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21 Time Clock Software that Integrates with Gusto Payroll

21 Time Clock Software that Integrates with Gusto Payroll

Do you use Gusto Payroll services? Want to know the top time tracking applications that integrate with Gusto payroll? We’ve got you covered! Before our list of the software, if you’d like to learn more about gusto payroll in its entirety, check out our full breakdown here:

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Here are the 21 different time clock integrations you can use with Gusto Payroll. You can also find this list on their website:

  1. 7Shifts
  2. AttendanceBot
  3. Boomr
  4. Clockshark
  5. Connecteam
  6. Deputy
  7. eBillity
  8. Homebase
  9. OnTheClock
  10. Quickbooks Time
  11. Sling
  12. SpotOn
  13. Gusto Time Tracking (Gusto’s own time tracking software)
  14. Timeero
  15. Tinq
  16. Upserve
  17. When I Work
  18. Workforce
  19. Workforce Costing (Gusto project tracking)
  20. WorkforceHub
  21. Workyard

Which One is Right for You?

Ultimately, the provider you use should already line up with your pre-existing provider if you can help it. If you are looking for new time clock software to integrate with your business there are some key characteristics to look out for when using your Gusto payroll service:

Ease of Use

If you are choosing a new Gusto time clock integration for your business, one of determining factors should be ease of use. The usability of the software we’ll make it much easier to integrate with your current staff. It’s best to choose a software that is simple and easy to use. The software should enable staff to complete complex tasks and just a couple of clicks or make reviewing data easy. Also, Gusto offers their own brand of time tracking which may end up being best if you like the Gusto platform.

Specific Features

Are there any specific features that you need from time tracking integrations? Before choosing a provider write down some specific things you need from time tracking software such as:

  • Mobile time clock tracking
  • Kiosk clock-in tracking
  • Multiple location tracking
  • Biometric features
  • And more features

Narrowing down those necessary features you can help your company find the right software without spending money on extra features you don’t need.

Customer Support

When it comes to any business software, there is something you should always keep in mind. Because software is always changing and new additions are being made, customer support is vitally important. This can be a deep determining factor between getting your system up and running in a day versus having to transition slowly over the course of several weeks.

Before choosing a software provider make sure that they have multiple ways to reach support. Even simple things like a customer FAQ section on their website can go a long way when it comes to helping your staff adjust. Don't make this transition alone. Have a team behind your back.

Additional Reporting Tools

In today's world analytics and reporting data are essential to navigating company health. The time clock software that you choose should give you helpful data to run your business. This could include data such as:

  • Average hours worked per employee
  • Average PTO in a month
  • Clock in-times
  • Missing days of work
  • Overtime hours
  • Holiday hours
  • And more

Don't choose a time clock software that doesn't give you the tools to make decisions about your business.


Like most things in business, price is the determining factor. It's no different when choosing time clock software that integrates with Gusto payroll. Most software choices will charge monthly per user. Some software choices offer discounts if you pay yearly instead of monthly. Check out our article on time and tracking software for small businesses here to get an idea:

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