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Shipping containers on a dock, symbolizing renting a Conex Box.

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Conex Box

A Conex Box, more familiar as a storage container, is convenient to have at your disposal. Whether you want to store items, ship your belongings for a long-distance relocation, or maybe use it for business purposes, a Conex Box is a good solution. However, it is crucial to know what questions to ask before renting a Conex Box if you are new to this. That’s why we are here, to provide a simple questionnaire that will help you to make a smart investment.

Where to find a Conex Box?

Before we begin talking about the most important questions, let’s see where you can rent or buy a storage container. There are two ways you can find storage containers, either online or in person. This is really your preference, but it is easier to pick the right one if you can see it yourself. However, that does require more time.

A dock filled with shipping containers of different sizes.
When looking to rent a Conex Box, it is always a good approach to visit the company and look at the containers yourself.

You can either turn to a local small dealer or look for national shipping container companies. That mostly depends on your location and the number of containers you need.

What questions to ask before renting a Conex Box?

Now that you know where to go to find a shipping container, let’s focus on the essential questions to ask when renting a Conex Box:

  • check the size of the container;
  • be sure to know what you can store inside the container;
  • what the best location to store the container is;
  • how much everything will cost you;
  • what to do in case of an accident or damage;
  • how to lock and unlock the container;
  • do you need to acquire any special permit;
  • how long the rental period for a Conex Box is;
  • when will the container be delivered?

We have a lot of things to cover, so let’s start!

What size do I need?

Considering the size of a container is crucial for two reasons. First, you need to know what sizes the company has to offer. And second, you need to know if the container you picked is large enough to hold everything you have to store inside.

The usual sizes are between 10 and 45 feet long. If you are not sure what size to rent, it is wise to ask the dealer for an estimate. They have experience with this and will tell you the exact size of the container based on how many items you have.

Be precise when picking the size; if you rent a large one, you will have lots of empty space inside, and it will cost more.

What can you put in a container?

This all depends on the dealer you chose, so be sure to check if they have any particular limitations. Overall, you can use a Conex Box for self-storage or job site storage, for construction purposes, or a mobile office. Other uses include a break or lunch room on a construction site, storage for tools, inventory, workshops, moving exhibitions, etc.

Where can you put a Conex Box?

We have to talk about the size of the container one more time. That is crucial because you have to think about the space it will occupy once you rent it. Do some measuring to see if you have enough room in your backyard or wherever you intend to keep it. Furthermore, if you want to use a sidewalk or parking space, you first need to check with the city authorities.

An aerial view of parking with multiple trucks carrying shipping containers.

Keeping a Conex Box on a parking lot might require a special permit, so check with your town government.

Is renting a Conex Box expensive?

The rental price of a Conex Box depends on many factors. Some rentals are charged daily, and others monthly. There are also pick-up and drop-off fees, fuel charges, and many other potential expenses. When speaking with the dealer, be sure to ask for a shipping container quote and a complete price breakdown.

Who is responsible in case of damage or an accident?

As with everything else you can rent, you have full responsibility for everything that happens with a Conex Box while in your possession. The container could be damaged or stolen, so before you rent it, ask if it is possible to get insurance against these things. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

How do you lock and unlock a Conex Box?

It might be an obvious question, but many people forget to ask it. Different shipping containers have different mechanisms. Do not be shy to ask your dealer how to lock and unlock it. It will save you a lot of time, and it also reduces the risk of damage if you don't know what you are doing.

Are there any special permits for renting a Conex Box?

The only reason why you would want to check if there are any special permits for renting a container is due to possible municipal regulations regarding shipping containers in your community. We have already mentioned that you need to check with the town authorities if you want to store it on a sidewalk or a parking space. Ask your dealer about this, but do some research yourself to be sure.

For how long can I rent a Conex Box?

Usually, a standard renting period is around one month, but again, that all depends on your dealer. However, it is essential to check what the shortest period for renting a container is. Also, ask when the payment fee is due.

When will you deliver my container?

One of the common questions when using shipping containers is when they will be delivered to you. Usually, most companies deliver between one and three business days after you make the order. It is also smart to ask what happens if you need to move the container for other purposes. For example, if you are storing your belongings for relocation.

A truck on the road delivering a shipping container.
The delivery of a Conex Box is usually done with a truck. Be sure to have enough space for delivery.

Some companies offer these services, but others do not. If you are moving to the Austin area, it is always wise to check your options. Moreover, sometimes people move most of their belongings in Conex boxes, but there is something left to be transported with the help of a moving company. So, if that is the case and if you need assistance with transport for the remainder of your belongings, be sure to research your movers so you have no unpleasant surprises.

Questions to ask when renting a Conex Box explained

As you can see, there are many questions to ask when renting a Conex Box. Do not rush this process, and remember, there are no stupid questions. It is imperative to ask anything you can think of because this is not a small thing. It costs money, and you want to be as precise as possible regarding your needs and requirements. Good luck with finding a suitable Conex Box for you!

Get free quotes from up to 5 storage containers suppliers!
Just answer a few questions and get matched to top suppliers near you.
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