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Mueller Metal Buildings

Who is Mueller, Inc.?

Mueller Inc. was founded by Walter Mueller 85 years ago in Ballinger, Texas. Since then, they have remained one of the leading manufacturers of buyer steel buildings in Texas and the Southwest. Today Mueller operates over 30 facilities across the Southwest.  

Quality products are a hallmark of Mueller. No matter if it is metal roofing or steel building products, each component is produced by the company’s engineering unit.

Source: muelerinc.com

What Services Does Mueller Offer?

Mueller offers various high-quality steel building and metal roofing solutions for both residential and commercial buyers. From steel buildings to kits, Mueller provides products to fit the needs of most projects. Check out some of their main services below. 


  • Living Spaces
  • Agriculture
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Storage
  • Commercial
  • Self Storage


  • MSL Standing Seam Panels
  • MLK Standing Seam Panel
  • CFS/CF Panel
  • AP Panel
  • R Panel
  • SSP Panel
  • U Panel
  • Corrugated Panel
  • MTL Standing Seam Panel


  • Standard Series
  • Backyard Buildings
  • Greenhouses
  • Carports
  • Loafing Sheds
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Homestead Series
  • Value+ Series


Mueller provides a vast selection of gauges, widths, and paint finishes for coils and flat sheets.

Benefits of Buyer Steel Buildings

Energy Efficient

  • Using spray insulation, steel buildings can be insulated in an energy-efficient manner. Leaks and spaces can be sealed up with insulation. Keeping energy costs low. 
  • In addition, high-quality paint finishes reflect up to 70 percent of the sun’s rays, reducing HVAC costs.

Low Maintenance

  • The steel frame or panels will not crack, split, twist, or warp under normal use.
  • Steel is not flammable, and it cannot spread the fire.


  • Low maintenance = money saving 
  • Steel building property values are lower.

How Much Will It Cost?

Because Mueller buildings are designed and engineered to fit your specific project the cost will depend on several factors. That being said, building prices are not available on the Mueller Inc. website, however, kit prices are provided.

Kit Pricing

Standard Series

WorkShopGarageBig WorkshopSmall BarnBig BarnBig Barn XL

Backyard Buildings






Loafing Sheds


Homestead Series

Homestead 1200$27,295
Homestead 1800$37,795
Homestead 2400$43,995

Value+ Series

Utility $8,995$14,195$16,595$22,995$29,995
Premium $10,095$16,695$20,295$27,995$36,295


Mueller offers comprehensive warranty options on all of its products. Warranty length and price may vary based on the product purchased. To learn more about their warranty options check out their downloadable PDFs on the Mueller Inc. website. 

What Makes Mueller Metal Buildings Stand Out?

There is no doubt that Mueller Buyer Steel Buildings are some of the most reliable steel buildings available. But what makes them stand out compared to competitors? 

  • Made in the USA: Mueller Inc. produces all of its products in-house in the United States. 
  • Strong Material: Mueller uses steel that is 33 percent thicker than the industry standard.
  • Variety of Options: You can choose between residential buildings, commercial buildings, and community buildings. In addition, each can be customized. 

Overall: Pros and Cons of Buyer Steel Buildings

Takes less time to buildMore Expensive Than Wood
DurabilityFabrication Error

Choose the Right Company For Your Project

Mueller Inc. is a great option, but if you’re still unsure you should compare all the top brands before making a decision.

See what Morton Buildings has to offer. 

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