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5 Top Water Delivery Services for Businesses

Nowadays, a majority of in-person workplaces provide clean, filtered water to their employees, customers, and visitors. When looking to start offering filtered water at your business, it makes the most sense to use a water service. Instead of ordering water each time you run out, a water service will deliver water bottles or gallon bottles for a water cooler on a regular, scheduled basis. If you prefer, a water service can also install a filtered water system using your water line. This way, you’ll never run out of water for your workplace or forget to order water. Plus, it saves you time and money in the long run. If you are looking to find the best water delivery service for your business, look no further! Consider these 5 top water delivery services.

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1. Culligan Water

Culligan is one of the most well-known and widely-used water delivery services for businesses in the U.S. They offer low-cost water services, starting at just under $10 per month as well as various filtered water options – including gallon coolers, bottled water, and water dispensers. There are also additional offerings such as water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.

With Culligan, you can choose from a variety of water dispensers and water products – meaning that they are a go-to source for everything you need in terms of your workplace water supply. Since Culligan is a nationwide supplier, when signing up they will pair you with a local representative that will help you with deliveries and ongoing maintenance and support. Note that Culligan also owns Quench, another popular water delivery service.

Average Cost per monthRegions servicedSupplies offered
$9.95NationwideWater softeners
Built-in filtration systems
Hot/cold dispensers
Bottleless dispensers

2. Sparkletts

Sparkletts is another popular business water supplier who also offers additional office staples, such as coffee, tea, break room suppliers, water dispensers, and more. They are a great go-to solution for all the break room products you need for your workplace. Keep in mind that Sparkletts mainly services the Southwest U.S., such as California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. 

Sparkletts offers filtered water products such as 3 and 5-gallon jugs for water dispensers, 1 and 2.5 gallon bottles, individual bottled water, sparkling water, and more. They also offer the option to rent a water dispenser  of your choice at a low monthly cost.

Average Cost per monthRegions servicedSupplies offered
$6 per month to rent water dispenserSouthwest U.S.
(ie. California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona)
3 and 5-gallon jugs
Various water dispensers
Bottled water
Additional break room supplies and equipment

3. Nestle

Nestle is a well-known brand that offers water delivery services for businesses under their company ReadyRefresh water. ReadyFresh offers water dispensers, bottled water, gallon bottles, sparkling water and other water products from popular brands such as:

  • Pellegrino
  • Acqua Panna
  • Perrier
  • Nestle Pure life
  • Nestle Splash

With ReadyRefresh water services, you can choose your own water dispenser, brands of bottled water, and more, giving you lots of control over your water service. Nestle also offers coffee and tea products as well as breakroom supplies for businesses. With ReadyRefresh, you can set up delivery on a schedule that best fits for you – ie. one time only, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Average Cost per monthRegions servicedSupplies offered
Depending on delivery frequency and brands ordered.
Learn more.
A majority of U.S. states.
Check here to learn more.
Bottled water
Sparkling water
Other cold drinks
Various water dispensers
Coffee and tea products
Break room supplies

4. Waterlogic

Waterlogic is a top-rated water delivery service for businesses in industries such as warehousing, education, healthcare, hospitality, and much more. They specialize in bottleless water coolers and filtration systems, and ensure cost savings compared to buying traditional bottled water coolers. Waterlogic offers various options for water dispensers, including countertop models, standing models, hot/cold dispensers, and water/ice dispensers. Additionally, Waterlogic provides solutions for homes as well as additional workplace break room products, such as coffee.

Average Cost per monthRegions servicedSupplies offered
Submit a quote here.U.S. Nationwide and elsewhereVarious water dispensers (rentals available)
Reverse osmosis 
Sparkling water
Bottleless water systems

5. Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs is a water delivery service that helps businesses on the East Coast and other regions. They offer a wide selection of filtered water products, including 3 and 5-gallon jugs,1 and 2.5 gallons, single-serve water bottles, Mountain Valley spring water, Fiji water, La Croix sparkling water, and more. They also offer convenient services such as contact-less door-to-door delivery, water dispenser rentals, maintenance, and more. Whatever you need for your workplace break room, Crystal Springs can provide customized solutions and work with you to determine a delivery schedule that fits your needs.

Average Cost per monthRegions servicedSupplies offered
Starts at $5.99 per monthEast Coast and Washington State.Various water dispensers (rentals available)
Reverse osmosis
Sparkling water
Bottleless water systems
Coffee supplies
Break room supplies

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