Mobile Office Trailer with HVAC Units

If you plan to use your mobile office trailer regularly, it’s important to look into a high-quality air conditioning unit to make sure it’s a comfortable environment. Luckily, a majority of suppliers offer units with fully-equipped HVAC systems, as well as electrical hook-ups. They often offer to install them for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. However, it’s important to do your research about air conditioning units inside mobile offices. The quality of different units can vary! This can result in the air conditioning going out on a hot summer day and frustrating employees. Alternatively, if you overuse the air conditioning unit or set it too high, you might create a too-cold environment. This is because mobile office units are smaller than typical workplaces you might be used to. 

We’re here to walk you through the ins-and-outs of mobile office air conditioning systems.

FAQ’s about Mobile Office HVAC Systems:

1. Do HVAC systems come included in all mobile offices?

While some mobile offices do not include HVAC systems, the good news is that most mobile offices do include them! Make sure to ask the supplier if the units you’re looking into include them. For instance, while most medium and large sized office trailers usually include them, some smaller office trailers might not. If so, ask what type are they are and where are they located inside the unit. For instance, if you have a space with multiple rooms and doors, but the AC unit is only in one of those rooms, you might want to add a second unit. Alternatively, you could add a diffuser to make sure the cold air migrates to the other room(s).

2. What kind of HVAC systems are typically included?

Different suppliers have different mobile office inventories, which means their HVAC options are going to be slightly different. While some include central AC, others offer window units and propane or electric baseboard heaters. Typically, the AC unit will either be mounted to the front wall (opposite the doors) or to a side wall. Make sure to ask about your options and their costs.

In terms of BTU’s, a typical mobile office will accommodate a 8,000-10,000 (120-V) BTU air conditioning unit, 1,500-watt baseboard heater, and 2-5 ton thru-wall HVAC unit. It takes around 20-60 BTU’s per sq. foot to properly heat or cool a room, depending on the climate of the area. Smaller offices will probably need just one AC unit. However, a larger one with multiple rooms may require an additional or stronger one, depending on the location.

3. Will the supplier install the HVAC system for me?

Yes, most suppliers will take care of installation of your air conditioning unit for your mobile office trailer. However, some suppliers will charge extra to install it for you and also offer the option of installing on your own. In this case, they usually provide easy-to-read instructions to help with your self-installation. It’s up to you if you’d rather self-install or have the supplier take care of it, depending on your budget and skill set with handyman work. To learn more about which features are typically included with office trailer rentals and which ones suppliers can help you install, read our renter's guide.

4. Will the included HVAC system be sufficient for my space?

Because mobile offices trailers are typically compact spaces, usually the HVAC system is sufficient to properly heat or cool the area. A good rule of thumb is that 500 BTU’s is needed for each worker present in each room. But there are a number of factors that might interfere. For instance, the more people sharing the space, generally, the more air conditioning will be required. However, if fewer people share the space on a given day or if doors are closed within the unit, certain rooms can become too cold quickly! You may have to adjust your AC unit accordingly. If you typically keep doors closed and you only have a unit in one room, this may keep other units too hot. You might consider getting another unit or a diffuser.

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