Modular Retail Stores


If you currently own or are looking to own a retail business, we recommend considering a modular building.

Why do retailers use modular buildings?

Modular buildings offer more flexibility, customization, and scalability compared to traditional construction.  Essentially, modular is the smartest choice for retailers not only because it’s more affordable, but also because it allows them to get creative and build the space they see fit for their retail business. Here are just some of the many reasons modular is the best choice for retail stores.

Customizable design

Modular buildings are known to be highly customizable when it comes to design. You can choose the exterior and interior appearance, display your retail logo on the outside of your store, add customized lights and shelving, and much more.

Flexible layouts

Since modular buildings use parts called modules, they are extremely flexible when it comes to design and layout. You can create a one-story, two-story, L-shaped, glass-walled, or other unique building using modules.


One of the most enticing reasons to choose a modular retail store is the cost-saving opportunity. Retail stores can save 20% or more on their building when they choose a prefabricated option. This is especially great for retailers looking to expand, add more locations, or grow their retail business more quickly! Choosing modular helps you reduce the overhead cost of opening a new retail location, resulting in a faster return on investment for your business.

Quick construction turnaround

Choosing a modular building is an especially good choice for retailers who want to put up their building and get their operation running quickly. Modular buildings are turnkey solutions for retailers since prefabricated construction cuts building time by half or more. This can help retail owners save money by cutting labor costs and start selling sooner.

Permanent or temporary

Modular retail stores can either be temporary or permanent buildings. You have the option of building a customized building with a permanent foundation for long-term use. Alternatively, you can rent a weather-proof portable modular building to house a pop-up retail shop, kiosk, or seasonal shop.

Multi-location solutions

Since modular buildings are affordable and can be either temporary or permanent, they are perfect for retailers who want to open multiple locations. With modular construction, you can easily put up additional cost-efficient permanent buildings without breaking the bank. You can also rent a portable building to put up a temporary or seasonal retail shop.

Relocatable vs. Permanent Retail Stores

Retailers take advantage of modular solutions for both permanent or temporary needs. If you are looking to build a retail store to house your retail operations for years to come, you will likely want a permanent modular building. A permanent modular retail store will be built with a permanent foundation and function the same way as a traditional building. However, it will be more affordable and customizable, which will allow you to be more creative, build your retail brand, and save money.

You can also choose a temporary modular solution for your retail business. Relocatable or portable modular buildings are great for retailers who want to put up seasonal shops, pop-up shops, event shops, street kiosks, and more. You can utilize a 8’x20’ or 10’x44’ portable building for temporary retail needs, as well as other custom sizes.

Learn more about relocatable vs. permanent modular buildings.

Features and Add-ons for Modular Retail Stores

When planning for your modular retail store, you will need to think about which features, customizations, and add-ons you want to include in the design. There are features that will improve the design of your retail store, making it more functional for staff and customer-friendly. For instance, modular suppliers can help you add the following features to your modular retail store, and more:

When designing your retail store, your modular supplier can help you come up with practical floor plans as well as customizations and add-ons that will best suit your retail store.

Size and Cost

One of the greatest perks of modular retail stores is that you can choose from a huge range of sizes. Modular retail stores can be as small as tiny pop-up shops or seasonal kiosks or as large as multi-story department stores. With the help of your modular supplier, you can choose any square footage from a few hundred square feet to several thousand. 

The cost of your modular retail store will depend mostly on the square feet you need. Modular buildings can cost anywhere from $30-$250 per square foot, but can cost more if you include lots of add-on features and customizations. 

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