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What is a Visitor Management System? | 360Connect

How many visitors did you have in your business today? Okay, that’s an easy one. What about last week? Or 2 years ago? If you’re struggling to answer or are wondering where those files with the answers are. You’re likely in need of a visitor management system. 

Need to keep accurate data of the people that visit your business? You could benefit from a VMS. 

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system organizes and keeps track of the people that visit your business. It is a simple yet effective method of registering, badging, tracking, and managing your visitors.

The amount of information collected will vary from business to business, but common credentials gathered include:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Timestamp

Digital vs Analog Visitor Management Systems

While the days of being able to trust only a clipboard sign-in sheet are gone. It’s important to let you know there are two types of visitor management systems. The first is the traditional pen and paper VMS and the second is the digital version that normally ties to an access control system. Read more about the two and determine which is best for your business (hint: digital). 

Pen and Paper (Analog) Visitor Management System

Pen and paper visitor management systems refer to a logbook of basic visitor information records. Typically, this information is collected at the front of an office on a clipboard sign-in sheet where visitors log their name, time of entry, and reason for visiting. It is a low-cost VMS but has flaws. How accurate is the data? Is it kept up with? Where did you put the files from last year? Does it live digitally or only physically? 

Pro: Low Cost

Con: Information can easily be tampered with.

Digital Visitor Management System

Visitor management system tablet

A digital visitor management system records visitor information electronically via tablet or computer. Making all needed information stored instantly and shareable seamlessly. In addition to being able to gather basic information like phone numbers, emails, etc. Below are some of the benefits only a digital system can offer.

  • Photo ID scanning
  • QR Code Scanning
  • Screen Visitors on Arrival 
  • Database Searching
  • Automatic Door Access

How Digital Visitor Management Can Work In Your Company

Why is Visitor Management Important?

Visitor management system door

Having a Visitor Management System gives you complete control over your workplace. Visitor management allows you to efficiently manage all front desk operations. In addition, it provides a safe environment for employees. Most importantly, visitor management gives YOU full visibility and control of who goes in and out of your business. 


  • Streamlined Visits
  • Increased Employee and Customer Security 

Features of Visitor Management Systems

To improve your business, you need a system that will provide you with the highest level of quality and efficiency. You should strive to choose a system that includes features that help streamline visitor management. Check out some of the key features you should be looking for when investing in a visitor management system.

Top 6 Key Visitor Management System Features:

  1. Employee and Desk Booking: An electronic device (tablet, computer, kiosk) that monitors and collects information from both visitors and employees. 
  1. Unlimited Usage: An unlimited amount of employee and visitor tracking including notifications from text messages and emails. 
  1. Visitor Notifications: Notifications via text or email based on customized settings (example: when a client arrives for an appointment).
  1. Dashboard: A user-friendly logbook that digitally records every visitor, employee, and delivery that goes through your business.
    • Analytics: Within the dashboard, you can view visitor data and analytics. This can include sign-in times, legal documents, photos, etc. You can compare specific dates and ranges to determine your busiest time of the day, week, month, or even year.  
  1. Data Security: Visit approval, automatic identification, etc. 
  1. Multi-Location Visibility: Monitor each of your business locations. From offices to warehouses you can track it all within your electronic device. 

Other Common Features:

  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Scheduling
  • Fingerprints and Other Biometrics
  • QR scanning
  • Document Signing
  • Face Detection
  • Reports
  • Integration Options
  • IT System Management 

Who Can Benefit From A Visitor Management System?

Every business. Yes, every business can benefit from a visitor management system. It’s an ease of use system that can be integrated and become a great time-saving tool for any business.

3 industries that Can Utilize Visitor Management Systems

  1. Schools: A VMS ensures everyone who enters the school (whether a teacher, student, or parent) is identified. 
  1. Medical Facilities: A digital visitor management system can improve patient visits by streamlining the check-in process. 
  1. Hotels: The front desk can be a busy place, and bathroom breaks occur. A VMS kiosk allows guests to check-in and out seamlessly. 

Compare Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software can be integrated and installed onto an existing reception computer. It can be deployed on a self-service kiosk. Or it can be utilized via an app on a tablet. The usage capabilities are endless. 

Check out and compare some of the best visitor management software:

How Much Does it Cost?


Visitor management software prices vary based on the company, but after conducting research by viewing and comparing top VMS software. The price can vary from as low as $49 per month to $300+ per month based on features. 

Below is an example pricing chart from Proxyclick.

Visitor management system chart


Luckily, an increased hardware cost is not always necessary. You can use any electronic device of your choice that you already own to access the VMS features. However, in the case that you do not have the hardware, or you’re looking to upgrade your technology, below are a few popular hardware items and their price point.

Visitor Management and Access Control: The Perfect Duo

Integrating your visitor management system and access control system provides a comprehensive, safe, and streamlined solution for employee and visitor sign-ins. 

Next Steps

Are you looking for ways to limit access to your business and monitor your employees? An access control system allows you to protect your assets by requiring visitors, tenants, contractors, and employees to provide credentials as they enter.

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