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Morton Metal Buildings

Who is Morton Buildings?

The Rich History of Morton Metal Buildings

Founded in 1965, Morton Buildings has a rich family history of construction that goes back even further to the early 1900s. They are a self-owned company committed to delivering the quality and innovative services they’ve been providing for over 100 years. 

Morton Metal Buildings 

Headquartered in Morton, Illinois, Morton Buildings, Inc. is a construction company that operates more than 100 construction centers across the United States. Specifically, they specialize and are leaders in the post-frame manufacturing industry. 

What is Post-Frame Manufacturing?

Construction with post-frames refers to a highly engineered wooden building that can be built in a variety of exteriors. As a result, post-frame buildings have become one of the most popular and trusted construction methods because they combine efficiency, versatility, and durability.

Post-Frame VS Pre-Engineered Buildings

The main difference between post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings is the use of wood in post-frame buildings. Both Post-Frame and pre-engineered buildings are easy to build. However, post-frame buildings are the more affordable option. 

Highlights of Post-Frame Buildings:

  • Steel Panel Exterior
  • Foundation Not Required
  • Eco-friendly

What is the Post-Frame Process?

The post-frame process follows 6 easy steps which are:

  1. Foundation: While the foundation is not needed for post-frame construction, Morton believes durability is key and will determine the foundation if required for your specific needs. 
  2. Set Columns: Morton uses in-ground column foundations which are set with concrete. 
  3. Horizontal Cross Beams: Provides buildings with split structures. 
  4. Roof Trusses: Eliminates the need for interior supportive walls
  5. Exterior Cladding: Add steel to the outside of the building.
  6. Interior FInishing: Finalize the project with drywall or insulation for a municipal building, for agricultural buildings, a stall, etc. 

Types of Morton Buildings

morton building

Morton buildings, no matter the type, are engineered for your site and requirements. From warehouses to residential garages, Morton can get the job done. 

Commercial Buildings

  • Animal Services
  • Wedding & Event Venues
  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Mini-storage
  • Banks
  • Automotive
  • Childcare
  • Commercial Storage
  • Retail & Restaurant
  • Winery, Brewery & Distillery 


  • Garages
  • Hobby Buildings
  • Home & Cabin
  • Workshop
  • Airplane Hangar


  • Machine Storage
  • Insulated Workshop
  • Seed Dealership
  • Dairy
  • Livestock


  • Stables and Stall Barns
  • Riding Arena
  • Shelter


  • Municipal
  • Church


To get the exact pricing of a job you will need to contact one of Morton’s local sales consultants. However, you can get an idea of how much the task will cost by estimating the total scope of the project. Pricing is based on factors such as building size, features, material cost, and more. 

Financing Options

Morton metal building does not offer financing in-house, but they do partner with different local and national lenders to provide financing options


morton building warranty

Morton offers an in-house warranty which includes materials and labor. They do not prorate their warranty. 

Building Warranty: Most of Morton’s buildings come with a 35-year warranty which includes repainting and replacing metal roof or siding if chipped or chalked. 

Wind Warranty: Morton offers a 5-year wind warranty, which protects against wind damage.  

Snow Load Warranty: Moron offers a 50-year snow warranty with no weight limit. 

Overall: Pros and Cons of Morton Buildings

morton building pros and cons


  • Large Coverage: With more than 100 construction centers in 30 states, Morton has a clear advantage over many businesses with its ability to offer local solutions. 
  • Customer Service: Morton Buildings assigns one point of contact per project which helps build trust between the buyer and the company. 
  • Morton Foundation System: They create a stronger, more durable structure by removing the wood from the ground when completing columns. 


  • Limited Options: With a post-frame constructed building you cannot have a basement. 
  • Financing Problems: Appraisers and lenders may struggle to value post-frame buildings.
  • Unexpected Costs: While notably less expensive to build, the additional features and materials needed for the structure can rake up the cost quickly. 

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