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5 Security Tips for Storage Containers

If you currently own or plan to rent or buy a storage container, you will want to take measures to keep your stored belongings secure and protected. Although steel shipping containers are designed to be extremely secure, weather-resistant and durable, unfortunately there is always the risk of break-ins, vandalism, and theft. You’re better off safe than sorry! Rest assured that there are reliable ways to secure your storage container and prevent these issues. We highly recommend considering these 5 security tips for your storage container to ensure the protection of your stored items.

1. Choose Heavy Duty Locks

Using heavy duty locks to secure your container is so important. Without a good lock, unfortunately there are ways in which criminals can break into your container when not monitored. When choosing a lock, you will want to make sure it is heavy-duty, steel, and difficult to breach. Also make sure the lock is weather-resistant, since you don’t want the lock to erode with harsh weather conditions. We also recommend using 2 or more locks for your container for back-up protection, in case one of the locks is broken or breached. Here are some options for storage container locks:


Padlocks are one of the most common and simple locks for storage containers. There are lots of different padlocks to choose from on the market today. It’s best to choose a “shutter” or “smart” padlock, as they are the most difficult to breach. However, when using a padlock keep in mind that they are one of the easiest locks to “cut” with bolt cutters or other tools. So it’s smart to use an additional lock in conjunction with a padlock.

Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes are steel boxes that can be fitted around a padlock. Luckily, they are much harder to break compared to padlocks. They provide a great extra layer of security so that criminals can’t cut your padlock and break into your container. Although most storage containers don’t come already equipped with a lock box, you can easily install one or add it as a customization to your container.

Inner Bolt Locks

Compared to padlocks and lock boxes which go on the outside of your container, inner bolt locks provide extra security in the interior. When “bolting” your container door shut, it’s almost impossible to enter without removing the bolt from the inside. The best way to use an inner bolt is to include it on one door of the storage container, while using a padlock plus a lockbox on the other door.

Cross Bar Locks

A cross bar lock is another interior security lock. It’s a good idea to add a cross bar lock to the main door of your shipping container, on the inside of the door where you place your padlock and lock box. A cross bar lock prevents the door from turning open by someone on the outside. This way, even if a criminal were to break the padlock, they would not be able to turn the door open to enter the container. 

2. Use an Alarm System

In addition to using locks for your container, it’s a good idea to implement an alarm system. An alarm system can notify you that a criminal is trying to break into your storage container before the break-in actually happens. In addition, a visible alarm system can deter a criminal from trying to break-in in the first place. 

If your storage container is located on your property, you can easily install alarm systems that utilize motion sensors to detect criminal movement. If your storage container is located in a more remote location, you can use a GSM alarm which is designed for storage containers and allows remote monitoring. You can also use a wireless, antenna-based, or battery-powered alarm.

3. Implement Video Surveillance

If you have your storage container on your property, it’s smart to include security cameras and video surveillance. Like alarms, visible security cameras can be great deterrents to prevent criminals from trying to trespass on your property or breaking into your container. 

Even if a criminal does try to break into your container, your video surveillance system will help you get to the bottom of the theft attempt and provide ample evidence to authorities. 

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4. Utilize Perimeter Fencing

Remember that there are simple physical ways to add security to your storage container too! Placing your storage container within a fenced area is a simple way to avoid criminal activity and keep your container secure. It’s especially effective to locate your storage container on a lot that’s protected by a barbed wire fence. There is also the option to add metal or barred fencing around the container itself. Make sure to check with the local laws to see if security fencing is permitted on your property.

5. Choose a Security-Conscious Supplier 

Last but not least, remember that not all storage containers are created equal! There are certainly storage containers that are more secure and durable than others. You can start by choosing a container that’s newer and in a better condition, compared to an older container which may have rusting and worn parts that are easier to break into. Check out types of storage containers and conditions. Additionally, there are certain storage container suppliers that are security-conscious and help their customers create reliable security around their container. For instance, Mobile Mini is a supplier that puts security at top of mind, and has a great track record of helping customers ensure the best security for their container.

Here at 360Connect, we also have a track record of connecting storage container buyers with security-conscious suppliers. Implementing a great security system for your storage container starts with finding the best supplier. Visit us here to get started comparing storage container suppliers that fit your needs. We let you compare up to 5 free quotes so you can make the best decision!

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