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Fleet Management SaaS

Fleet Management SaaS – Telematics Services Explained

Are you looking to improve the performance of your fleet of vehicles? Want more data to improve your company or drive new business forms? Fleet Management SaaS (commonly referred to as telematics services) can help!

Key Takeaways

  1. Fleet Management SaaS is becoming standard for the logistics industry.
  2. Fleet Management SaaS has many features that make small businesses competitive.
  3. Fleet Management SaaS simplifies your logistical administrative tasks.
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How Does Fleet Management SaaS Work?

Fleet Management SaaS is the combination of fleet management and software to better manage your fleets. You pay for this software monthly and do not need to house any of the technical or specialty tools to run the fleet management software. It is a cloud-based system that helps you monitor your fleet no matter your location.

Fleet Management uses GPS technology to record and share location data on vehicles or equipment. The data can be as simple as general location or in-depth as recording harsh braking and driving behavior.

SaaS takes out the need for IT staff, a complex onboarding process, and hiring new staff to manage a fleet management system. You simply need to log into the services.

Common Fleet Management SaaS Features Include:

  • Live Tracking of Vehicles and Assets
  • Dispatching Driver to Various Jobs and Locations
  • Collecting Driver Data and Recording Driving Events
  • Record Driving Times and Response
  • Allow Communication Between Driver and Dispatch
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Why Use Fleet Management SaaS?

Fleet Management SaaS provides many useful benefits for companies no matter their size. While every fleet management provider is different, these are some of the most common benefits you’ll experience.

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Fleet Management SaaS will charge you a monthly fee for software usage, along with a purchase or rental fee for GPS devices. This monthly fee is based on the features you are willing to pay for in the software. This is is much cheaper than traditional fleet management models in which you would need to account for costs such as:

  • IT personal
  • Servers to store data
  • Infrastructure to house severs
  • Replacement gear
  • Sever repair and maintenance
  • Additional dispatch staff

With fleet management SaaS all of this is managed for you. You simply need to log in to the software and attach the GPS devices to your fleets. It is that simple.

Ease of Use

Instead of building a custom suite of software, conducting testing, and constantly improving the user experience, this is done for you by fleet management software providers. You can get started in a matter of hours rather than a matter of months.

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technical support for fleet management SaaS

Technical Support

Your fleet management software will also be serviced by experts in the field. You will have expert technical support to help you through any trouble. Fleet management software is also constantly improving with updates and patches, along with additional software tools and integrations. The software you use today will be improved year over year. These companies are constantly improving their services based on data.

Improve Driver Behavior

Fleet management SaaS allows you to view and monitor driver behavior. You can view data on things like:

  • Excessive idling
  • Harsh breaking
  • Speeding
  • And more!

You can cut costs, optimize performance, and gain data over time all with a few clicks.

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better fleet management through SaaS

Better Management of Fleet

Fleet management SaaS gives you an overarching view of your business. You can dispatch drivers, view reports, request maintenance for your vehicles, and stay in constant communication with your drivers. Some management software can also interact with other tools such as dashcams to record even more data.

Small Businesses Gain Access to the Same Tools

No matter the size of the business, fleet management SaaS can give you the tools to compete with large corporations. You will have access to the data and GPS technology you need to scale your business and improve business guidelines. From there, you can optimize your services for growth and have a robust monitoring system for your drivers. With data tools at your side, you can make the best decisions for your business.

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Price of Fleet Management SaaS

Most pricing of Fleet Management SaaS is going to be custom. Most services charge:

  • A monthly fee for software usage
  • A one-time or monthly fee for GPS devices
  • Add-on fees for unique features
  • Taxes

Again, this is still cheaper than alternatives.

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Top Fleet Management SaaS Companies


Samsara is consistently one of the top performers for fleet management services, and for good reason. They have simple and intuitive software in addition to a wide range of features and equipment to help manage your fleet. You’ll find a cloud platform that combing GPS tracking, fleet reporting, dashcam, and so much more!

Verizon Connect

Many people think of Verizon as just a phone provider, but they are much more than that. Verizon Connect is the wing of the company that handles fleet management software and they are also ranked as one of the highest-rated products on the market. Much like Samsara, you can house all of your fleet tracking, asset tracking, compliance, dispatch, dashcams, and more under one roof. Verizon Connect is trusted by some of the top brands in the nation such as Pepsi and Costco. Furthermore, Verizon Connect has a robust app marketplace to integrate 3rd party apps into the software. You can keep most of your favorite apps and upgrade your fleet management without skipping a beat.

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin)

Motive has a long and reputable history of helping fleet get from point A to point B in the quickest time possible. However, Motive has come a long way from its roots supporting AI-powered applications to automate some of the hardest jobs in fleet management. With a 4.5 rating with 1200+ reviews, Motive is one of the leading brands in the industry and can handle fleets large or small. Motive offers 24/7 support and customers report love using the app because of the simplicity. Many users also report that Motive helps optimize workflow and cut down on administrative tasks.

Are You Ready for Fleet Management SaaS?

Fleet management SaaS is a powerful tool that can help your business become more competitive instantly. If you are ready to make your business better for your customers and employees, then it is time for Fleet Management SaaS. 360Connect can help you with this. We pair high-quality suppliers with customers every day! Just fill out our 1–2-minute form and receive up to 5 quotes 100% free!

Get free quotes from up to 5 gps fleet management suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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