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Is VoIP Still The Best Business Phone System Option? | 360Connect

A quality phone system is essential for any business. VoIP has made itself known as being the standard in the business phone system world. While traditional phone systems aren’t a bad thing. They cannot keep up with the technological advancements VoIP has created for businesses to utilize. While an integral part of business communication due to its cost-effectiveness, like many other devices, there are some common VoIP phone issues. Is VoIP still the best phone system option for your business?

Let’s explore some of the common problems or issues you may experience and how to overcome them.


Top 10 VoIP Phone Issues

1. Echoing

While echoing can also occur in traditional phones, it won’t be as noticeable due to their low latency. However, VoIP is the opposite. VoIP phone systems have a higher latency, making it more noticeable when there is an echo. 

This can be irritating for both ends of the call. Most often, an echo is typically due to blockage or mismatch. 

Echo Causes:

  • Hardware
  • Volume 
  • Feedback
  • Interference 

Echo Troubleshooting:

First, make sure the physical device is not the issue by checking your speakers and mic set. Next, check the ATA and other VoIP hardware to see if the power supply is flowing well. Look over your router and make sure everything is connected correctly. Unplug from the power supply and reconnect. Finally, most VoIP providers offer echo suppression or cancellation feature, to ensure you lower the chance of an echo issue we recommend adding this feature or opting for a VoIP system that includes this feature. 

2. Broken Audio due to VoIP Phone Issues

We’ve all had a broken audio call. It seems like you’re receiving information in chopped-up bits. You try your hardest to stay on the call, and continuously repeat “can you repeat that?” Broken or choppy audio can be common for VoIP calls depending on your bandwidth. 


Joe: He-

Brian: Hello, Joe!

Joe: –llo Brian!

Brian: It’s great to connect with you again!

Joe: Can you hear m-

Broken Audio Causes:

  • Internet Connection

Broken Audio Troubleshooting 

First, check your internet connection. Second, run an internet speed test. With this information, you’ll be able to determine if it can be fixed by simply reconnecting the internet or if you’ll be needing a different internet provider.

3. Firewall Policies

Firewalls are a great network security device that blocks traffic based on security policies. However, this can wreak havoc on operations if safe inbound or outbound calls are being blocked. In some cases, voice services cannot pass through a firewall if it is not configured correctly. Leading to missed opportunities to gain leads or talk to current customers. 

What can Firewalls Impact?

  • Call Connection
  • Dropped Calls
  • Audio

Firewall Troubleshooting

Firewall issues occur when your security strategy is not set up correctly for your business. The firewall is doing its job, but you need to ensure it’s configured to work for your business. It’s simple, if the firewall feature is configured, it must allow the traffic to pass. If it’s not, the call will not go through. You’ll need to configure your firewall to troubleshoot the issue. 

Still not working? You may need to forward the router ports and disable SIP ALG.

4. Internet Dependency

One of the main benefits of a VoIP phone system is its ability to be used on any device. Thanks to being entirely powered through the internet. On the contrary, a top VoIP phone issue is that the business can slow down without a strong internet connection. Generally, a strong LTE connection should be enough, but depending on your area, the network may be congested.

Poor Internet Connection Can Cause:

  • Dropped calls
  • Broken audio
  • Inconsistency

Internet Troubleshooting

The best solution for optimum internet performance is to get high-speed internet. The internet provider and plans chosen are vital to your success. In addition, being connected through an ethernet port instead of wifi can enhance your connection.

5. Voice Quality

voip phone issues qualtiy

Call quality is important when it comes to delivering great customer service. The last thing you want is to sound like you’re in a tunnel, but this can be a VoIP phone issue. Depending on the internet connection, call quality can begin to slip based on whether you’re using wifi, LTE, or directly plugged into an ethernet port. 

Voice Problems:

  • Buzzing
  • Static
  • Voice distortion

Voice Quality Troubleshooting

Because there are many factors at play that could go awry. It’s important to always monitor your call quality. Whether you need to call co-workers to test your signal. Or listen to the voice recording of past calls, it will help ensure customers receive the best experience. Monitoring VoIP calls allows you to spend less time troubleshooting call quality issues and instead address issues proactively before they threaten your business.

6. Security Issues due to VoIP Phone Issues

voip phone issues security

Because VoIP is completely online, there is a looming threat of internet hackers. A VoIP security issue can exist in IP desk phones, softphones, and smart devices. 

VoIP Vulnerabilities:

  • Malware and Viruses
  • DoS Attacks
  • Call Tampering
  • VoIP Phishing
  • Identity Theft

Security Issue Troubleshooting

Using a firewall can protect your system against outside attacks. In addition, using a cloud-based phone system enables the host of the server security protection access. Monitor your network after implementing your VoIP phone system to prevent bottlenecks in phone and data traffic.

7. Emergency Call Limitation

911 call

Because VoIP devices can be used anywhere using internet connection, 911 centers don't know where the call is coming in from. 

VoIP Limitations:

  • Calls to 911 via VoIP may not work when there is a power outage
  • If a user doesn't update their VoIP provider with their physical location, 911 emergency services won't be able to locate them
  • VoIP 911 calls may be routed to the wrong call center.

Emergency Call Troubleshooting

VoIP users can register their devices to a specific physical location. It’s the user’s responsibility to keep their physical location up to date and let their provider know if they move.

8. Inconsistency

inconsistent voip call

Inconsistent call quality can occur when your office network is overloaded and bandwidth is not unlimited.

Causes of inconsistent call quality:

  • Low Bandwidth
  • Network Overloaded
  • File Upload Size
  • Internet Service

Troubleshooting Inconsistent Call Quality 

It may be necessary to upgrade your switch, router, or internet service.

9. Dropped Calls

Occasionally, VoIP connections can drop midway through a call for no reason. Due to internet connection, some may experience technical difficulties of calls being dropped. 

Common Reasons Calls Drop:

  • Bad Routing
  • Connection Failure
  • Multiple Routers
  • Time Duration
  • Firmware Not Up To Date

Troubleshooting Dropped Calls

Whether bad routing, connection failure, or another reason. Dropped business calls can negatively impact your business. In most cases the call will drop after 11 minutes, this has to do with a time duration issue. To fix this, adjust the router settings to allow for longer timeouts.

10. Jitter due to VoIP Phone Issues

voip phone issues jitter

Due to VoIP's reliance on an internet connection, jitter can occur if the connection is poor. What is jitter? The term jitter refers to dropped or out-of-order packets of data. As a result, the conversation becomes murky. 

Causes of Jitter:

  • Unstable Wifi
  • Hardware failure
  • Congested Network

Troubleshooting Jitter

The first step is to upgrade your internet connection. As a second option, use jitter buffers. Finally, upgrading your network hardware is a good idea. 

Is VoIP Still The Best Business Phone System?

voip phone issues

VoIP offers many advantages over traditional phone systems. Almost every business in relatively any industry will greatly benefit from implementing this sophisticated technology. While there are VoIP phone issues some users may have to deal with, they are relatively easy to troubleshoot, and the benefits outweigh the few issues. 

Benefits of VoIP:

In addition to its benefits, VoIP also saves businesses 30-50 percent by replacing their on-premise phone system with a VoIP cloud-based system. The average monthly cost of a VoIP system is around $20 to $30. The VoIP service market is booming, and more software buyers are going with VoIP than any other service. Take a step in the right direction and opt for a VoIP business phone system. 

Get a VoIP System For Your Business

There’s no doubt that VoIP is the future of business telephone systems. While there may be occasional VoIP phone issues, the benefits greatly outweigh the minor problems. 

Is your business thinking of using VoIP? At 360Connect, we want to make sure your business operates at an optimum level, and we can connect you with up to 5 local VoIP dealers to ensure it. 

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