in locations with poor satellite coverage or in buildings with materials that can interfere with the GPS signals. If you use a web-based or network GPS time clock, you don't need a clear line of sight.

Making the Most of GPS Time Clocks

Again, GPS time clocks are a dependable and accurate way for businesses to keep records. Even when companies are in different locations or time zones. These clocks have a variety of features, benefits, and applications in various industries, ranging from timekeeping for employee attendance and payroll to synchronization of equipment and industrial processes. Furthermore, check out our article on the best GPS time clock for your business here:

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