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Water Dispensers: Types and Top Vendors

Businesses of all types and sizes today need to provide clean, filtered water to their staff, employees, customers, and visitors. Many are choosing bottleless water dispensers because of the vast benefits they offer over bottled water and top-loading gallon coolers. Whether you work in an office setting, restaurant, retail store, healthcare center, or any other business, water dispensers can provide the perfect solution for your needs. They offer cleaner water, lower costs, as well as help you do away with bulky plastic bottles. In this article, you can learn about the different types of water dispensers and the top water dispenser vendors. Then, you can make the best decision on a machine for your business!

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What Types of Water Dispensers are There?

When doing research on water services, you may find that the term “water dispenser” is used for a few different water cooler products. Make sure to understand the difference between water dispensers, so you know which one is the best fit for your business.

1. Point of Use Coolers

Point of use coolers use your building’s water line to produce clean, filtered water. They are the most economical and hassle-free option for water dispensers. This is because they require no plastic bottles and utilize the running water you already have at your location. Some even have a foot pedal to dispense water, which can help you create a touch-free workplace.

Additionally, point of use coolers provide some of the cleanest filtered water at the lowest price. Your vendor will simply connect the dispenser to the water line and you can enjoy an endless supply of crystal clear water daily. Point of use water coolers usually come in standing models. However, there are also countertop models available for businesses who use less water daily. Learn more about a point of use water service and how it works.

2. Top-Loading Gallon Coolers

Water Dispenser 5 Gallon Bottle Load Electric Primo Home - -

You may see some companies refer to top-loading gallon coolers as “gallon water dispensers” or “top-loading gallon dispensers.” Compared to point of use coolers, these use heavy plastic gallon bottles, which are loaded onto the top of the cooler and dispensed using nozzles. 

Note that while these coolers have a water dispenser feature, many companies are switching to bottleless coolers because of the convenience factor. Top-loading dispensers require handling heavy bottles regularly and frequent deliveries, while with point of use coolers you avoid these hassles. 

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3. Countertop Dispensers

Countertop water dispensers work much like point of use coolers but are more compact and designed to fit conveniently on your countertop. They are typically used by businesses who require less water daily, compared to businesses who opt for standing point of use cooler models. Some benefits of countertop dispensers include space saving, and the ability to provide multiple types of water (ie. cold, hot, sparkling, and more).

4. Water + Ice Dispensers

If your business needs to provide both water and ice, you may want to choose an all-in-one water and ice dispenser. These dispensers have separate buttons for users to dispense water and ice. They come in both standing and countertop models and can give users the convenience of getting water and ice all in one place.

Top Water Dispenser Vendors

There are lots of different water dispenser vendors on the market today. Most will provide various water dispenser types for your convenience, including the options listed above. When looking into water dispenser vendors, make sure to look at their various models and designs, water dispensing options, and whether they are bottled or bottleless. 

Note that some vendors specialize in helping businesses, residential customers, or both. Here, we are focusing on the top 5 water dispenser vendors for businesses.

1. Water Logic

Water Logic is a top water vendor that services businesses and residential customers nationwide in the U.S. some of the water dispenser products they sell are:

  • Hands-free dispensers
  • Ice and Water dispensers
  • Hot water dispensers 
  • Sparkling water dispensers

When partnering with Water Logic for your water service, you can also take advantage of their installation, maintenance, upgrades, renting and buying options, and more. Learn more about Water Logic here.

2. Aramark

Aramark is another nationwide water vendor that supplies great, reliable options for water dispensers. They can help you do away with heavy bottles and frequent deliveries at your workplace, as well as provide the cleanest water possible. Aramark’s water dispenser products include:

  • Countertop models
  • Standing models
  • High volume bottlers
  • Water taps
  • Ice and water units 
  • Sparkling water dispensers 

Aramark also offers additional perks, such as unlimited water, simple installation and water hook-ups, scheduled filter replacements and cleaning, and more. Learn more about Aramark’s water service.

3. Bevi 

Bevi is a vendor that provides workplaces with “smart” water dispensers. In other words, they use convenient water dispensing methods like touch screens and Internet connectivity, so Bevi is alerted automatically when filters need to be replaced. Bevi’s water dispensers are point of use, meaning they connect to your water line and do not require plastic bottle deliveries. Bevi offers:

  • Standup models
  • Countertop models
  • Flavored water 
  • Touchless dispensing

Bevi is a great all-in-one water service option for businesses who want easy-to-use, tech-savvy machines. Learn more about Bevi here. 

4. Quench

Quench is a Culligan Water company providing water service solutions to industries such as food services, retail, healthcare, salons, offices, education, and more. In fact, Quench partners with tens of thousands of small businesses across the U.S. They serve businesses nationwide in the U.S. with water dispenser options such as:

  • Countertop dispensers
  • Sparkling water dispensers
  • Standing dispensers
  • And more

Quench allows you to find the perfect water dispenser product for your business’s particular needs using their unique product finder. Learn more about Quench’s water solutions on their website.

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