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5 Common Misconceptions of Steel Buildings

Many people today don’t know about the massive benefits of steel buildings. Some assume traditionally-built wood buildings are still superior in quality and more reliable, compared to steel. Others think that steel buildings are not very prominently used. Actually, more than 50% of low-rise, non-residential buildings in the U.S. are now metal buildings! That’s because metal building construction is giving commercial businesses a huge advantage over traditionally-built buildings, for dozens of reasons. We want to help commercial building buyers understand the benefits of choosing steel. So we’re going to dive into the most common misconceptions of steel buildings:

1. Expensive

Not only are metal buildings more cost-effective than traditionally-built buildings. They also offer more flexibility in deciding where your money goes! Metal buildings are extremely customizable and durable. Also, because they’re prefabricated – or pre-built and manufactured by professionals at the site – you decrease your construction costs and time spent completing the project significantly. For instance, they are now considered more cost-effective than pole barns for agricultural needs.

Some buyers believe that steel buildings require a higher delivery cost for building materials compared to traditional wood buildings. But because the steel construction industry is growing rapidly, there’s more suppliers to choose from. That means you can choose a local supplier and receive an inexpensive invoice for delivery. Plus, metal suppliers usually charge only around 8% for delivery, which is not very different than traditional construction costs! 

2. Rust Easily / Unattractive Appearance 

Along with critiques that steel buildings all look the same and are unattractive, many people think steel buildings get rusty. However, steel suppliers have easy fixes for these concerns! Suppliers use a galvanized coating for their steel parts to prevent rusting. Additionally, they will usually perform routine maintenance to make sure the coating isn’t wearing down or the building has no damage that can lead to rust.

Additionally, steel buildings are actually more customizable than traditional buildings. Some steel building buyers prefer to keep it simple and not add a customized appearance. But for others, there’s options like colored finishes for the exterior, as well as dozens of layouts and textures. Most likely, you’ve seen a metal building but didn’t know it was metal because it looked no different than a traditional building! There are tons of impressive, beautiful metal buildings being recognized today.

3. Prone to Lightning Strikes / Not Durable

It’s easy to assume that because of a metal building’s exterior, it would be prone to conducting lightning. Actually, if a lightning strike hits a metal building, the electricity is diffused by the roof and redirected to the earth. That means you’re safer in a metal building during a storm than a traditional wood building!

Others assume its metal make it unfit to withstand extreme weather conditions and heat. However, metal buildings are some of the most durable structures out there. They can withstand heat of up to 1,370 degrees C, whereas wood, concrete and glass would not be able to survive. Additionally, steel buildings have to abide by building code requirements, which assures their strength is superior and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

4. Noisy / Poor Insulation

Some people imagine their steel building causing annoyance in the event of rain, hail, snow, etc. However, because they’re made of metal, suppliers actually take further measures with their insulation to make sure the metal doesn’t cause any echoing. On the exterior, the metal is installed directly onto foam, fiberglass, or a similar substance to drown out the sound of any echoes. In the interior, the building is usually finished with drywall to help insulation. The result is not worrying about any noise annoyances due to building materials!

5. Shorter lifespan

This misconception is actually one of the farthest from the truth! Metal construction has a lifespan that lasts way longer than wood, stone, concrete, and other common building materials. At the same time, it takes less time to construct and install, and requires very little maintenance over the years you own the building. So not only will the building last longer - you’ll also enjoy little ongoing costs to keep the building in good shape over time!

Another huge advantage is that it’s easy to add-on space or change your layout down the road. Suppliers can take down walls, recycle parts, and complete additions for you. This can maximize your comfort and let you rest assured that your building will last a long time.

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Get free quotes from up to 5 steel buildings suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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