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What is a Point of Use Water Cooler?

A point-of-use water cooler (sometimes referred to as a “bottle-less cooler”) is a machine that dispenses hot and cold water, without the hassle of handling large plastic bottles. Many people are familiar with 1, 5, or 10-gallon water coolers that use a heavy water jug that must be lifted, turned upside down, and attached to the top. However, a point-of-use cooler provides easy-to-access drinking water with the added convenience of being bottle-less! They filter and produce clean water to multiple people in one area. They can also dispense as much water as you want at a time, as long as the cooler’s filter is intact.

How Do They Work?

Many people wonder how point-of-use coolers are able to produce clean drinking water without a bottled filtered water source. 

These coolers have a built-in filtration system that purifies water as it flows through the machine to the dispenser. You simply connect the machine to your building’s water line, which comes from your local water source. The machine takes this “tap” water and funnels it through its high-quality filtration and purification system. Then, the water is either cooled or heated internally, depending on which nozzle is pressed by the consumer, and clean water is dispensed into a glass or container. 

Point of use coolers come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on your business’s needs. For instance, if you will be providing water to a large number of people daily, you’ll probably opt for a large standing unit. Some businesses prefer a counter-top unit, since they are smaller, more compact, and better for smaller groups of water drinkers on a daily basis.

The great thing about point-of-use coolers is that they just need to be installed one time (usually your supplier will handle this for you). After installation, you never have to replace or refill anything for the cooler to produce water! They require occasional filter replacements (this can also be handled by scheduling maintenance with your supplier). However, replacing filters is a quick and painless process.

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What are the Benefits of Point of Use?

Tons of businesses are switching from bottled water and gallon coolers to point-of-use coolers because of the massive benefits they offer. Take a look at just some of the amazing benefits in using a point-of-use cooler for drinking water/

1. More convenient

Not surprisingly, most businesses find the number one benefit of point-of-use coolers to be their convenience and low-maintenance factor. Businesses who choose bottle-less coolers no longer have to constantly order, lift, and store huge gallons of water. Think about all that storage space in your utility closet or break room floor that you’ll save when you stop buying those gallons! 

With a point-of-use cooler, you essentially contact your supplier once to install the cooler, a few times throughout the year to change the filter, and once to remove (if necessary). In the meantime, enjoy a clean, endless water supply – and save tons of time and effort that you would’ve spent upkeeping a gallon cooler.

2. Cost-effective

Did you know how much extra money you pay to account for bottling and shipping water? When you buy bottled water – whether it’s small bottles or gallon jugs for your cooler – you pay 90% more due to bottling expenses like producing, packaging, and shipping it.  Quench says that bottled water is between 240 and 10,000 times more expensive than tap water!

You can save some serious money by paying only for installation and filter replacement. In fact, it’s estimated that companies who switch to point-of-use coolers save 20-50% on their water expenses. Plus, many businesses handle filter replacement on their own, saving them even more money annually.

3. Cleaner water

Many people don’t realize the massive health benefits of using bottle-less coolers! These coolers are designed with advanced filtration and sanitation systems. The dispensed water is extremely purified. Plus the machine is able to sanitize and clean itself, so you don’t have to worry about the machine building bacteria over time. 

Additionally, the plastic in water bottles actually carries a harmful chemical called BPA, which can lead to health complications when consumed in large amounts. With a bottle-less cooler, you avoid using toxins in plastics altogether. 

4. Environmentally friendlier

Is your business looking to make more environmentally-friendly choices? On top of being more convenient, inexpensive, and cleaner - a point-of-use water cooler also comes with tons of “green” benefits! First of all, using a bottle-less cooler means you’re doing away with using disposable plastic across your whole company. You would be taking advantage of a water source that your building already uses and pays for. Secondly, without frequent water deliveries, you would be preventing delivery companies from driving truckloads of water to your location, which can take an environmental toll.

5. Unlimited water supply

With a point-of-use cooler, you’ll never have to worry about running out of water or having larger expenses for water delivery in warmer months. No matter what, you’ll be sure your work space is stocked with plenty of water to keep your employees hydrated.

Which Businesses are they Best For?

Any business who wants an unlimited clean water supply for a lesser price than a bottled water delivery service will benefit from a point-of-use cooler. Many business owners and admins underestimate the amount of water they will need to maintain an efficient stock for their employees on an ongoing basis. Therefore, a point-of-use water supply is a great option for businesses with many employees or guests occupying their work space on a regular basis. They are also great for businesses who go through a lot of water on a regular basis.

A point-of-use cooler would be the best option for the following businesses:

1. Medical centers and hospitals 

Large medical centers have tons of doctors, nurses, and patients occupying the premises regularly. They surely need to make sure they never run out of water for hard-working medical professionals, patients, and patients’ families. Additionally, medical centers will be better off for offering cleaner, purer water than bottled water can offer.

2. Gyms and fitness Centers

Trainers and exercisers go through tons of water during their workouts! As a business owner, it’s crucial for you to make sure your guests are hydrated and getting the water they need to fuel their workouts. Plus, many guests will bring their own water bottles, and a point-of-use cooler will allow them to get easy refills. 

3. Schools and educational facilities

Schools have tons of space where teachers and students occupy and likely need to access water. There are classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, teachers areas, and more - and many of them require a clean water supply. Plus, many schools are on a budget and may not be able to afford frequent bottled water shipments. Installing a point-of-use water supply will allow you to keep all school students, teachers, and personnel hydrated in multiple areas of your school, and you will save money doing it.

4. Office buildings

No matter the company’s size, businesses have to supply water for multiple employees on an everyday basis. Office buildings that house multiple companies especially need to offer water to many different employees daily. Point-of-use coolers allow offices to supply a convenient, clean source of filtered water and allow them to save money by doing it. Given that companies can save up to 50% on water when switching to this kind of cooler, this will allow the company to add revenue to their bottom line without compromising quality!

To learn more about water delivery service options, take a look at our water service buyer’s guide. 

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Get free quotes from up to 5 water suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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